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Nutrex Research as been around since 2002, they continue to put out innovative and effective products!

Nutrex Research has been steadily growing since they started in 2002. Their main focus has always been to create high quality, innovative products, fueled by scientifically backed ingredients, with superior taste. In past years, they’ve come out with several supplements that really impressed the whole PricePlow team, such as Vitadapt, IsoFit, OutLift, the award-winning Nutrex Plant Protein, and of course, the entire Lipo-6 line.

On top of that, several of Nutrex’s supplements (in the Clinical Edge Series) are Informed Choice/Sport certified and banned substance free for drug-tested athletes! This shows how dedicated they are at producing the highest quality supplements that are safe and effective.

What’s next? Big things have been hinted this year, but they also snuck this interesting product out:

Introducing Lipo 6 Nighttime: A Fat Burner and a Sleep Aid

Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Nighttime UC

Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Nighttime UC joins the Lipo-6 series!

It doesn’t seem like Nutrex is going to relinquish their domination of the fat burner market with the Lipo-6 product line! The series is very robust, however Nutrex found another gap to fill: a fat burner that can be used at night! Therefore, they decided to expand the series by creating a comprehensive fat burner and sleep aid called Lipo-6 Black Nighttime Ultra Concentrate!

There are very few well-formulated fat burners that can also serve as a sleep aid. Even though getting enough high quality sleep is always important, it’s especially crucial when dieting. Being in a calorie deficit and exercising more can place a lot of stress on your body, thus sleep is essential for recovery, lowering stress levels, and can even help prevent hunger cravings. If sleep is low and cortisol is high, fat burning will slow significantly.

Despite being told multiple times that we should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep, that can be extremely difficult with most people’s busy lifestyles. Even if you have the time to sleep that long, you may struggle with falling or staying asleep, therefore having a supplement to help you burn fat and get a good night’s rest can be game changing!

In this post, we’re going to analyze Lipo-6 Black Nighttime’s formula, to see what makes it so effective! As always, make sure you’re sign-up to Nutrex Research news and deal alerts, to stay up to date with a true leader in the industry!

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Lipo 6 Black Nighttime UC Ingredient Profile

Lipo-6 Black Nighttime Supplement Facts

A blend of several ingredients that help you burn fat and get better sleep!

Although several fat burners on the market rely on high doses of stimulants to boost your energy, help burn fat, and suppress appetite, that’s definitely not going to be the case with a nighttime formula! However, it does feature several ingredients that promote fat loss and help you sleep great!

It’s important to note, fat burners only support weight loss when you’re following a sound nutrition and training program! So don’t expect magic results, but it can speed up the weight loss process, allowing you to reach your goals faster!

With Lipo-6 Black Nighttime UC, all you need is one pill. Nutrex recommends taking it daily, ~30 minutes before bed for optimal results. Therefore, with one bottle you’re receiving a 30-day supply at a very affordable price!

The majority of products in the Lipo-6 series are proprietary blends, so unfortunately we don’t know exact doses of each ingredient. With all that said, let’s see what one capsule of Lipo 6 Black Nighttime UC will deliver to aid fat loss and promote sleep!

Nighttime Weight Loss & Sleep Support Complex – 552 mg

  • Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) (from Green Tea Leaf extract)

    Green tea extract supplementation offers a wide variety of benefits, because it’s rich in polyphenols and catechins.[1] Researchers attribute the majority of green tea’s positive effects to its catechin content, specifically Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).[1,2] Therefore, it’s great to see that compound specifically listed on the label, because that’s the main one you should be looking for!

    Green tea has been shown to be neuroprotective, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiangiogenic, and may be able to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.[1] In regards to weight loss, EGCG promotes fat burning by increasing metabolic rate, thermogenesis, and lipid oxidation.[2] This allows you to burn more calories at rest, so you can lose weight faster!

  • Raspberry Ketones

    Raspberry ketones are commonly used in the food industry for flavoring, however it’s also a very popular supplement that was slightly over-hyped when it was first introduced to the industry. However, raspberry ketones do show some benefits and there’s a reason why the media puts them on a pedestal!

    Nutrex Lipo-6 On the Go

    Bring your snack on the go and keep that appetite down just that much longer!

    Preliminary studies suggest raspberry ketones may enhance fatty acid oxidation, adiponectin secretion, and suppress lipid accumulation.[3] In other words, this means more fat burning and less fat storage! Unfortunately, to get very beneficial effects, it’s believed you’d need large doses (perhaps in the “gram ranges”).

