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BEWARE: Antinobotan Solution is Spamming (and Scamming?) The Web

Antinobotan Solution

Warning: On September 22, 2017, our YouTube channel began receiving absurd amounts of comment spam asking about something known as Antinobotan Solution.

These comments are clearly fraudulent and have been made using fake Google accounts with no other activity. […]

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Nitrocut Attempts to Censor Negative Ingredient Analysis on

Nitrocut is heralded as the place to go for high quality, in-depth, brutally honest supplement reviews.

Nitrocut recently tried to censor a negative analysis of their product on SupplementReviews, and things didn’t go so well for them! Image courtesy[…]

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Body Fortress LAWSUIT: Amino Acid Spiking Class Action UPDATED

It has begun: The Body Fortress Amino Acid Spiking Class Action Lawsuit!

Update November 2016: This was the first amino acid spiking case, and it’s ever-slowly progressing. Click here to read the November 2016 case updates. This article was originally posted on July 2, 2014.


Last month, […]

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Herbalife Slapped by FTC for Deceptive and Unfair Acts

Herbalife Fined

Herbalife has come face to face with the FTC after some rather shady marketing claims and business practices. But did they get off easy despite the large-sounding number?

There’s two organizations you just don’t screw with if you want to […]

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ReviewMeta Launched: Filter out Fake Reviews on Amazon

ReviewMeta Logo

ReviewMeta is a new service created by the brains behind SupplementReviews to help find honest reviews and scores of products on Amazon and

Reviews are a mess.

Thanks to sites like Amazon, the amount of products available nowadays is […]

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MusclePharm Deal Finally TERMINATED by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is Arnold protecting his legacy with this product line?

Breathe easy, Arnold fans. The nightmare is finally about over.

After years of his good name being dragged through the mud, Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally terminated his relationship with MusclePharm.

Arnold released a statement through his social media manager, […]

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CVS Lawsuit! CVS Whey Protein Accused of “Amino Spiking”

Updated March 16, 2016: This case was dismissed and then re-filed. A judge has dismissed CVS’ motion to dismiss the refiled case, and the case will move forward. Click here to skip to the 2016 update and read the judge’s […]

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Ubervita W700: The Amazon Scam of the Century

Ubervita W700

Ubervita’s W700 capsules are really popular on Amazon… but this product has been implicated in some serious fake review allegations. Does the product really work?

The Ubervita W700 fat burner caught our attention long ago because it’s been tearing up […]

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Soylent LAWSUIT: High Levels of Lead and Cadmium Found?

Soylent Lawsuit

We’ve heard of patent trolling… but Prop 65 trolling??

It’s been quite some time since we talked about Soylent, the awfully-named “meal replacement” created by silicon valley startup engineers, often sold to other silicon valley startup engineers.

We’ve been […]

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CytoSport Lawsuit! Muscle Milk Underdosing Protein?

CytoSport Lawsuit

Consumers have been working hard to avoid products that have been amino acid spiked or deceptively marketed, but on the flip side, lawyers seem to be rushing to the scene.

On January 23, 2015, a class action lawsuit was filed […]

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