Pro Supps LAWSUIT – PS Whey Class Action Complaint

In today’s installment of the ever-growing amino acid protein spiking scandal, the latest strike of allegations has been served to ProSupps, due to purported misleading claims on PS Whey.

The court documents served are available to our social media followers:


Class Action Bullet Points

Pro Supps PS Whey Lawsuit

The PS Whey Ingredient Label. Glycine, taurine, and tryptophan are not shown on the label, but the accusers claim they are in the product.

  • The suit points out that the front of the product’s label states that it contains “100% pure whey protein”
  • The label does not contain additional free form amino acids.

    Update: We’ve been told that older versions of PS Whey *did* have free form amino acids listed on the label. However, the label cited in the PDF does not show that version.

  • 24g protein is expected, all from whey protein (due to no other amino acids listed on the label).
  • Exhibit A shows that 24.368g amino acids were found, but 17.598g were from bound amino acids (presumably whey protein), while 7.340g total free amino acids were found.
  • 6.770g glycine (free-form), and 0.570g trytophan (free-form) were found in the free form amino acid testing.
  • An additional 2.004g taurine was found, not included in the “total amino acids” calculations above.
  • This notice was served in California, and is once again fronted by Nick Suciu of Barbat, Mansour, & Suciu PLLC. The plaintiff is Julian Mena, who is also represented by Jonathan Shub of Seeger Weiss LLP and Tina Wolfson of Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC.

Open questions regarding the different label versions

There are still some questions in the air here, regarding the different label versions of this product. We are not sure which product was tested, nor are we sure what is really out there at most retailers now.

It seems that ProSupps changed the label, and may have reformulated, but this complaint cites the newer label with no added free form aminos.


Remember, these are just allegations, and nothing is proven true until done so in a court of law.

As we mention in every post, we have still seen no documentation regarding the chain of custody, proving that this tub was not tampered between ProSupps and the lab.

You can stay tuned to updates on our amino acid spiking page’s lawsuit section, there are more lawsuits to be served.

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Mike Roberto

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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