    Further research has found raspberry ketones can downregulate specific transcription factors involved in adipogenesis, which is fat cell growth.[3] Although, the early studies seem promising, there still needs to be more clinical trials to tease out raspberry ketones’ mechanism of action.

  • L-Theanine

    The first two ingredients were included to help burn fat, now let’s look at one that can help you relax and reduce anxiety!

    L-Theanine is a common addition to high-stim pre workouts because it can ease the side effects commonly seen with large amounts of caffeine. L-theanine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in tea leaves, specifically the Camellia sinensis species.[4] Research shows L-Theanine can cross the blood-brain barrier, where its able to transfer amino acids, such as tryptophan and and tyrosine to the brain.[4]

    Therefore, L-Theanine is able to indirectly increase secretion of two neurotransmitters involved in relaxation and overall feelings of well-being, serotonin and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA).[4] This is how L-Theanine is able to promote relaxation and decrease anxiety, which is exactly what you need before sleep!

  • Coleus forskohlii Root Extract (std. to 20% Forskolin)

    Coleus forskohlii, also known as Indian Coleus, is a plant that’s traditionally been used to treat various disorders involving several systems of the human body, such as nervous, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and respiratory.[5] However, researchers quickly gained interest in this herbal plant when they started to see its positive effect on obesity.[5,6]

    A good amount of studies show coleus forskolin is able to increase lipolysis via its unique ability to activate adenylate cyclase, which results in elevated cAMP levels![7-9] Typically only stimulants are able to do this, however this is a nighttime formula, thus Nutrex found another way to achieve the same effect! Other studies show coleus can positively affect thyroid function,[10] which is a crucial gland involved in metabolism. Overall, this is a very beneficial ingredient to increase fat burning and give you faster results!

  • Rutaecarpine

    Possibly the most interesting chart you’ll see today. Rutaecarpine helps rats tear through caffeine![11]

    Rutaecarpine, also known as Evodia rutaecarpa, is a medicinal Chinese herb used to treat several medical conditions, including abdominal pain, headache, postpartum hemorrhaging, gastrointestinal disorders, and amenorrhea.[12,13] It’s also been shown to possess a wide variety of pharmacological effects that offer cardioprotective benefits.[12,13]So what’s it doing in a sleep-aid/fat burner supplement? Well, rutaecarpine is also able to increase the body’s rate of caffeine metabolism![11] Most people drink caffeine throughout the day or may sip on beverages that contain a small amount of caffeine and fail to realize it. Caffeine has a fairly long half life, meaning it can be in your system for several hours. Therefore, rutaecarpine is here to help your body metabolize the caffeine quicker so you can fall asleep sooner!

  • Saffron Stigma Extract (Crocus sativus) (std. to 2% Safranal)

    Another ingredient that’s great for reducing stress and anxiety is saffron stigma extract. It’s well-known that excess stress can prevent your body from burning fat and reaching your desired body composition. Along with daily life stressors, dieting adds a whole nother level on top of everything you already have going on. Therefore, finding ways to manage stress is key — not only for weight loss, but also for overall health!

    Lipo-6 Black Nighttime One Pill

    Lipo-6 Black Nighttime only requires one pill taken about 30 minutes before sleep!

    A solid appetite suppressant!

    Saffron is here to help ease your stress and anxiety, but also curb your hunger cravings and function as an appetite suppressant! By containing a rich amount of crocin, a bioactive compound, saffron can increase satiety, thus helping you beat those late night tendencies to reach for a snack.[14]

    Furthermore, studies show saffron can decrease symptoms related to stress and anxiety.[15] Safranal is another major constituent to saffron, it’s been found to have antianxiety, antidepressant, and anticonvulsant effects.[16] In summary, you’re getting the best of both worlds from this ingredient!

