MFIT SUPPS HAVOC: Lay Waste to Your Training Obstacles!


We’ve all been there – you’ve had a long day at work, and now you’re on the way to the gym for what’s supposed to be an intense workout. Or you train in the morning and are in a similar situation after a night with poor sleep.

Regardless of the specifics of the scenario, one thing is for sure – we’ve all had to enter sessions where we just weren’t feeling it. Not this time. Because now we have pre-workout supplements to avoid these situations. Use the right pre, and you can enter a grueling session like an ox. But not all pre-workout formulas are not the same!


Havoc from MFIT SUPPS – unleash chaos in the gym!

In choosing the right label, there a quite a few things you could consider. There are energy-focused products that pack some heavy stimulants, and pump products looking to provide increased blood flow and little else. But then there are the products that combine the two, and it’s the sheer versatility of these comprehensive formulas that tend to draw our attention most often. That’s where MFIT SUPPS decided to throw their own creation into the ring, and it turned out to be the pre-workout that hooked athlete Guy Cisternino.

MFIT SUPPS Havoc: The best of both pre-workout worlds

Havoc from MFIT SUPPS looks to provide the best of both worlds – the stuff that elevates your energy and focus, as well as the stuff that increases blood flow and aids recovery. In doing so, these guys have formulated what just might be one of the best full-spectrum, fully-open label we’ve seen in quite some time. PricePlow co-host Ben certainly thinks so!

In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Havoc – the people behind it, the ingredients it contains, and where to find it! Before we get to that, be sure you’re all caught up on PricePlow notifications so we can get you the supplement deals, news, and reviews you want!

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July 2019 Update: HAVOC has entered our latest Top 5 / Best Pre Workout Supplement list!

We’ve got the backstory on this one below, but since this is PricePlow, we need to get right into the label and do the storytelling later:


Here’s what you’re getting in each 22.8g scoop, but before we begin, we should note that there’s 200mg caffeine per scoop here, so this one’s going to be on the lower-stimulant end, something many of our readers have been asking for:

    • L-Citrulline Malate – 8g

      MFIT Havoc Ingredients

      Here’s all the chaos Havoc packs into a huge 22.8g scoop!

      When it comes to pre-workouts, citrulline malate is something we see all the time – and for good reason! Bonding the amino acid citrulline to malic acid not only aids digestion and absorption of citrulline, but still packs all of the awesome benefits of the workout-boosting amino!

      Citrulline is one of the best nitric oxide (NO) boosters on the market, capable of vasodilating blood vessels through elevating arginine production within the blood.[1] This stuff performs its job so well, that it even outperforms arginine itself in doing so![1]

      This can yield multiple benefits in terms of training. The vasodilation encourages enhanced blood flow, which essentially helps shuttle oxygenated blood to working muscles. Not only will this help invoke the ever-desirable “pump” in those muscles, but it actually aids in reducing fatigue. Research from 2010 saw a 52.92% increase in training repetitions in test subjects that received citrulline, compared to placebo.[2] These subjects felt less tired during training, while also reporting less muscle damage and soreness post-training, as well![2]

      Interestingly, a study from 2007 found that citrulline malate actually enhances amino acid utilization,[3] which helps explain how one could feel less tired and less sore when supplementing with citrulline. Being able to train for longer and more frequently sounds like something you need in order to really get after it in the gym!

      MFIT packs a massive 8g dose of citrulline malate here, which is actually more than the clinical dose of 6g! Given Havoc boasts a comprehensive pre-workout formula, kicking things off here with an incredible hit of pump-inducing endurance is a great way to get things started!

    • CarnoSyn (Beta Alanine) – 3.5g

      While citrulline is nitric oxide first, endurance later, beta alanine is all about reducing fatigue and keeping you training hard! A derivative of the amino acid alanine, this ingredient is one of the most researched and proven substances in the game.

      CarnoSyn Logo

      Havoc utilizes the top beta alanine formulation on the market with CarnoSyn.

