Pump HD New Formula by BPI: “The Experience” Reformulated


Pump HD is a reformulation of BPI’s old pump-based pre workout. Will it deliver?

BPI is ready to unleash “The Experience”[1] to the masses with it’s newly reformulated Pump HD! This pump-centered pre workout supplement promises smooth energy, intense workouts, lots of pumps and all WITHOUT caffeine or yohimbine!

Does it live up to its hype and what kind of concoction can bring about an experience like this?

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Pump HD Ingredients

Pump HD New Formula Ingredients

The new Pump-HD formula’s ingredient label / supplement facts. LOTS of new stuff here!!

We finally have the final label to the right! If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of new ingredients, so this is almost guaranteed to feel different than anything you’ve ever tried before.

First, note that the new Pump-HD is not STIMULANT-free — there are some minor stimulants inside. It’s just caffeine-free and yohimbe-free, so the stim effect should be relatively minor.

It’s all part of BPI’s attempt to reinvent what a real “pump inducing” supplement is all about:

  • Glycerol 2X-RS™ (1g)

    Glycerol has long been used as a key ingredient in many of the “pump” products currently on the market. It is good for “water-based” pumps and hyper-hydration when dosed effectively.[2,3]

    The issue with glycerol monostearate, which is what Glycerol 2X is (Bonded Glycerol Monostearate 2X-Reuptake System), is that 75% of it is in the form of stearic acid. This is a saturated fat, so you’re not getting as much bang for your gram in terms of actual glycerol as you would with something like HydroMax, which is 65% glycerol.

  • Citrulline Silicate (1g)

    Citrulline, and Citrulline Malate, have become one of the more recently popular pump ingredients in pre workouts for its ability to increase plasma levels of arginine better than supplementing with various other nitric oxide (NO) boosting ingredients.[4] Additionally, it helps the body’s insulin response in the post-exercise window.[5]

    Rather than bond it to Malate, BPI uses citrulline bonded to silicate which is reminiscent of Nitrosigine, where arginine is bonded to a silicate molecule. This led to the improved bioavailability and absorption of arginine,[6] so the same thinking was probably applied to citrulline.

    Additionally, silica supplementation on it own has benefits particularly as a bone strengthener and heart protector.[7,8] Unfortunately, little to nothing is known on this particular form of citrulline, so we’ll reserve further judgement on it until more research is done on this supplement.

  • Cyclocreatine PCr (1g)

    Cyclocreatine Molecule

    Cyclocreatine is a unique from of creatine that enhances cognitive ability and aids memory recollection.

    Creatine monohydrate is a well known strength and muscle building ingredient that has a proven track record. Cyclocreatine is another of the alternative forms of creatine that promises better delivery and uptake by your body of creatine.

    The problem with most of these novel forms of creatine is that there aren’t any studies validating its claims over the tried and true monohydrate form in terms of effectiveness.

    A few studies have been done on cyclocreatine and found that it can improve cognitive abilities, especially in regards to memory and recall.[9] On top of that, it poses some neuroprotective benefits as well.[10] So while this might not help improve your body’s utilization of creatine, it should have some benefits in terms of improving focus during your workouts.

  • Andrographis (1g)

    Andrographolide is the main bioactive component of Andrographis, an herb used in the treatment of colds and other illnesses.  While the majority of studies conducted on andrographolide have examined its properties as an antiinflammatory agent, one study has found that it can boost nitric oxide (NO) production in the body.[11]

    As we all know, increasing NO levels is good for generating the much beloved pump. We just have no idea how much is needed to boost NO levels in humans and how much is contained in Pump HD.

  • Cordyceps

    Cordyceps is a mushroom that was traditionally used in Chinese medicine as an anti-aging compounds. What’s it doing in a pump based pre workout?

    Aside from helping fight signs of aging, cordyceps helps the body fight stress and delays the onset of fatigue,[12] allowing you to keep grinding out sets and building bigger and badder pumps.

    Over the past few years, cordyceps has received a lot of attention from certain brands and celebrities. What’s unfortunate is that there is really no quality human-based research on it — which is unfortunate given the amount of money some of those brands are minting off of this stuff.

  • Green Tea Catechin

    Green Tea Catechins

    Green Tea Catechins have a myriad of health benefits aiding weight loss and cholesterol reduction. It also allows the body to “burn fat” as fuel!

    This must be where BPI is getting some of their “caffeine and yohimbine” free energy from. EGCG is a catechin extracted from the camellia sinensis plant. Green tea extracts have gained a lot of attention recently for their benefits related to antioxidant content, blood pressure, and heart health.

    Additionally, green tea extracts help the body to increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis while decreasing body weight.[16,17] This will allow your body to use its existing fat stores as a valuable form of energy during your workouts.

