Nutrabolics Supernova – High Powered Pre Workout

Supernova is a brand new pre workout from Nutrabolics that offers an interesting blend of stims including high doses of dendrobium and theobromine.

Supernova is a brand new pre workout from Nutrabolics that offers an interesting blend of stims including high doses of dendrobium and theobromine.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away pre workouts were little more than caffeine and some frivolous amino acids like arginine which really didn’t do a ton for nitric oxide production.

In the present day, pre workouts have skyrocketed both in terms of science, diversity, and popularity. There are pre workouts for every person’s fancy: pumps, energy, focus, or endurance.

Nutrabolics is looking to launch your workout into another galaxy entirely with the release of their new pre workout Supernova. It uses a unique blend of four different stimulants to get you amped up and ready to take your workout from critical to nuclear!

Key Points

  • 200mg Caffeine
  • Creatine-Free
  • 6g Citrulline Malate
  • High-Dose Dendrobium, Theobromine, and Huperzine

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Supernova Ingredients

Supernova boasts a completely open label and contains a diverse array of stimulants and ergogenics to turbocharge your performance and have you setting PRs each workout:

  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 (6g)

    Nutrabolics Supernova Ingredients

    Supernova contains a unique blend of stimulants and cognitive enhancers that should make for one intensely focus-driven workout.

    To get your body primed for liftoff, you need to get your blood pumping and nitric oxide levels rising. There’s not a more potent N.O. booster on the market than citrulline malate. It’s been proven to be more effective, and more bioavailable, than other N.O. boosters like arginine.[1]

    Citrulline malate increases nitric oxide production in the body, which improves vasodilation, blood flow, and most of all PUMPS!

    That’s not all though, citrulline malate also acts as an intracellular buffer in the body. This leads to better endurance and overall ATP production in the body, resulting in greater “staying power” during your workout.[2,3,4]

  • Beta Alanine (1.6g)

    Beta alanine is a proven workout booster. This amino acid binds to histidine in the body and increases the amount of carnosine in skeletal muscle.[5]

    Increased carnosine in the muscles leads to greater lactic acid buffering in the body which will help to eliminate the burning sensation you get when doing higher volume workouts. The end result of this buffering leads to greater gains in strength, endurance, power, and muscle growth.[6,7,8]

    To see the full clinical effects, you’ll want to add another 1.6-2g of bulk beta alanine to get the generally recommended dose of 3.2g.

  • Betaine (1.5g)

    Betaine, a.k.a. trimethylglycine, is another great ingredient included in Supernova and has become extremely common in most new products hitting the market. A number of studies have proven betaine to improve power, endurance and muscle protein synthesis.[9,10,11].

    Further research also indicates betaine alleviates muscle soreness[12] and possibly bolster creatine production in the body.[13]

    Similar to beta alanine, you get about half of the clinical dosage of betaine (2.5g). So, you may want to also add some bulk betaine to this or consume the other half at some point later in the day (like your post workout shake).

  • Dendrobium (600mg)

    Nutrabolics cover model Jaclyn Swedberg knows where to turn for a high-powered pre workout.

    Nutrabolics cover model Jaclyn Swedberg knows where to turn for a high-powered pre workout.

    Dendrobium is an ingredient not found all that often in pre workouts. Dendrobium is a group of plants indigenous to Eastern Asia that has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    When DMAA was originally banned from pre workouts, Driven Sports (makers of Craze) touted Dendrobium as the heir apparent promising euphoria and tunnel vision focus. That ended in a sad saga of drama, as the product was adulterated with something that was definitely more than dendrobium — which damaged the ingredient’s new name.

    While dendrobium is no replacement for DMAA, it is a strong CNS stimulant and does contain various alkaloids shown to improve mood.[14,15]

    We’re happy to see dendrobium back in a few pre workouts, as it does feel good. It’s just not the crack that other companies were selling it as.

