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Scams on PricePlow

Nutrition Facts Scams Really Happen: Just Round & Multiply!

Nutritional Label Rounding Scam

“Supplement math”.

That’s the phrase we love to use when we see a label that’s just not adding up.

We find ourselves saying it when a label’s active ingredients cannot possibly add up to what the serving size states, an […]

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BEWARE: Antinobotan Solution is Spamming (and Scamming?) The Web

Antinobotan Solution

Warning: On September 22, 2017, our YouTube channel began receiving absurd amounts of comment spam asking about something known as Antinobotan Solution.

These comments are clearly fraudulent and have been made using fake Google accounts with no other activity. […]

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Body Fortress LAWSUIT: Amino Acid Spiking Class Action UPDATED

It has begun: The Body Fortress Amino Acid Spiking Class Action Lawsuit!

Update November 2016: This was the first amino acid spiking case, and it’s ever-slowly progressing. Click here to read the November 2016 case updates. This article was originally posted on July 2, 2014.


Last month, […]

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Duracap Labs Owners INDICTED on Steroid Charges (John Wesley Houser, Beny Mesika)

Duracap Labs

January 12, 2018 Update: New indictments have been handed down.[4]

John Wesley Houser and Beny Mesika, founders of Duracap Labs, were recently indicted by a federal grand jury on several counts relating to the sales and distribution of illegal steroids.[…]

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ReviewMeta Launched: Filter out Fake Reviews on Amazon

ReviewMeta Logo

ReviewMeta is a new service created by the brains behind SupplementReviews to help find honest reviews and scores of products on Amazon and Bodybuilding.com

Reviews are a mess.

Thanks to sites like Amazon, the amount of products available nowadays is […]

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BSN Amino-X Ingredients Questioned: Canadian Label Exposed

BSN Amino-X Ingredients

We take aim at BSN Amino-X over some “confusion” on the supplement facts panel.

When reading a label, you have to be extremely careful, as you’re going to see today.

Usually on the PricePlow blog we cover the newest products, […]

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CVS Lawsuit! CVS Whey Protein Accused of “Amino Spiking”

Updated March 16, 2016: This case was dismissed and then re-filed. A judge has dismissed CVS’ motion to dismiss the refiled case, and the case will move forward. Click here to skip to the 2016 update and read the judge’s […]

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MuscleTech Amino Acid Spiking Lawsuit Settlement URGENT: If you bought any of the MuscleTech, Six Star, EPIQ, or fuel:one protein powders listed below between March 10, 2011 and November 10, 2015, you are eligible for up to $300 of a $2.5 million class […]

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Picamilon Banned by FDA: More than Meets the Eye?

Picamilon FDA

UPDATE: We now have a copy of the FDA’s official declaration against Picamilon, and we have one last industry response to it. The imminent “ban” seems to be as good as done, regardless of the debate and discussion below.


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Performix Iridium Super Ti – The $229(!!) Test Booster

Performix debuts its new Iridium series with a testosterone booster called Super Ti, whose prices are out of this world – and not in the good way

Supplement companies releasing “graduate” or “advanced” lines of products is nothing new, but […]

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