PlasmaJet is Back! Gaspari’s Return Continues (w/ Review)

Gaspari PlasmaJet

Gaspari Nutrition’s epic return to the world of supplements continues with the release of a revamped PlasmaJet Nitric Oxide Maximizer.

We’ll come out and say it as bluntly as possible. Gaspari Nutrition has been on an epic rampage ever since Hi-Tech owner Jared Wheat purchased a share of the company in April 2016. We knew to expect big things from the one time supplement giant, but we can hardly catch a breath here – things have gotten ridiculous over there!

After seeing the upgrades to previous fan favorites like Halodrol and SuperPump 250, Gaspari has done it yet again with the powerful nitric oxide enhancer PlasmaJet. It’s back and better than ever too!

PlasmaJet TL;DR

  • 4 capsule/serving pump product
  • Not stimulant-free – there’s about 40-50mg caffeine
  • Several new arginase inhibitor pump ingredients worth trying
  • Made to stack well with SuperPump 250 (if you can handle ~300mg caffeine)

The overall idea is that most pre workout supplements contain just nitric oxide boosters, but often don’t hit the opposite end – inhibiting NO’s breakdown. That’s where PlasmaJet comes in, making it look like a fantastic stack add-on for those looking to gun it big on arm day.

Just like SuperPump 250, since the new PlasmaJet is such a unique product, we consider this a must-try supplement for late 2016 / early 2017. It went to the top of our review pile without a doubt, so see the new review below!

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Our PlasmaJet Review

Mike, Colbi, and CJ took PlasmaJet to the face on arm day, and Colbi absolutely blew up! See the review below, and check out the surprise we encountered inside!

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Long story short from the review: if you’re a pump junkie, you gotta find a way to get this into your budget eventually. Using this before a bodybuilding show (or a pool party) might be worth exploring.

We can’t recommend it to anyone on a poor college budget, there are obviously priorities (like food), but this stuff is kinda crazy and seriously gets the job done… read why below:

PlasmaJet Ingredients

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this new formula is all about L-Citrulline and Agmatine — if you did, you’re WAY off base. With the new formula, Gaspari has pulled quite a few surprises and we’ve enlisted the help of Gaspari’s Brand Manager VaughnTrue to help guide you through some of these otherworldly ingredients they’ve compiled.

Note: Dosages listed below are based on 1 serving (i.e. 4 capsules)

  • Gaspari Proprietary Arginase Inhibitor Matrix (250mg)

    • N(omega)-hydroxy-nor-L-Arginine & Boron amino acid chelate

      Gaspari PlasmaJet Ingredients

      The new PlasmaJet has a TON of new ingredients you probably wouldn’t expect in a pump pre workout. Should make for some EPIC arm days!

      We’ve lumped these two ingredients together due to their shared function in the body. Chances are you’ve never heard of these ingredients, don’t worry though as they’re not the most common ones used in N.O. boosters.

      To put it plainly these two amino inhibit the enzyme arginase, which is directly responsible for breaking down the amino acid arginine.[1,2] By inhibiting arginase, we preserve arginine in the body which is directly tied to nitric oxide production. More arginine = more N.O. = more pumps!

      We also reached out to VaughnTrue on the inclusion of these two novel ingredients:

      ”These two compounds are included to take the Nitric Oxide boosting category to an entirely new level. Until now, every Nitric Oxide boosting product has aimed to do one thing and one thing only, increase Nitric Oxide levels to their maximum levels. While this can and does product products that offer powerful pumps, the problem is that the human body is very adept and normalizing itself, and once NO levels get to high levels, the Arginase enzyme begins working to lower those levels back to baseline. This means that you can get a solid pump for a specific time period, and then you’re left with little to no pump very quickly.

      PlasmaJet stands alone as it is the first of its kind to offer two very powerful Arginase inhibitors (BAC and NHLA), which work by preventing the Arginase enzyme from being able to limit or lower our NO levels. This means that when any other NO booster would begin to fail, PlasmaJet instead allows the body to keep raising NO levels higher and higher, bringing pumps which are going to not only be more intense, but also last significantly longer to boot.

      With these two compounds paired with the powerful NO boosting ingredients found in PlasmaJet, pumps will hit VERY fast, hit harder than anything else you’ve felt, and last longer than any other Nitric Oxide product on the market. Truly the first “all day pump” product.”

      So strong, we need to emphasize a disclaimer:

      As always, when things get this complex, we must make certain that you only use supplements when given a doctor’s consent and use under their care. These ingredients should never be mixed with prescription drugs or erectile dysfunction medications.

      The FDA has not approved any statements or ingredients on this page, and we can make no claims regarding the medical applications of these biological processes. Again, see your doctor to get a clean bill of health and don’t mix this with prescription drugs.

