Performax Labs StimMax Takes Stims to the MAX

Performax Labs StimMax

Performax Labs is taking pre workout stimulants to the MAX with StimMax, including a whopping 423mg caffeine along with Dynamine and nootropics.

Performax Labs is absolutely unstoppable.

The maximum-powered supplement experts went through a major rebrand in 2017, upgrading several of their products along with their look. This includes the fully-loaded pre workout supplement in HyperMax alongside our top-rated nootropic focus pill, NootropiMax.

More recently, they hit the powdered fat-burner market with FitMax, a serious combination of stim- and stim-free fat loss agents.

So with an incredible lineup of workout, focus, and weight loss products, what on earth could they possibly add?

Stimulants… and LOTS of them!

And this one’s got Dynamine, alongside about 423mg caffeine!!

StimMax is the newest pre workout supplement from Performax Labs, made for the stimulant fiends out there who don’t need their pre to be decked out for max-strength training. If you need tons of energy and focus and are looking for something different, then that’s what StimMax is about to bring you!

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StimMax Ingredients

Performax Labs has its sights set on StimMax being THE answer in the industry when looking for raw, unadulterated energy and focus. Wielding a powerful 423mg caffeine per serving, along with a host of nootropics, feel-good ingredients, and the newest cognitive booster in Dynamine, StimMax is a must try for all high-energy supplement enthusiasts.

  • Choline Bitartrate (2g)

    StimMax Ingredients

    StimMax is like a “best of the best” pre workout using every great stimulant Performax Labs has ever used… plus Dynamine and noopept!!

    Also featured in FitMax, choline bitartrate is one of the most frequently supplemented forms of choline, due to its efficient price tag. While it happens to be underdosed in too many supplements (leaving many users feeling short of the benefits of this valuable nootropic), that’s not the case with StimMax.

    Performax Labs has included a whopping 2g dose of it, which is the dose many need (of this form of choline) to actually see some heightened focus and concentration. On top of that, choline bitartrate has been documented to enhance visuomotor performance[1] (the ability to synchronize visual information with physical movement).

    2g worked in a weight loss study!

    And even though this isn’t a weight loss supplement, we can literally make a weight loss claim here — 2g of choline bitartrate enhances carnitine retention in the body, allowing for sustained fat burning.[2]

    “But it’s not the most bioavailable form!” (derp derp)

    Choline Weight Loss

    We’re not even here for weight loss, but when researchers start dosing choline around 2g on athletes, they started getting some very interesting effects![2]

    Naysayers like other forms of choline better (due to better bioavailability), but that goes out the window when you look at this monster dose – the study above being a prime example!

    So we’ll take two full grams of choline bitartrate over those miniscule 250mg citicoline (or questionably-labeled Alpha GPC) doses any day of the week!

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg)


    The next ingredient is the primary (but certainly not only) energy driver of StimMax, caffeine anhydrous. As you’d guess with a product with this name, Performax isn’t messing around with their stimulants, as each serving contains a heaping 350mg of the powerful stim — and that’s not the only form of caffeine.

    Caffeine certainly is great for energy, but it also enhances focus, mood, alertness, and physical performance.[3,4] But don’t think this is the end of the stimulants in StimMax, it’s only the beginning… there’s more caffeine coming!!

  • Dynamine (250mg)


    Dynamine (methylliberine) is a caffeine derivative developed by Compound Solutions that’s touted to be a faster-acting theacrine (TeaCrine).

    Dynamine (Methylliberine) is the newest “neuroactivating” ingredient from supplement pioneers, Compound Solutions. Billed as a faster-acting TeaCrine, Dynamine is a methylurate that provides a “cognitive tickle” to your body without affecting your cardiovascular system. In other words, Dynamine arouses your mind without jacking up your heart rate or blood pressure.

    It’s fine on its own (as we experienced in our initial review), but when paired with caffeine and the host of other stimulants and nootropics in StimMax, you’ll experience a sense of heightened focus and mental clarity not really felt before.

