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Alpha Pro Upload Log – Week 1 Thoughts from Daniel

Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review

Daniel’s Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review and Log

Alpha Pro Nutrition has offered our Twitter follower and supplement reviewer, Daniel Z, a couple tubs of the Alpha Pro UPLOAD pre workout supplement in exchange for an honest log and review here on PricePlow.

Below are Daniel’s Week 1 thoughts. You can follow his progress and see his final review on his Alpha Pro Upload Review post.

Week 1 Thoughts, by Daniel

I have been using Alpha Pro Nutrition UPLOAD pre-workout for a little over a week now.

My thoughts now from a week ago have changed for the better. At first I was using 1 scoop and was very tolerant to UPLOAD until I switched things up and went to 1½ scoops.

I noticed a big difference in energy/endurance in my workouts as they run about an hour and a half. The beta-alanine tingles got stronger and it took about 15-20 min after drinking to take affect.

The focus aspect was ok, I already have good focus when I workout and didn’t see a dramatic increase. Pumps were so-so but I wish there was more added for pumps which would be a great addition with the use of Agmatine.

There are some sediments after mixing but it’s nothing that bothers me at all. Unlike a lot of different pre-workout products, UPLOAD doesn’t have much in terms of dyes and coloring. One thing I would like Alpha Pro Nutrition to include are other flavors.

You can follow Daniel’s progress on our Alpha Pro Upload Review page and follow him on Twitter: @zbikowski88

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