  • Gaspari Hypertrophy Vaso Expansion & Phosphodiesterase Formula (466mg)

    • Tri-Xanthine Blend™

      Gaspari PlasmaJet Rich Gaspari

      Rich is going to tell you a thing or two about the all new PlasmaJet…in short…IT ROCKS!

      PlasmaJet’s Tri-Xanthine Blend is comprised of Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE), Green Tea Extra, and Theobroma Cocoa Seed Extract. Each of these compounds contain methylxanthines from which the likes of caffeine are derived. Furthermore, xanthines act on the adenosine receptors in the body which help stave off sleepiness and act as bronchodilators, which improve breathing and thus oxygen delivery to working muscles.[3,4]

      Why were these added?

      One other cool benefit of xanthines is that when they’re used in low doses, they actually act as vasodilators instead of vasoconstrictors.[24]

      But we’ll let the man himself VT explain:

      “These three compounds work synergistic with one another to cause a significant increase in eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide) as well as a very overlooked aspect in NO boosting products, vasorelaxation. Like stated earlier, the main focus of EVERY other Nitric Oxide product out there is simply increasing NO levels to max limits, but not touching on the other important aspects of supporting that action. By enhancing vasorelaxation, we give our veins the ability to expand far beyond their normal size, allowing for the huge increase in NO provided by PlasmaJet to have the vessel it needs to REALLY enhance pumps. If you think of your veins as a garden hose, you can associate them with how much water can flow through that hose, or how much blood can flow through your veins at maximum pressure. So for arguments sake, lets say that garden hose can pump 10 gallons a minute out of it, with the water turned on to the highest setting. Now imagine you “relaxed” or expanded that hose to the size of a fire hose. All of a sudden with the same water source, you’re able to pump out 50-75 gallons per minute! Your veins are the exact same way. PlasmaJet first relaxes our veins and enlarges them on a physical level, Nitric Oxide is then maximized to product maximum blood flow and vasodilation, and then the Arginase inhibitors make sure that Nitric Oxide continues to grow and surge all throughout the workout. It’s this 3 pronged approach that makes PlasmaJet so unique, while everyone else is stuck with a single and narrow minded approach.”

      Again, the FDA has not approved any statements or ingredients on this page, and we can make no claims regarding the medical applications of these biological processes. Again, see your doctor to get a clean bill of health and don’t mix this with prescription drugs.

    • Cnidium Monnieri Extract

      Cnidium Monnieri is an herb traditionally used in Chinese Medicine for its pro-erectile qualities. Research has demonstrated that those ancient Chinese doctors were onto something, as trials confirm that the herb does increase nitric oxide levels via phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibition.[5]

      In other words, think of this as the herbal equivalent of Viagra!

      This is standardized for the compound Osthole. There’s one drawback to this ingredient though…. it smells!!! But don’t let that scare you, it’s insanely effective, as you’ll find out when you try PlasmaJet.

    • Caffeine Anhydrous

      Gaspari PlasmaJet Pumps

      With the new PlasmaJet, your pumps will have pumps!

      The inclusion of caffeine has surprised quite a few people as it was initially thought that PlasmaJet would be stim free. While it’s not 100% stim free, VT disclosed on the forums that it’s only 40-50mg worth[6], so you really won’t “feel” any kick from the caffeine.

      Why include low-dosed caffeine in a pump product?

      When dosed low like in PlasmaJet, it turns out that caffeine actually acts as a vasodilator instead of a vasoconstrictor, unlike other stimulants.[7]

    • Hypoxanthine Riboside

      Another rarely seen ingredient is hypoxanthine riboside, a.k.a. Inosine. This molecule supports oxygen transportation into skeletal muscle cells, as well as cardiac muscle cells, and also aids the synthesis of ATP. Inosine has widely been reported to improve athletic performance, but the research is a bit conflicted[8,9]

      VaughnTrue elaborated more on the selection of this rather unique ingredient as well, stating:

      ”This is included for it’s ability to increase the body’s ability to carry oxygen in the blood. The more O2 our red blood cells can carry, the quicker we can performance enhancing levels to our muscle cells for greater endurance, stamina, and athletic performance.”

      Remember, the FDA has not approved any statements or ingredients on this page, and we can make no claims regarding the medical applications of these biological processes. Again, see your doctor to get a clean bill of health and don’t mix this with prescription drugs.

    • Adenosine-5’-Triphosphate Disodium Salt

      Next up we have our good old friend ATP, the body’s primary fuel source when doing any kind of physical activity like sprinting, weight lifting, or jumping. How quickly your body depletes its ATP stores and regenerates them ultimately determines how well you’ll perform in your given craft.

      Attaching it to a disodium salt improves the bioavailability of the orally supplemented ATP molecule and should lead to less fatigue and increased overall athletic performance.[10]

    • Rauwolfia Serpentina

      Rauwolfia Serpentina tina is a potent source of rauwolscine, alternatively referred to as alpha-yohimbine. Alpha-Y is a pretty powerful stim that’s best suited for low doses due to its potency.