      Studies have consistently shown just how effective this stuff can be, specifically when activities that last around a minute are of interest. Some crazy endurance-enhancing benefits were found in a study where subjects performed powerful exercises lasting between 60 to 240 seconds.[4] Increasing time to exhaustion brings some pretty obvious benefits to the table – better training sessions,[5] better results, and maybe even a bit of volume-linked body composition gains![6]

      If that’s not enough for you, beta alanine may be capable of a bit more! Research from 2009 tested the effects of beta alanine on trained cyclists in order to assess its effects in terms of power. After 8 weeks of supplementation, the cyclists receiving beta alanine saw an average increase in peak power output of 11.4%,[7] compared to only a 5% increase found in the placebo group. Being less tired insinuates exerting more power over a period of time, but it seems that this stuff can even increase power in anaerobic exercise, as well!

      Why 3.5g? Because it’s better than 3.2g!

      CarnoSyn from Natural Alternatives International is arguably the most widely-used, most effective patented form of beta alanine on the market. That fact, in conjunction with the 3.5g dose here is more than the usual 3.2g, means MFIT isn’t messing here. Although some people aren’t fans of beta alanine due to the slight tingling it can cause upon taking,[8] there’s no doubting how effective this stuff is when it comes to improving your endurance!

    • Creatine Monohydrate – 2.5g


      There’s a hot new brand on the scene, they’re run by a trusted manufacturer, and they’re fronted by none other than Guy Cisternino! Learn more about MFIT SUPPS!

      Arguably the best, most researched muscle-building ingredient we’ve ever known, creatine has been around within the sports supplement industry for years! When it comes to getting stronger and putting on lean mass, there’s no debating how effective this stuff can be, regardless of what you may have read in the past. Creatine works and it’s safe, and luckily for us, MFIT agrees!

      With so many research studies circulating among different journals, it can be a little difficult to sometimes grasp the totality of what creatine has to offer. Understanding this, a meta-analysis from 2003 dove into over 20 studies in order to summarize the different effects of creatine. They reached some rather definitive conclusions – creatine can increase muscle strength, maximum strength, and overall training performance![9] Other studies have contributed their own support of this ingredient, as well, noting increases in anaerobic power and less fatigue in subjects supplementing with creatine.[10,11]

      MFIT is delivering a solid 2.5g dose of creatine monohydrate, which is the simplest form of creatine on the market. With most suggesting around 3-5g of creatine monohydrate daily for maximum effectiveness, you’ll want to look elsewhere to get the other half of that dose, perhaps in a post-workout supplement or even on its own!

      Make no mistake about it – creatine should be in your daily supplement regimen if you hope to maximize any gains made in training, unless you’re eating pounds of beef (hey, some of us do it). Think of it almost as a daily multivitamin, but for your muscles!

    • Beetroot Powder – 1g

      Havoc packs quite a bit of endurance-boosting ingredients, and beetroot powder is yet another ingredient included to help fight fatigue. However, it happens to work in ways unique to the others, specifically through its high content of nitrates!

      How? Beetroot powder powers up your cells!

      Havoc Pre Workout

      Learn about the extra watermelon extract below… better chuggability, better recovery!

      You’ve probably heard the phrase “the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell”, either in a science class or as the punch line in some older PricePlow article. Regardless of any potential humor tied to the line, it actually is quite true – the mitochondria facilitate integral processes such as breathing and energy via ATP production. These things are pretty important, and any way to amplify their effectiveness is held in high regard.

      Research has shown that nitrates from beetroot powder can improve oxidative phosphorylation efficiency (P/O ratio).[12] This essentially means that when fed these nitrates, the mitochondria use oxygen to create ATP more efficiently, creating more ATP at a faster rate! Being able to work faster and harder provides pretty tangible results, and research happens to back this up!

