Nutrex IsoFit: Whey Protein Isolate That Tastes Like a Cheat

Nutrex IsoFit

Nutrex IsoFit brings whey protein isolate to a new level with some MCT oil creamer, agave inulin… and an incredible bananas foster flavor!

Nutrex Research has made a name for themselves through their very popular line of Lipo-6 fat loss products as well as the Outlift pre workout series. Long before they introduced the naturally-sweetened Nutrex Plant Protein, last year, we missed their introduction of IsoFit, with the brand is looking to make the same impact in the arena of whey protein isolate (WPI) powders. But after it landed on our Top 5 Whey Protein Isolates list, it was time to dig a bit deeper.

Nutrex makes the bold statement: “We have the best-tasting and highest quality whey isolate you can find!” Strong words, does IsoFit stand up to them?

IsoFit: A part of your daily protein goals

No matter what your fitness goals are, adequate protein intake is crucial. In a bulking phase, protein provides the building blocks, amino acids, needed to add slabs of lean mass. For those looking to shed body fat, protein should still remain a priority, as it will help preserve the muscle you already have. Especially important while in a caloric deficit! Low carb or low fat, one thing remains the same: high protein! And whey protein provides a highly bioavailable source of amino acids the body needs to build and preserve muscle!

When shopping for a whey protein supplement, there are many variations available – concentrates, hydrosolates, protein blends – to name a few. So what makes WPI different, and what makes IsoFit different from other WPIs? We answer those questions, but first, check out our IsoFit deals/coupons, and sign up for our Nutrex alerts to stay on top of our giveaways and deals:

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Nutrex IsoFit Ingredients / Macronutrient Panel

Achieving a lean physique often requires some sort of awareness about your caloric intake. Knowing exactly how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats you are ingesting is of utmost importance, especially when really dialing things in to create or preserve a lean physique.

Nutrex IsoFit Ingredients

The extra carb and gram of fat are worth it, thanks to the texture added!

The additional processing required to make whey protein isolate means that it has less fat and carbohydrate content than most other whey proteins! At 125 calories, IsoFit contains only 1.5g of fat and 2g or carbohydrates per serving – and one of those carbs is fiber!

But I’ve seen isolates with even fewer fat and carbs….

Remember the statement: “We have the best-tasting and highest quality whey isolate you can find!”? This is where Nutrex differentiates from other WPI products on the market. Yes, there is a gram or two each of fats and carbohydrates, but these ingredients have their own benefits.

Added MCT Oil Powder

The added fat in IsoFit comes from medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) powder. The benefit of this ingredient is two-fold. First, it acts as a sort of “creamer”, making the texture of IsoFit slightly thicker than other WPI’s, yet very smooth. Second, MCTs are known for numerous health benefits such as increased energy and endurance, helping manage weight loss, as well as lowered cholesterol and blood sugar levels. While this probably isn’t a large enough dose to bring a full spectrum of benefits of MCT, the point is that it’s a far healthier “creamer” option than most other oils used in competing products.

Of the 2g of carbohydrates per serving of IsoFit, 1g of that is fiber, and less than 1g is sugar! The fiber is provided by organic Agave inulin, a natural sweetener and thickening agent. This helps greatly with taste and works together with the MCT to create a milkshake-like consistency.

Whey Protein Isolate: A more pure form of whey protein

IsoFit is the perfect high protein shake with high quality whey protein isolate and unmatched gourmet flavors! Pictured: Nutrex Athlete Alessandra Batista

But most importantly, let’s look at how whey protein powder supplements are made. In pasteurized whey, non-protein constituents that are relatively easy to get rid of are removed. This process yields whey protein concentrate (WPC), which you’ve likely heard of before. WPC’s protein content can range anywhere between 20% to 80% of pure protein,[1] with most quality products on the market today falling near the high range. The small amount of remaining ingredients are fats and carbohydrates. This is why WPCs usually taste better than WPI; fat and carbs equal flavor!

