OTech Labs Trigger: Shawn Rhoden’s Pre Workout Explains His Laser Focus

OTech Labs Flexatron Shawn Rhoden

The NEW Mr. Olympia – Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden

Not long ago, Shawn Rhoden stepped off the stage in Las Vegas with his first ever Mr. Olympia title. Following up on his 2018 Mr. Olympia win, Shawn and long-time bodybuilding coach, Chris Aceto, are starting a supplement company – Otech Labs.

The first product Otech Labs plans to release is a pre-workout powder called Trigger. Otech Labs Trigger aims to increase focus, energy, and intensity during workouts. Not only does Trigger hit the target in those areas, but also includes plenty of pump enhancers to make this a well-rounded pre-workout supplement.

Shawn Rhoden’s Pre-Workout: Otech Labs Trigger – What’s inside?

Otech Labs Trigger Ingredients

DMHA and Noopept? No wonder Rhoden was so laser-focused at the 2018 Mr. Olympia!

Otech Labs Trigger has a total of fourteen total ingredients in a fully transparent label – including 120mg of DMHA, which is impressive given his celebrity status and many others getting away from the popular stimulant.

On the ingredient listing the first two ingredients, 3g of Beta-alanine and 2.5g of creatine, aim to delay fatigue, improve performance, and enhance endurance and strength. To improve recovery and hydration, Trigger also includes 1.5g of the amino acid Taurine, which we’ve always been fans of, especially thanks to new data showing immediate endurance benefits. Additionally, 3g of L-Citrulline, 500mg of L-Arginine, and 100mg of L-Norvaline are included as nitric oxide enhancers to improve pump and delay lactic acid build up. The last pump ingredient added to the formula is 500mg of agmatine. Agmatine prolongs nitric oxide’s effects in the body, leading to longer lasting pumps.

A celebrity formula with DMHA and Noopept!

On the energy side of the formula, Trigger includes a whopping 350mg of caffeine alongside the 120mg of DMHA – the real DMHA as in 2-amino-6-methylheptane! This large dose of stimulant is enhanced with 200mg Glucuronolactone. Glucuronolactone is a rare ingredient used by supplement companies but common in energy drinks. It’s been shown to provide a synergistic effect with caffeine to enhance memory, concentration, and reaction time.

OTech Labs Trigger

DMHA anyone?

Assisting the already strong pre-workout is 20mg Noopept and 500mg of L-Tyrosine. The inclusions of 50mg Theobromine and 125mg of Dynamine ensure energy levels will be sustained and propelled by the pre-workout. By smoothing out the caffeine half-life, energy crashes during a workout will be prevented.

The DMHA + Noopept combination is a solid one, and one of the larger brands that pioneered it was Blackstone Labs in their Dust series, although their current option, Dust X, does not have noopept, so Otech Trigger is bringing something aggressive here.

If you’re a big fan of Shawn Rhoden or his coach, Chris Aceto, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the lookout for future products from their brand. Trigger launched in two flavors – Passion Punch and Classic Iced Tea. Stay tuned for future PricePlow’s Pre Workout Supplements alerts for discounts, savings, and coupons!

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OTech Labs Trigger Scoop

“Heightened” Workout Focus and Intensity

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