      Train more

      Research from 2013 provides significant evidence to just how powerful these nitrates can be. In analyzing the effects of beetroot supplementation in high-intensity cycling training, scientists found athletes were able to maintain intensity at 60%, 70%, and 80% of peak power![13] But just in case that isn’t enough for you, while they couldn’t quite say it with complete confidence, the same scientists noted there was building evidence that an increase in endurance at 100% intensity was plausible![13] Agreeing research seems to think this is possible due to the effect nitrates can have on O2 consumption. In a double-blind, placebo study, 8 men between the ages of 19 and 38 were given either 500 ml/day of beetroot powder, or the equivalent dose of a placebo. They found that the beetroot group reduced their pulmonary O2 uptake in submaximal exercise by 19%, while also reducing the same metric in maximum-intensity exercise.[14] In increasing the efficiency of O2 consumption, the nitrates in beetroot powder are able to increase time to exhaustion, keeping fatigue levels lower than normal!

      And train better!

      Beetroot Performance Time

      Beetroot helps maintain performance levels, even at higher intensities![13]

      That’s not all – not only can beetroot powder enhance how long you can hold an intensity level for, but they can increase the capacity of that same intensity, as well! Research from 2018 showed improved muscle power output via faster muscle-contraction velocity induced by nitrates in beetroot powder.[15] This ties in directly with the mitochondrial effect we talked about earlier – more ATP means faster muscle contraction, which increases the overall power of such contractions!

      The clinical dosage of beetroot powder lies anywhere between 2g to 4g, depending on both your diet and body weight. That’s a bit more than the 1g contribution we have here, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. Any time you can get nitrates in your diet, you should! The research seems to back up that statement, with the benefits the nitrates in beetroot powder being pretty conclusive. The 1g of this incredible endurance-enhancing ingredient, which teams up with the other endurance-boosters on the label, is more than capable of fending off exhaustion!

    • Agmatine Sulfate (as AGmassTM) – 1g

      Agmatine sulfate is a rather interesting inclusion on this label – while the ingredient is known as an effective pump-producer, it actually boasts a larger profile of benefits. Therefore, it may not necessarily drive different effects of Havoc, but it absolutely supports the other ingredients in the formula in a complementary role!

      Boosts nitric oxide production

      When it comes to creating nitric oxide within the body, there are two main ways in which it can be accomplished. The first is via natural nitrates, such as the ones in beetroot powder. The other is via an enzymatic process, where L-arginine is broken down into L-citrulline and arginine.[16] This elevates the level of arginine within the blood, which in turn creates nitric oxide. While there are other pump-inducers on this label, agmatine sulfate is a bit unique in its own right!

      Agmatine and Arginine

      Agmatine is simply decarboxylated arginine, but research suggests it may be WAY better!

      Agmatine is a derivative of arginine and seems to operate similarly within the body. Research shows that agmatine induces NO production via the same processes as arginine, yet does so more effectively.[17] By coming at NO production from 3 different angles, you can be sure oxygenated blood will get where it needs to go!

      An effective neuromodulator

      Despite being used within the blood, agmatine may actually be more influential when it comes to cognition. Once ingested, it binds to multiple receptors within the brain, triggering a number of interactions involving neurotransmitters.[18] Because it’s capable of stimulating multiple neural receptors, research suggests that agmatine can help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.[19] This slightly euphoric environment can help elevate your cognition while training, allowing you to get zoned in and feeling good during your training session!

      Plays a role in muscle growth, too!

      Agmatine also interacts with your hormones. A study from 1995 found that agmatine stimulated luteinizing hormone (LH) release in mice, which ultimately helped boost testosterone levels.[20] Having a bit more testosterone floating around is definitely a good thing – it puts you in a higher anabolic state, ready to train hard and pack on lean muscle.

      Better insulin sensitivity is also crucial to building muscle, as being more sensitive helps improve glucose uptake and muscle recovery. In 1997, scientists found evidence suggesting that agmatine increased insulin sensitivity,[21] meaning it can actually improve muscle building and recovery post-workout. Take these two effects, and it sounds like we have quite the muscle-building ingredient here!

