PNI Prodigy Log: Another Leg Day

Herve Doing Lunges on Prodigy Day 2

Herve’s Lunges

Yesterday’s leg day was a bit different. I didn’t have time for my usual breakfast in the morning as I was running late for work. I just grabbed a yogurt and protein shake to go instead. I felt tired, but still had to teach my group exercise classes, so that didn’t stop me.

Low food, low energy

After my classes ended I wanted to work out. I was a bit tired, so tired i forgot to let my clients sample the Prodigy product! I had some for myself, which gave me enough energy with the usual pump but only lasted about 45 minutes before I decided to go home and rest before the evening classes I had to teach later.

The workout was great, leaving my legs feeling pretty sore this morning, but I think because I didn’t eat properly it wasn’t as effective. Every other day I used the supplement it turned out really well. Not that it didn’t this time! I just expected more out of it because of what it has done for me during my previous workouts.

A lesson learned: Eat your breakfast!

The Prodigy pre workout supplement is great, just don’t forget to eat breakfast and have enough nutrients in your body to get an effective workout. Can’t wait for my next workout later this Friday evening. It’ll be a full body day for me. Why not?

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