AZOTH: A Fully Loaded Caffeine-Free Nootropic

Note: Azoth has a new nootropic launched in 2020! See our article on Azoth Total Focus!
Azoth V2

The new formula of the potent nootropic formula Azoth is here, and oh man is it a doozy!

One of the hottest nootropics we covered at the beginning of this year was AZOTH, a fully loaded nootropic supplement that increases motivation, focus, memory recall, and mental like you’ve probably never experienced before.

AZOTH is still relatively young, but has already been revamped to remove some of the more questionable ingredients and add in some other nootropics that make this a must try product if you’re into nootropics. It’s now sold in PricePlow’s retail network, so check the prices and sign up for alerts when we find deals:

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Delving Into the Design of AZOTH

We’re always curious about the origins of how a formula comes to life, and sometimes we’re fortunate enough to get an insider’s look into the design process from the gurus themselves. The guys behind AZOTH have developed quite a monster nootropic in their first supplement (as you’ll soon see!). Here’s a bit on the design of the formula from the designers themselves:

“The market is flooded with supplements that make you feel great for a few hours but leave you with a bad crash. That might be just fine for someone who is only looking to kill it in the gym for an hour or two, but for the go-getter who needs to perform at peak levels throughout the day? Forget it. So what we’re seeing now is that instead of relying on caffeinated products and stimulants, many high-performers are abandoning them altogether, afraid that the resulting side-effects will actually hinder their performance when the crash hits later in the day. Instead of solving this problem, most supplement companies are just adding more stimulants, which is only making the problem worse, forgetting that a vast majority of their consumers are everyday people who are using their product for purposes inside but also outside of the gym.

Here’s where AZOTH differs. Instead of just adding a bunch of new exotic nootropics and stimulants, we did something different: we used tried and true energy and focus boosting ingredients like Sulbutiamine and patented TeaCrine, and we infused it with a synergy of cortisol blockers and adaptogens so that any rises in energy would immediately be countered by blocking increases in cortisol and ensuring that the user would not be left with a nasty crash. Furthermore, when the formula wears off, it does so gradually and ensures that the user’s energy levels remained constant throughout the day. The result? Focus, Energy, and no adrenal fatigue, tolerance build-up, or crash. In a nutshell, AZOTH V2 is every high-performer’s best friend and what we’d call a second-generation energy nootropic formula.”

AZOTH Ingredients

AZOTH is one of the most unique nootropic products we’ve seen as it’s completely caffeine free, but does contain some proven energy and alertness boosters like TeaCrine and Sulbutiamine!

You’ll notice there’s quite a bit of difference between the V1 AZOTH and the new V2 edition described here.

Note: Doses listed below are based on 1 serving (i.e. 3 capsules)

  • Ashwagandha Extract (500mg)

    Azoth V2 Ingredients

    The new version of Azoth has undergone some massive changes, but ones that we have a hard time finding any fault with.

    Occasionally referred to as “Smell of Horse”, Ashwagandha is an incredibly popular Ayurvedic herb that’s similar to Rhodiola. Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that helps combat feelings of anxiety and stress.[1] It’s also been shown to lower cortisol levels in the body.[2]

    Aside from its stress-relieving qualities, Ashwagandha also is a pretty effective nootropic that enhances cognitive and psychomotor performance. Specifically, ashwagandha has been shown to improve reaction time and mental arithmetic ability.[26,27]

  • L-Tyrosine (500mg)

    One of the first major changes to AZOTH is the swap from N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine to the much more effective L-Tyrosine. We’ve discussed L-Tyrosine vs. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine in great length on this blog, so we won’t go into detail about it here except to say we’re happy to see this switch.

    L-Tyrosine increases noradrenaline and dopamine production which in turn reduces stress and anxiety, yet elevates focus and cognition.[3,4]

    The dose here is a bit on the lower end for what we’d like to see with L-Tyrosine, but given the truckload of noots still to come, we don’t see this being much of an issue.

  • Phosphatidylserine (500mg)

    Phosphatidylserine (PS) marks the first “new” addition to AZOTH (we’re not counting L-Tyrosine, as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine was in V1). For those of you not familiar with PS, it’s a fat-soluble amino acid found mostly in the brain that enhances cognitive function.

    Research notes that PS can treat symptoms associated with depression and declining mental function in the elderly.[5,6] Additionally, Phosphatidylserine exerts anti-anxiety and stress-reducing properties; plus, it also has been shown to reduce cortisol levels when dosed high enough, as it is here.[7,8]

    This is a serious dose, and would be felt on its own even without all of the other ingredients! Phosphatidylserine prices have come down, and the nootropic community has received far better supplements because of that.