      With a slight lack of human research, scientists haven’t yet been able to determine the optimal dose of agmatine sulfate. That being said, we usually see (and recommend) something within the 500mg to 1000mg range, and the 1g dose of this trademarked compound from Compound Solutions lies on the higher end of that spectrum. Using this pre-workout, you’re not only setting yourself up for a great workout, but excellent recovery, as well!

    • Watermelon Fruit Powder – 1g

      Watermelon doesn’t just belong on the table at your summer cook-outs – there are reasons to include it in your peri-workout nutrition routine, too. This vitamin-packed superfood is loaded with vital nutrients essential to your health, which makes it important enough. However, It also contains a little something extra, something that actually sits a bit higher on this label!

      Better recovery than taking just citrulline alone!

      Watermelon Slice

      This refreshing fruit is much more than a summer-time fixture! Watermelon can enhance the effects of citrulline!

      Watermelon contains a high amount of citrulline, the pump-inducing, recovery-enhancing amino acid that kicks off this formula. While having one or the other helps deliver this amino acid, there may be additional benefit in taking both together. A study from 2013 found that athletes drinking watermelon juice mixed with citrulline recovered faster than those taking just citrulline.[22] Finding this intriguing, they then looked for differences in absorption rates between the two. Sure enough, they concluded that citrulline is better absorbed when taken with watermelon,[22] suggesting a powerful synergistic duo!

      With a ton of vitamin C and vitamin A, there are no doubt some potential anti-inflammatory benefits to be had in supplementing with watermelon fruit powder. However, this stuff is likely here for one thing, and one thing only – better citrulline absorption!

    • AlphaSizeTM (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) – 250mg

      Alpha-GPC is a choline-containing phospholipid commonly found in red meat and eggs. Choline is a nutrient vital to a number of processes within the body, mainly because it gets reduced into acetylcholine, sometimes called the “learning neurotransmitter”. Acetylcholine has many jobs, but none are more important than its role to stimulate the production of numerous neurotransmitters within the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin.


      A new study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition finds that 600mg daily of Alpha GPC significantly improves leg strength. Image courtesy Chemi Nutra.

      Having more of these “feel-good” neurotransmitters floating around creates a bit of euphoria, in addition to providing tangible benefits within the gym. Because alpha-GPC has shown to arguably the best form of supplemented choline, especially when motor control and attention are concerned,[23] it should come as no surprise that research has shown alpha-GPC is quite effective in increasing focus and alertness.[24]

      May even increase strength

      There’s also some intriguing research citing potential strength gains, as well. A 600mg dose of alpha-GPC was able to increase leg strength, effectively increasing peak force in the mid-thigh during leg exercises.[25] This finding, as notable as it is, is unfortunately the only strength-based study of alpha-GPC out there. Before we go touting this ingredient as both a nootropic and strength-booster, we’d like to see a bit more research backing up the latter claim!

Alpha-GPC is one of our favorite cognitive-enhancing ingredients out there, and in AlphaSizeTM from Chemi Nutra, we have one of the best forms of this incredibly powerful ingredient. The 250mg dose in Havoc is right in line with what we like to see of this trademarked form, and thus, you should expect a more focused, more intense, training session!

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 200mg

    MFIT Trigger

    If you’re a stim-seeker looking for more caffeine but less pumps for certain styles of workouts, MFIT Trigger is a great option!

    In order to trigger a bit of training-related chaos, MFIT is sure a stimulant like caffeine is involved! Needing no introduction, caffeine is yet another tried-and-true supplemented ingredient. It can help i

    ncrease energy levels,[26] which can in turn elevate your training performance.[27] Caffeine anhydrous, specifically, is the fastest-acting form of the stimulant out there, so you can bet you’ll be feeling this one shortly after taking it!

    Although a 200mg dose is somewhat mild compared to some other products out there these days, it’s actually still quite effective! It’s not very aggressive at all, which makes Havoc friendly to experienced athletes and beginners alike. It’s enough to get you going without getting you way too wired, which is exactly what you should be looking for!

