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Beast Super Sauna Thermogenic Powder – Get Your Towel Ready!

Beast Super Sauna Sweat

Do you like working up a sweat when doing cardio or weight training? If so, then grab a towel and get ready to kick your perspiration system into high-gear, because this unique new supplement is just for you… and it […]

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Genius Sleep Aid: The “Smarter” Sleeping Pill

Genius Sleep Aid

Sleep aids are a category of supplements that aren’t discussed enough in the industry, but are some of the most important products to those who need some help. We’re on the go like crazy these days, with more information thrown […]

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Keto Supplements: Mike’s Ketosis Supplement Experiment

Keto Supplements

Keto Supplements like these are talk of the town – but will they really help keto dieters, and if so, how and when?

The keto diet has been exploding in popularity, which meant that the supplement industry would soon follow. […]

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DVST8 CRIMSON Pre Workout: Inspired Gets Streamlined

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Crimson

Inspired Nutraceuticals has released a follow up to their popular White Cut pre workout with a more streamlined economical version in DVST8 Crimson.

The pre workout landscape has taken a number of different forms over the years. Initially it was […]

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APS Chain’d Reaction – BCAAs and more!

APS Nutrition Chain'd Reaction

Chain’d Reaction use to be a carb supplement, but now since it joined the APS family, Chain’d Reaction is a well dosed BCAA product.

When Hi-Tech recently acquired it’s cavalcade of companies, two of the big names it brought together […]

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MusclePharm Deal Finally TERMINATED by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is Arnold protecting his legacy with this product line?

Breathe easy, Arnold fans. The nightmare is finally about over.

After years of his good name being dragged through the mud, Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally terminated his relationship with MusclePharm.

Arnold released a statement through his social media manager, […]

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MusclePharm Assault New Formula (2016): NO PUMPS?!

MusclePharm Assault 2016

Note: This post now talks about the new formula announced in March 2016. Click here to read about the previous (second generation) formula.

MusclePharm revealed a brand new version of their popular pre workout Assault at the recent Arnold Fitness […]

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360CUT 360Amino Energize: Aminos with Natural Energy

360Cut 360Amino Energize

360Amino Energize is an all natural energy amino drink with no artificial dyes from 360CUT.

Just when all of the “energy aminos” out there were starting to look the same… comes the all-natural option:

How many times have you been […]

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Best Sleep Aid Guide: Supplements, Ingredients, & Herbs

Best Sleep Aid

If you’re looking for the best sleep aid (in our opinions), then get ready for PowerDown Amino PM!

Insomnia is a wretched beast, affecting anywhere from ¼[1] to nearly ⅓[2] of the US Population.

Everyone has their tips on […]

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BPI Best Aminos – Energized Oligo-Aminos

BPI Best Aminos

BPI’s latest product combines BCAAs with an energy component, adding yet another entry into the Energy Aminos Category.

We weren’t kidding when we said that the Energy Aminos category of BCAA supplements was a hot trend in our Best BCAA […]

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