    We’ve got a lot more information on this new-age neuroactivator in our recently published article titled: Dynamine: A Neuroactivating “Stimulant” by Compound Solutions. Long story short? Dynamine alone makes StimMax worth trying… but even without it, we’d still be all over this supplement. See how that works?

  • N,N-Dimethylphenethylamine Citrate (250mg)

    The enhanced form of PEA that we’ve come to know and love from nearly all of Performax Labs’ stimulant-based products, N,N-Dimethylphenethylamine surfaced before DMHA, and given its GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status and basis in nature (thanks to eria jarensis), it seems to have outlived the other stim too!

    N-Phenethyldimethylamine 2D Receptor with Protection Highlighted

    N-Phenethyldimethylamine is like a PEA molecule, but with an N,N’ Alkyl section that also prevents MAO from cleaving it.

    This is euphoria-inducing, mood-enhancing compound that has a PEA backbone to give you that quick dopamine boost, but a couple of added structures to make it last longer.

    What happens with molecules with this PEA backbone is that they mimic your brain’s own neurotransmitters, which release more dopamine for a feel-good rush once activated.

    How to make PEA last longer!

    The issue is that standard PEA molecules get ‘cleaved’ off nearly immediately, so they don’t last too long, and aren’t suitable for a workout supplement (outside of maybe motivating you to get out of your chair).

    Two solutions that problem:

    1. First, use a form of PEA with some additional structures that block the MAO enzyme from cleaving it off. That’s what N,N-Dimethylphenethylamine Citrate has here.

    2. Second, add another ingredient that diminishes the effects of the MAO enzyme — ie a MAO inhibitor. That’s where the ingredient hordenine comes in later (and at a serious dose too!)

    Performax Labs Rebrand

    Here’s a shot of the fully revamped line of Performax Labs products! They sure love this ingredient!

    Given everything above, it’s a definite must that you do NOT mix this supplement with prescription drugs, especially SSRIs or other MAO inhibitors, and of course talk to your doctor before beginning any new diet or supplementation program.

    It’s also obvious that with this stimulant load, you don’t mix it with any other stims – not even a cup of tea!

    Now back to that caffeine:

  • Di-Caffeine Malate (100mg)

    As if 350mg of raw, instant energy wasn’t enough to get you going, Performax has included an additional 100mg di-caffeine malate, which provides an additional 73mg of caffeine bringing the grand total of caffeine in StimMax to right under 425mg per serving at 423mg caffeine.

    Including this sustained-release form of caffeine helps prolong the energy of StimMax for hours on end, and side steps any nasty crash that could come from using only anhydrous.

  • Hordenine (75mg)

    As mentioned above, hordenine is a MAO inhibitor[4] that keeps the MAO enzyme from too actively cleaving off your PEA molecules, letting that dopamine boost last longer. This combination is why so many Performax Labs products put us in such a great mood – good vibes all afternoon!

    On top of that, the ingredient is also a beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist that helps free fatty acids to be used as energy. But use em or they re-attach!

    Major dose alert!

    Nearly every product out there containing hordenine doses it at 50mg, so this is 50% more – basically what you’d expect from a product named StimMax.


    Higenamine activates beta-2 adrenoreceptors nearly as well as synephrine, but has less side effects.

    Hordenine is found in citrus aurantium.[5]

  • Higenamine (75mg)

    Like hordenine above, but perhaps in stronger fashion, higenamine (also known as norcoclaurine) is a beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist that also frees up fatty acids acids for energy expenditure.

    In addition to this, it may yield a bit more warmth, but more importantly, may make breathing easier too, as it’s a bronchodilator![6,7]

    And like hordenine above, it’s often dosed at 50mg, but once again, 50% more than average is what we have in StimMax!

    Note that this was recently banned for drug-tested athletes (by WADA) in 2017, but we’re pretty sure drug-tested athletes are smart enough not to take a product like this. Or are they?!

  • N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester (30mg)


    One of the bigger surprises in StimMax, we can tell you that there are going to be some very happy consumers seeing this impressive nootropic added to the blend.