    But if you’re looking for more stim, you can always take a look at MFIT’s Trigger or even sprinkle a dash of it in this one!!

  • L-Theanine – 35mg

    L-Theanine Tea

    L-Theanine comes from tea leaves, and pairs very well with caffeine offset any potential anxiety. This is a light dose, which is excellent for a lower-caffeine product

    Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in green tea, and its an ingredient we’re coming to increasingly appreciate each time we see it! Known for its relaxing yet non-sedating effect, this nootropic originally operated within the realm of calming, sleep or stress-related supplements. Over time, however, it has worked its way into pre-workout products, and man, are we glad it did!

    Research has found that the combination of caffeine and theanine is extremely effective in improving cognition and alertness.[28] By taking the two simultaneously, you can help be more focused and zoned in to the task at hand, which in this case, is your workout! Theanine helps “take the edge off” of the caffeine, thus providing a clean, smooth source of energy to power you through!

    We typically see theanine in an equivalent dose to the accompanying caffeine dose, which is not the case here. At only 35mg, we think MFIT is looking to minimize any potential relaxing effect, while still providing the elevated focus and cognition theanine can deliver. Nonetheless, it’s a worthy inclusion, and can work with the rest of the label to keep focus and alertness at high levels!



Good flavors lead to great workouts!

Luckily for us consumers, the flavoring game is absolutely thriving right now! From improving the offers of the past to introducing some crazy new options, there’s an option for everyone! Companies know just how quickly that corner of the market is expanding, and the best of them spare no expense when it comes to making their products taste great.

MFIT is one such company – they hold their flavoring system to a high standard, and make a substantial effort to provide some of the best-tasting supplements in the industry! Here are the awesome flavors they’re offering for Havoc:

    MFIT – bursting onto the scene! Watch our MFIT Videos

    The supplement industry is growing increasingly popular by the day, with the demand for new products continuing to drive the market. This environment has led many individuals to join the party, looking to give consumers the type of products that they, themselves, believe in.

    Officially launching at the 2019 Arnold, MFIT SUPPS is run by manufacturing guru Nick Karalekas, an industry vet who’s been working in the manufacturing world for years. Nick had a first-hand view of the supplement industry, and after watching products he didn’t necessarily believe in succeed, he decided to get involved. Backed by A&Z Pharmaceutical, Nick began formulating well-dosed, exact, and effective products that he knew worked. Shortly thereafter, he joined up with 6X IFBB Champion Guy Cisternimo to truly help MFIT get off the ground.

    MFIT Supps

    MFIT: Exactly what you need, when you need it.

    The two of them are still working to transform MFIT from a start-up to a full-fledged supplement powerhouse, and have launched some awesome products in the process. Havoc is their leading pre-workout supplement, and it encompasses everything the guys believe in – science, directness, and results!

    Make sure you check out our previous post covering the launch of MFIT SUPPS, as well as our video interview with Nick and Guy:

    Conclusion – Wreak Havoc in your training!

    MFIT Havoc Athlete

    MFIT Athlete Jess Olivieri (@jess.olivieri) agrees – Havoc can take your training to the next level!

    One could argue that pre-workouts are the backbone of the sports supplement industry. Sure, proteins are extremely popular (and important!), but almost every company launches with a flagship pre-workout. The reason is pretty obvious – people want them! Packing the stuff you need to get a good workout, this stuff never fails in getting you to the gym, and helping you train hard while there. These days, considering how much we all have going on in our lives, that little push can really go a long way!

    MFIT is relatively new to the scene, but they clearly want to make a name for themselves through Havoc. With a science-backed and strong combination of ingredients, great flavors, and an innovative team leading the charge, we’ve no doubt they’ll make themselves known. Simply putting out a pre-workout is one thing, but producing a ridiculously comprehensive formula that can help you wreak havoc in the gym? That’s how you really announce your arrival!

    MFIT SUPPS Havoc – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    About the Author: Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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