  • Quercetin

    Quercetin is a well researched bioflavonoid found in apples, onions, and other fruits and veggies. It works synergistically with green tea catechins to improve the bioavailability and absorption of both compounds in the body through the inhibition of catechol-o-methyl.[18]

    In one study, quercetin supplementation was found to increase exercise endurance through the increased production of mitochondrial biogenesis in the muscle cell.[19]

  • Rhodiola

    Rhodiola is one of our favorite herbs that manufacturers include in their pre workouts. This potent adaptogen provides a number of benefits to any workout enthusiast including:

    • Reducing stress[13]
    • Boosting cognitive ability[14]
    • Decreasing fatigue / Improving endurance[15]

    We just have no idea, again, how much is included, and if the amount that is included is enough to elicit these benefits…

  • Echinacea Purpurea

    Echinacea is an herb commonly used for treating the common cold. While this topic is still somewhat contested, Echinacea does increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells.[20] By more oxygen being carried to the muscles, exercise endurance should increase leading you to push harder in your workouts without succumbing to fatigue.[21]

  • Vitamin B-6

    B-6 is one of the essential B vitamins required by the body for the synthesis of healthy red blood cells, and particularly hemoglobin. Without hemoglobin, red blood cells aren’t able to transport oxygen effectively to the surrounding tissues and organs. Without a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients, the muscles won’t function properly, and you can kiss your workout and gains GOODBYE!

  • Theobroma Cacoa Seed Extract

    Theobroma Cocoa Extract kickes off “The Pump Experience” Energy blend. It is derived from the cacao tree and possesses a moderate stim-kick, similar to caffeine, but has a longer-lasting and smoother effect.[22] Theobroma also contributes to the “feel-good” sensation you experience when eating chocolate, especially dark chocolates.

  • Citrus Aurantium

    Citrus aurantium, a.k.a bitter orange, is a safe, proven substitute for the now taboo stimulant, ephedra.[23,24] It also has a chemical structure similar to ephedra. Bitter orange acts on the Beta-2 and Beta-3 receptors in your body,[25,26] which stimulates the release of triglycerides (lipolysis). This has the added bonus of allowing the body to “burn” fat as fuel. However, in Pump HD we’re not sure what specifically they’re standardizing for. It could be synephrine, but we aren’t certain.

  • Plumbago zeylanica Extract

    Plumbago zeylanica is also known as Ceylon Leadwort or Doctorbush. The extract obtained from this plant possess stimulatory properties where it has increased locomotion when used in animal trials.[27] Interestingly enough, it also increases ATP activity in the body and helps red blood cells maintain membrane integrity and resist lysis (breaking down of the cellular membrane).[28] Plumbago zeylanica extract seems to be a perfect addition to Pump HD as one of its main goals is to promote red blood cell creation and enhanced oxygen transport.

  • Phosphotidylcholine

    Phosphotidylcholine is a type of phospholipid and major component of biological membranes. They are also a member of the lecithin group of molecules and are involved in cell signaling.[29] Seeing as they are part of the lecithin group of compounds, they may have some amount of phosphatidic acid in them which could help with muscle building,[30,31] but we’re not entirely certain on this part.

Now that there is a unique pre workout supplement! No matter what anyone says, we can almost guarantee it will feel completely different from anything you’ve tried.

There’s really no way to even guess what it will be like (like many standard pre workouts) – this is one you have to try for yourself and see if this interesting cocktail of new ingredients gets the job done during a nice stim-break.

Questionable Ingredient Additions

Reviewing the ingredient panel you will probably notice that there are pretty high doses of Folic Acid and Iron added to Pump HD. We have to ask why, as these ingredients usually aren’t added to the everyday pre workout. It could possibly have to do with increasing overall blood production in the body.

Approximately 70% of the body’s iron resides in the hemoglobin of red blood cells and in myoglobin in muscle cells. Hemoglobin is responsible for transferring oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the tissues in the body. Myoglobin on the other hand, is the oxygen binding agent in muscles cells and stores oxygen for the muscle to use in times when we’re not breathing (holding your breath underwater for example.)

Even after 20s of intense exercise, oxygen concentrations in muscle cells can become greatly reduced.[32] So, it stands to reason the increasing the overall production of blood cells in the body, and thus more hemoglobin and myoglobin would allow more oxygen to be delivered to and stored in the muscle, allowing you to exercise for greater periods of time before succumbing to fatigue.

Whether or not this actually happens when taking Folic Acid and Iron in these doses is still up for debate though…

Flavors Available

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea: Our favorite feel-good herb with some additional endurance enhancing and fatigue fighting benefits.

When it starts shipping on July 8th, 2015, Pump HD will be available in 3 unique flavors:

  • Watermelon Cooler
  • Wicked Fruit Blast
  • Blueberry Lemon Freeze

Knowing how well BPI handles flavoring, you can bet your bottom dollar these are going to taste just as good as Best BCAA and 1 M.R. Vortex!

According to the picture, each tub is 250 grams, which we estimate will provide 30 servings (8.3g per serving).


BPI’s Pump HD sure does cram a whole lot of ingredients into a rather smallish scoop (<9g). There are some rather novel and unique ingredients that they have pulled in to form a true “experience” of a pre workout. Will it really deliver intense workouts, energy, and focus or will it be another pretender that just tastes great?

We’ll need to review it for ourselves to know for certain, so stay tuned!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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