HEMAVOL Review – CJ and Mike Crush Arms Stim-Free!


Stimulant-free, pump gorging, kitchen sink of nitric oxide enhancing deliciousness.

Let’s get after it, arm day style with CJ Woodruff and iForce HEMAVOL!

Mike and CJ’s iForce HEMAVOL Review Video

I’ve talked about it all over this site, including on our Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements page.

That’s right – HEMAVOL is so damned good, it made our top 10 list without having any stimulants. I would rather take this with no stims than take most other products out there that do have stims.

But when you mix it with a fat burner, caffeine pill, or energy-based pre-workout… look out. You are going to break records.

Enough of my rants. Let’s see the numbers:

The Ratings

  • Flavor: 10/10 – Seriously iForce how’d you do this?!
  • Pump: At one scoop, 9.5/10. At 1.5 scoops, 10/10. At 2 scoops, 11/10.

    Even if taste was a 2 it’d still be worth it

  • Energy: N/A (it’s stim-free, but you still get excited working out on it, so knowing that it’s stim-free, it’s 8/10 if water is 1/10).
  • Cost Value: 7/10 – see below – “special occasions” section

Water Water Water!

iForce HEMAVOL Review

Look at that vein blastin through the tattoos! Damn, CJ!

HEMAVOL is different than most other nitric oxide boosters because it contains glycerol monostearate, or “GMS” on top of some other traditional NO boosters.

GMS leads to better absorption of nutrients taken alongside it, but more importantly, it helps stop excessive water loss. It essentially draws water right into your muscle tissue, and keeps it there for a while. In studies on athletic mountain bikers, it increased strength and performance dramatically.

So you need to drink a ton of water with it. Far more than CJ did (while we worked out I kept making him drink more and more water). I go with 24oz per scoop. If you gotta pee during your workout, deal with it. It’s well worth it.

It doesn’t last forever, so don’t worry… but if you time it up right, you will tear your muscles, and then it’s time to go eat buckets of protein and carbs and get your repair on!

For Special Occasions

After filming this, CJ said he was gonna buy it. My girlfriend also loves to stack it with a cap of the new OxyELITE Pro (this is why my tub was already empty!)

The question I had for them is… you get 28 servings for roughly $30. Is it worth $1 per workout? And it’s sometimes more, if you use more than 1 scoop.

My answer to that is, not every day unless your supp budget is huge. But on special occasions, like a PR attack day or a “get swole session” before you head to the pool/beach… oh hell yeah it’s worth it.

I just don’t make it part of my daily routine. I save it for stim-free days / cycles.

Stamp it! This one is PricePlow Approved.

Who is this CJ Guy?!

CJ Woodruff is a fitness model and bodybuilder in Austin, TX. He runs the PFTA Personal Training School in San Antonio where he shows other Texas-based PTs how to run a personal training business the right way. We’re working on his site as we speak!

Filmed at the BIG TEX GYM in North Austin – Come train with us! I always have free samples of stuff to give to workout friends!

Want to try it out? At PricePlow.com, you can compare prices from over a dozen stores to save nearly 40% off.

See our iForce HEMAVOL page for more info!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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