  • Theobromine (300mg)

    Theobromine comes from the cocoa plant and most often is referred to as caffeine’s “younger brother.” When consumed in high amounts, it lends a “feel-good” sensation, you’ll notice this if you eat a lot of dark chocolate.

    Much like caffeine, theobromine imparts a mild stimulatory effect on the body, but it’s smoother and more prolonged.[16]

    One thing worth noting here is the big dosage of theobromine. Typically, pre workouts usually contain 50-100mg of the compound. Here, Nutrabolics uses 300mg of theobromine standardized for 12%.

    Used in conjunction with the other stims included in Supernova, this will smooth out any harsh kick you might feel and give long-lasting, smooth energy.

    Theobromine Effects

    High-Dose Theobromine can dial up the “feels”[27]

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg)

    No energy supplement is complete without a solid dose of caffeine, and the dose included in Supernova is just right. It’s big enough to give you a strong hit of energy without over-stimulating you and giving you jitters or a big crash later on.

    The problem with most high-energy pre workouts is that they overload you on caffeine, which actually detracts from performance rather than improves it.[17,18]

    200mg will give you a perfect amount to see increased energy, heightened focus, and greater endurance with no real crash or anxiety.

  • Bitter Orange (100mg)

    Bitter Orange, a.k.a. Citrus Aurantium, is a plant that contains a variety of alkaloids that stimulate the Beta-2 and Beta-3 receptors in your body.[19,20] This signals the body to release stored triglycerides (lipolysis) into the bloodstream thereby enabling you to “burn fat as fuel.”

    Frequently, companies won’t disclose what they’re standardizing for, but Nutrabolics has stated they have standardized for 30% synephrine, yielding a reasonable 30mg synephrine, but we’re not sure about the other components.

  • Theanine (100mg)

    Supernova will get your internal engine running into overdrive for one killer workout.

    Supernova will get your internal engine running into overdrive for one killer workout.

    Get used to seeing the amino acid theanine in a lot of pre workouts that will be coming to market. With the recent dust up over picamilon, supplement companies will be employing theanine more frequently to replace potent nootropic.

    According to several studies, theanine boosts the cognitive focus effects of caffeine.[21] Furthermore, theanine helps alleviate anxiety, stress, and fatigue.[22,23]

    This is a good dose that will take the edge off the stimulants. Whereas 200mg is too much for this purpose, 50mg is not enough. Somewhere in the 75-100mg range should provide the calmed focus (sometimes even euphoric) without any sedation.

  • Huperzine (150mcg)

    The final ingredient in Supernova is a potent nootropic compound. Huperzine inhibits the enzyme responsible for the breakdown the acetylcholine, acetylcholinesterase.[24] This indirectly increases amounts of this all-too-important neurotransmitter by helping it stay active in your body longer.

    Huperzine also blocks against the glutamine, the “neuron death molecule”,[25] and potentially incites the creation of new brain cells, making it “neurogenerative.[26]

    This is a large, and definitely more expensive dose. We’re used to seeing 50-100mcg in products, but getting into 150mcg and higher is far more rare. Alongside the l-theanine and dendrobium, there’s going to be a very unique focus and feel component here – especially since it won’t be overwhelmed by too much caffeine.

    We definitely look forward to feeling how this blend works.

Flavors available

Each tub of Supernova contains 20 servings and comes in one of four flavors including: Iced Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Peach Mango, and Pineapple.


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Supernova is high energy pre workout catalyst intended for those who want to bring a nuclear intensity to their workouts and really dominate the weights. The inclusion of dendrobium is interesting, and frankly, we wish more pre workouts contained the ingredient. It’s going to be interesting with it next to theanine and high-dose Huperzine – will it all balance out? We think so.

If you’re a fan of medium-stim, focus-based products, or just looking for an interesting switch from your typical pre workout, Supernova delivers everything you would want plus a little extra. Make sure to check the widget below for the best deal as well as sign up for future alerts on price drops.

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