To create the “cleaner” product that is whey protein isolate (WPI), whey concentrate is processed even further. Once nearly all the fats and carbs have been removed, what is left is WPI, which contains somewhere around 90% protein by weight![2] Without those excess fats and carbohydrates, WPI contains more protein than an equivalent serving of WPC, with less calories. Ultimately, that leads you to over 12g EAAs (essential amino acids – your body must get them through diet) and 6g BCAAs (branched chain amino acids).

Unfortunately, the filtration into whey isolate usually comes at a cost in taste, but not with IsoFit. Before we dive in to how Nutrex has solved the flavor problem, let’s talk about more of the benefits of IsoFit.

Fast Digesting

Whey protein isolate digests faster than other proteins, likely due to its lack of all of the “other stuff” other protein powders contain. Having a quick-digesting protein can be widely beneficial, especially when looking to refuel your muscles as fast as possible post-exercise. After weight training or intense cardio, the muscles are virtual sponges, looking to soak up the protein needed to repair and rebuild a quickly as possible. (Worth noting in this blend, however, is that there is some sodium caseinate in the MCT creamer, so it’s not entirely casein-free).

Virtually Sugar and Lactose free!

Nutrex IsoFit Benefits

Nutrex IsoFit’s Benefits

If you’re at all familiar with dairy products, you’ve likely seen lactose before. This sugar is native to milk products, is made up of glucose and galactose,[3] and is ultimately broken down by the digestive enzyme lactase.

Some people have issues with lactose, particularly because their body struggles making enough lactase to break it down. Without this key enzyme, consuming lactose often leads to things like stomach pain, cramps, and bloating, This condition can obviously be detrimental to the fitness goals of those affected. Who wants to work out in between frequent trips to the restroom?

WPI contains as little as 1% lactose, whereas WPC is about 4% of lactose by weight.[4] With less lactose, WPI is less likely to cause the type of discomfort often linked to dairy products. Not only that, but less sugar alludes to another advantage of using a high-quality WPI like IsoFit!

The extras and sweeteners

The label is then rounded out by small amounts of the flavoring system, salt, a blend of both xanthan and guar gums, and finally sucralose and acesulfame-K for the sweeteners.

What about taste?

Although they are the “cleanest” of whey proteins, most isolates are severely lacking in the flavor department. This is where IsoFit differs — it’s one of the best-tasting WPI powders on the market! “Bananas Foster” made Mike’s Top 5 Isolates list, and “Chocolate Shake” got an honorable mention. It is also available in a fantastic “Peanut Butter Toffee” and “Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.”

Nutrex IsoFit Bananas Foster

IsoFit’s Bananas Foster is our top-rated banana flavored protein!

The full list of flavors (and PricePlow’s prices for them) are below:

    An interesting take on sweetening, using agave inulin

    Whey protein concentrates tend to taste better than isolates due to their higher amounts of fat and carbs (sugars). Most WPIs are sweetened with high amounts of sucralose, which has the potential to leave some consumers with an odd taste in their mouth (literally), or in some cases, with an upset stomach. IsoFit is different. Although it does contain some sucralose, the main sweetener is the aforementioned Agave inulin, which gives all the flavors a more “natural” taste.

    Nutrex Volu-Gro

    Want the most insane post workout shake? Mix some Nutrex Volu-Gro with Vanilla Bean IsoFit!

    Conclusion- Nutrex IsoFit offers all the benefits of whey isolate, and tastes great doing it!

    It’s no secret that whey isolates offer numerous benefits to those looking to build or maintain a lean physique. But Nutrex has hit it out of the park by offering an isolate product that gives you those benefits, while tasting like a cheat meal and not using dirty oils. The flavors are “just sweet enough” and don’t leave an artificial aftertaste, while the unique combination of powdered MCT and organic Agave inulin give the shakes a thick and creamy milkshake texture. Whether prepping for the stage, working towards your beach body, or looking for a protein packed “dessert” option, IsoFit has you covered.

    Ready for the ultimate shake? Get that Vanilla Bean flavor ready…

    Now why did we cover this protein so long after it launched? Because Nutrex just quietly re-launched a new post-workout supplement — Volu-Gro — that tastes phenomenal when mixed with the Vanilla Bean flavor here. Sign up for our Nutrex Research news alerts to learn more about that and their other products next:

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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