      Alpha-Yohimbine is a strong alpha-2 antagonist that helps prevent fat storage in the body.[11] As a bonus, it’s also good for helping lower blood pressure and fight against hypertension![12]

  • Gaspari Proprietary Nitric Oxide (NO) Support & Liposomal Delivery (3500mg)

    • HydroMax™

      Nitrosigine Arginine Inositol Silicate

      Silicate did wonders for Arginine, can it do the same for Citrulline?
      Image courtesy of

      Feeling a little scrambled in the brain after the last several ingredients? Don’t worry, this one is familiar to all pump-fiends out there. HydroMax is a high-yield form of glycerol that contains 65% glycerol by mass.

      In the body, glycerol acts as a cell volumizer and swelling agent by essentially transforming your muscles into a sponge. This enables them to absorb a lot of water which improves both hydration and endurance.[13,14] You’ll also notice some pretty nice “water-based” pumps as well!

    • Nitro-Rx™ Inositol Citrulline Silicate

      Those of you familiar with Citrulline already have a large affinity for the potent amino acid. Think of Nitro-Rx as Citrulline on crack!

      We’re all familiar with Nitrosigine (Inositol Arginine Silicate), which is an improved form of arginine shown to elevate nitric oxide levels and keep them elevated for up to 2 weeks.[15]

      Think of the same thing happening here, but with a much more powerful N.O. booster in Citrulline. We’re still waiting on some research for this particular variant of Citrulline, but it should be pretty stellar.

    • Choline Bitartrate

      Choline Molecule

      Meet choline a common focus booster that also has plenty other benefits.

      Choline supplements are widely regarded for their ability to improve focus and cognition during workouts. It helps to establish “mind-muscle” connection that’s extremely important if you want to reap the most gains from your workout. That’s not all though, as choline also improves endurance and weight loss due to increasing the concentration of betaine in the body.[16,17]

    • Phosphatidylserine (PS)

      PlasmaJet Review

      Pumps aren’t just for the guys! Women will love keeping nitric oxide levels high with PlasmaJet, plus a nice little kick of caffeine too! Featured: @denissetenore

      Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a fat-soluble amino acid found typically found in the brain that supports cognitive functioning. Numerous studies have found that the phospholipid helps offset declining mental function and depression in the elderly.[18,19,20]

      The benefits don’t end with the elderly though. Other clinical trials give evidence that PS elevates post-exercise testosterone levels[21] and increases mTOR-activity similar to that of phosphatidic acid (PA).[22]

    • Phosphatidylcholine (PC)

      We’ve got two forms of PC in PlasmaJet: standard Phosphatidylcholine and purified PC from Medium Chain Triglycerides. PC is included here to aid with the liposomal delivery of all the other ergogenics contained in PlasmaJet.

      We’ve seen phosphatidylcholine used to great effect with other ingredients like Gingko Biloba and Cucurmin[23], and can only imagine how effectively it’ll up the ante for notoriously poor bioavailable ingredients like ATP.

  • Potassium Amino Acid Complex (99mg)

    • Potassium

      The potassium included in PlasmaJet is derived from potassium glycinate complex. Here, potassium is bonded to glycine amino acid molecules to improve the bioavailability of the powerful electrolyte. This serves to improve hydration levels and keep the muscle firing at maximum output during your workouts.


Take 4 capsules 30-45 minutes prior to your workout, and let the pumps FLOW!

Why Bring PlasmaJet Back?

One thing we were pondering is why not just release a brand new pump product to usher in the Gaspari era, instead of reformulating an old bygone. Again, VaughnTrue came to the rescue:

”PlasmaJet was brought back by name because it is part of the “Legendary Products” series from Gaspari, and we’re using it as a way to show people we can and will create products just as strong, and even stronger than the originals that so many loved and enjoyed. While most companies bring back product names with inferior formulas and upset the consumer, our goal was to create formulas which surpassed the originals, and we know how hard that is to actually accomplish. This is why Halodrol, SuperPump 250, and now PlasmaJet have taken so long to be re-released, as anything less than better than the original was not going to be acceptable. This PlasmaJet formula is not only as good, but far superior to the original, so we felt it was necessary to give it it’s predecessors name so people understood just how powerful it is before they even try it.”


It appears that during the deal with Wheat, Gaspari also made a visit to New Orleans to strike a deal with the voodoo queens and witch doctors down on the bayou because ever since their re-emergence, Gaspari has been resurrecting long dead products and turning them into absolute monsters!

We weren’t joking when we said that Gaspari has completely revamped the formula and seriously upgraded one of the best known pump products of all time. See our review up above — this is a must-try on arm day if you have budget!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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