  • Sulbutiamine (400mg)


    Thank you for reading our article! Please leave feedback or hit us up on social media!

    We recently covered sulbutiamine rather extensively in our mega-post titled: Sulbutiamine: The Brain-Boosting B Vitamin, so head there if you want all the details, but to briefly go over this ingredient’s functions…

    Sulbutiamine is a synthetic form of the B vitamin Thiamin (Vitamin B1) that can cross the blood-brain barrier, effectively increasing levels of thiamine in the body. The really cool thing about sulbutiamine those are its nootropic benefits which include increased alertness, memory, focus, and wakefulness.[9,10,11]

    The dose here is great as sulbutiamine is commonly dosed between 400-600mg, this alone makes AZOTH worth checking out if you’ve been looking for a comprehensive nootropic formula that includes this ingredient.

  • Alpha GPC (300mg)

    Alpha GPC is a choline-containing compound that increases the production of acetylcholine, a.k.a. the “learning neurotransmitter.”[12] Clinical studies using Alpha GPC documented it enhances power output, endurance, and post workout Growth Hormone (GH) levels.[13,14,15]

    Alpha GPC is one of our favorites forms of choline (along with CDP Choline). It’s one of the best in terms of bioavailability and quality, and certainly a proven focus-booster.

    Note: We’re not sure if AZOTH is using 50% Alpha GPC or the 100% variety. We’ve reached out to the brand for clarification, as that ultimately impacts whether you’re getting 150mg or 300mg of this potent choline variant.

  • TeaCrine (100mg)

    TeaCrine is starting to show up more and more in nootropic formulas due to its smooth, long-lasting energy, and the fact that it doesn’t come with the tolerance build up of caffeine.[16] This CNS stimulant also reduces oxidative stress and increases dopamine levels, similar to the way caffeine does in the brain.[17,18]

    Take Azoth with a cup of coffee or your favorite energy drink and watch how much longer things last because of the TeaCrine inside!

  • Huperzine A (100mcg)

    Our final nootropic is the great acetylcholine-extender, Huperzine A, a.k.a Toothed Club Moss. Huperzine A inhibits acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme used to break down acetylcholine, thereby indirectly boosting acetylcholine levels[22] — as opposed to Alpha GPC which directly increases acetylcholine levels..

    Huperzine also defends against glutamate[23], a.k.a. “the neuron death molecule” and it may even help generate new brain cells (making it neurogenerative).[24]

  • BioPerine (10mg)

    Lastly, we have the absorption enhancer BioPerine. This patented black pepper extract is widely used for improving the bioavailability of the other compounds included in AZOTH ensuring your body and brain make the most of the brain-boosting compounds contained herein.

Regarding the updated formula

”One of the drawbacks of the previous formula was that it could not be dosed frequently due to the tolerance build-up and furthermore, the cost was on the higher end. When the news came that Phenylpiracetam and Noopept would undergo regulatory scrutiny, we decided we could do something better. With this formula, there is neither an issue of tolerance build-up and the cost is significantly lower. So while many have asked whether this is a downgrade, we’re actually happier with this newer formula because it’s a win-win.”


For optimal results, use 1-2 capsules of AZÖTH with a light meal containing healthy fats every other day. The ingredients in AZÖTH will pronounce and prolong any stimulants you are consuming, so use other stimulant sources with caution while consuming AZÖTH. Under no circumstances should you exceed 3 capsules in one day.

A Note on Stacking:

Many people (like Robert) love super-strong focus during the workouts, and will often add in some bulk nootropics to energy or pump-based pre workouts. So this got us to wondering how AZOTH would stack with a pre workout and so we reached out to the formulators who responded with the following:

”The great thing about AZÖTH is that you can take it in conjunction with a pre-workout or other sports supplements, as a matter of fact, it will only amplify the effects of any other supplements you are taking.”

So if you like your energy drinks or coffee, you can keep your energy drinks or coffee!


How about that for a serious formula upgrade?!

AZOTH packs all you’d need and then adds even more to give you superior focus unlike you’ve probably ever experienced before. You’ll get more work done, in a more efficient manner, and been in one heck of a good mood while you’re doing it.

AZOTH is NOT cheap, but luckily we’ve got a coupon code you can use, should you be looking to step up your nootropics game to the big league:

Azoth Nootropic – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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