New Whey Class Action Lawsuit Filed

New Whey Lawsuit

New Whey is accused of misleading labeling with Multi-Pro Whey

This week, the fifth known protein spiking lawsuit was filed, and it sounds like two more are on the way shortly.

This time, a class action complaint was filed against New Whey Nurition, due to alleged misleading conduct on the labeling of their Multi-Pro Whey.

Download the PDF

The complaint is now publicly available. Our social media followers can download it below:


Lawsuit Bullet Points

New Whey Multi-Pro Lawsuit Ingredients

This is the label pulled from the class action PDF. The amino acid profile differs slightly from other labels found on the web, but not by much.

To the right, you can see the ingredient label as cited in the PDF (page 8). On this one, the manufacturer actually provides the amino acid profile on the label, which we haven’t seen in previous class action complaints.

  • A total of 22.555g of amino acids were found, compared to 24 expected on the label.
  • Of those 22.555g, 15.985g of bound amino acids were found, presumably from the whey protein and casein protein content.
  • 7.078g of free form amino acids were found, mostly consisting of glycine and alanine, as well as some taurine. Glycine and taurine are listed on the label, but alanine is not.
  • Levels of leucine, what we consider to be the most important amino acid, were on par with what’s on the label’s amino acid profile.
  • This was filed in Massachusetts, by Mirabella Law, on behalf of plaintiff Michael Daley. Other attorneys involved are once again Nick Suciu of Barbat, Mansour & Suciu PLLC, Jonathan Shub of Seeger Weiss LLP, and Tina Wolfson of Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC.

Note: Another issue some may have is that the front of the label mentions “Isolate Blend”, but it is clearly not an isolate, with whey protein concentrate being the first ingredient. This is not mentioned in the complaint, but is worth noticing when shopping.


As always, please remember that these are only allegations, and nothing has been proven until it is done in court.

Once again, we must question the chain of custody, and are curious as to how the plaintiffs can prove that these tubs were not tampered with.

Until then, stay tuned to updates on our amino acid spiking page’s lawsuit section.

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Mike Roberto

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