    Noopept is one of the most serious memory-boosting nootropics you can use, just make sure to pair it with a source of choline to avoid brain fog. Not a problem here!

    While it’s not a stimulant like nearly everything else in here noopept is an amino acid analogue that behaves a bit similarly to another famous nootropic by the name of piracetam.

    Noopept’s most impressive actions are on learning and memory. It’s been used to restore spacial memory and increase immunoreactivity,[8] albeit in subjects with neurodegenerative diseases. One way that it works is by increasing choline levels in the brain (unlike some other similar nootropics that deplete them). It’s also theorized to increase BDNF levels, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which influence new neuron and synapse production.

    There are other things as well, which you can read about in our in-depth noopept article, but this is the one “long-term” ingredient that you may not feel, but many nootropic fans prefer not to go without!

    Once again taking things to the max, StimMax uses the preferred entire daily dose all in one shot at 30mg. We’ve seen a couple of occasions where it’s higher, but normally it comes in 10mg doses.

  • Sceletium Tortuosum (25mg)

    Performax Sarah Allen

    Don’t settle for average weight loss. Use StimMax for long-lasting energy and MAXimum power workouts!

    Performax doesn’t really advertise it, but we love to talk about how their products put us into a top-shelf mood. Sceletium tortuosum, also known as Kanna, is also found in their nootropic supplement NootropiMax, and for good reason: It functions as a selective PDE-4 inhibitor, which increases cAMP, thus leading to increased energy.[9] The study citing this information showed positive changes in mood and sleep as well.

    Meanwhile, another study showed improved coping with stress and sleep.[10]

    So while there may be an energy boost, it’s more likely here for the improved mood activity. Because nobody wants to be moody while on their favorite stimulants!

    Performax Labs advertises that this is standardized to NLT 0.5% alkaloids and 0.2% mesembrine.

  • Huperzine A (200mcg)

    Finally, StimMax also includes the potent nootropic Huperzine A to prolong the enhanced focus you’ll get from the acetylcholine production generated by the choline bitartrate discussed above. And once again, they do it in a serious dose!

    Huperzine inhibits acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that degrades acetylcholine.[11] Pairing it alongside choline bitartrate (or any other choline source) makes for an acetylcholine inducing tag-team that can’t be beat. Expect some loooong lasting focus here, stim-folks!

    Huperzine also offers neuroprotective and neurogenerative (creates brain cells) benefits on top of its acetylcholinesterase-inhibiting qualities.[12,13]

On the Formula

“StimMax is being created to offer a solid option to all the high stim users. While HyperMax is a complete pre workout there is a crowd of users that want the strongest stim product available, and with [other stimulants] being removed from the market, we wanted to be able to provide these users with a competitive option.

Users can expect extreme energy, nootropic-based focus and great mood enhancement. While the product will be extremely strong it will also be very clean and enjoyable with limited side effects, such as jitters or cold sweats!”

— Performax Labs HQ

Flavors Available

StimMax will be available in Raspberry Lemonade to launch and will soon be followed with a Strawberry Kiwi flavor.

Performax Labs isn’t known for the best flavors in town, and with this kind of stim profile, we’re not expecting it to get perfect 10s in this department… and quite honestly, we don’t care one bit. As long as we can get this stuff down and don’t not look forward to drinking it, we can almost guarantee we’re going to love it til the very end.


Needless to say, it’s best if you use a food scale with this one, and start with half of a scoop. As mentioned above, don’t mix with any other stimulant-containing products or beverages!

Need to Get Stimmed to the Max? Full Scoop It!

Performax Labs

Click the image to see all of Performax Labs’ well-formulated products. This is a brand with brains, and that’s why we love them.

Make no mistake when everyone tries StimMax, it’s going to cause quite the ruckus. A potent combination of hard-hitting stimulants and well-dosed nootropics makes StimMax one energy and focus pre workout that will be “must see TV.”

Now that we know the whole formula, we can agree that Performax Labs wasn’t bluffing with this product, and they sure as shit didn’t let a good name like “StimMax” go to waste!

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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