  • 5-HTP (L-5 hydroxytryptophan)

    5-HTP is an amino acid that’s naturally found in the body as a by-product of L-tryptophan metabolism. It can also be extracted from the seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia, a plant native to Africa, for supplementation. 5-HTP is known for its capability to upregulate serotonin production within the brain. As mentioned earlier, serotonin is a neurotransmitter and contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness. It’s also involved in the regulation of appetite, sleep, anxiety, temperature, and depression.[17]

    Tryptophan 5-HTP Serotonin Pathway

    The Tryptophan 5-HTP Serotonin Pathway. Don’t have enough tryptophan around because of weak diet? Get more here.. or consider supplementing 5-HTP and B-6 may help

    5-HTP supplementation has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including binge eating linked to obesity, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, and insomnia.[17] Thus, sufficient serotonin levels will help calm you, reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and keep your appetite in check. Dieting can cause serotonin levels to reduce significantly, which will lead to increased risk of binge eating and relentless cravings. Therefore, it’s important to be proactive, and using Lipo-6 Black Nighttime UC will help prevent that from occurring!

  • Melatonin

    What is a sleep-aid without some melatonin added in?

    It’s typically the first supplement people try when they have trouble sleeping and for a great reason — it simply works! Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the body that plays a crucial role in regulating our circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle).

    Melatonin supplementation has been shown to help you fall asleep faster and enhances sleep quality.[18,19] Needless to say, this is one of the best ingredients available to make sure you have a restful night of sleep. The importance of sleep can not be overstated.

Vitamins and Minerals

Chromium Picolinate

Regardless of what you think of this fat burner, you gotta agree that chromium has some of the coolest-looking 3D molecules. Image courtesy Wikimedia

In addition to the Nighttime weight loss & sleep support complex, Lipo 6 Black Nighttime also includes few key vitamins/minerals, which consists of 200mcg of Chromium (Chromium Picolinate), 100mcg of Selenium, and 10 mg of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl). Selenium is a trace mineral that’s important for thyroid function and also acts as a potent antioxidant.[20] Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin involved in several roles throughout the body, including synthesis of neurotransmitters, immune function, hemoglobin formation, and gluconeogenesis.[21]

While each vitamin and mineral plays a notable role within the body, the main star of the show here is Chromium Picolinate!

The Power of Chromium for Insulin Sensitivity!

Chromium is a trace mineral that’s shown to enhance the action of insulin,[22] which will significantly affect the way your body metabolizes various energy substrates like carbs and fats. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, when you ingest carbohydrates, it gets secreted in order to tell your cells to uptake the glucose. This results in lowering your blood sugar back to a more normal level.

However, obesity almost always causes insulin resistance, meaning your cells stop responding to insulin. This can lead to major issues, such as the development of diabetes. Studies show chromium can improve glucose tolerance,[22] therefore leading to better blood sugar control, energy levels, and less fat storage!

Not only does Nutrex provide several effective ingredients for fat burning and promoting sleep, they also made sure to give you a few key vitamins and minerals!

Built to Stack!

Lipo-6 Black UC and Gel

Create an epic stack by adding in Lipo-6 Black UC and Gel with Lipo-6 Black Nighttime!

Lipo 6 Black Nighttime was designed to promote deeper sleep and increase calorie expenditure at night. This will leave you feeling more refreshed, and ready to tackle early morning cardio sessions, tough workouts, and everything else that the day wants to throw your way.

Although Lipo-6 Black Nighttime works great on its own, in order to really maximize results, Nutrex highly recommends stacking it with Lipo 6 Black UC (during the day, of course)! This is their potent stimulant based fat burner, so it’s perfect to take in the morning, then you can also take Lipo-6 Nighttime 30 minutes before sleep! Stacking the two on the same day is a great way to ensure you’re maximizing fat burning all day and all night!

If you want more info on Lipo-6 Black UC, check out the video below!

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Nutrex Research Lipo 6 Black Nighttime UC: Dreams Do Come True!

Lipo-6 Black Nighttime Dreams

Lipo-6 Black Nighttime: Dreams can come true!

It’s no surprise Nutrex Research has dominated the weight loss supplement space with their comprehensive line of products. Ever since Nutrex started, Lipo-6 quickly gained popularity and even today, is still one of their best sellers. Adding Lipo 6 Black Nighttime shows Nutrex is always looking for ways to offer more options and tackle fat loss from every angle. Nutrex has been a trusted brand for nearly 20 years, and they continue to develop a wide-array of effective products. They want to equip you with supplements that can help reach your goals faster, because they’re all about results and putting the customer first.

Nutrex Research is not slowing down, they have some very exciting things on the way, and we can’t wait to share! As always, they plan to expand their line of supplements even further by adding new products and flavors, which is great to see from such a massive leader in the industry. PricePlow will be the first to tell you everything that Nutrex has coming, and give you exclusive deals and reviews, so make sure to subscribe!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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