MTS Ruckus: Marc Lobliner’s New High-Stim Pre Workout

MTS Ruckus

Bring Da RUCKUS!

Marc “The Machine” Lobliner is certainly living up to his name.

He and MTS Nutrition have not showed any signs of slowing down their expansion as the calendar turns to fall.

The brand has recently announced a brand new addition to their ever-growing line of top quality products and this one is quite intriguing. The latest and greatest supplement from Lobliner and MTS Nutrition is a brand new pre workout supplement named MTS Ruckus.

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MTS Ruckus Ingredients

MTS Ruckus Ingredients

The MTS Ruckus Label

Now that the profile been released, we can indeed confirm that Ruckus is a high energy product intended for those who need some serious kick to get into the gym and wreak some havoc. Let’s see what Marc’s got in store:

  • Betaine Nitrate NO-3T® (1.5g)

    Ruckus gets rolling with an explosively incredible hybrid ingredient that combines the power boosting benefits of betaine with the nitric oxide spiking properties of nitrates. Typically in a pre workout, you will have these two ingredients as separate entities (betaine anhydrous and potassium nitrate for example).

    MTS Ruckus Marc Lobliner

    Lobliner wants you to get this pumped – and betaine nitrate can easily make that happen!

    But two separate ingredients isn’t good enough for Marc and MTS Nutrition. Betaine is a metabolite of choline that has experienced a surge in popularity in nearly all new pre workouts coming out. It increases power output, endurance, and even supports creatine production in the body while reducing muscular soreness.[1,2,3,4]

    Nitrates act as potent vasodilators in the body[5,6] which help to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to your muscles.[7] Additionally, nitrate supplementation lowers the body’s consumption of oxygen during intense exercise, which leads to increased athletic performance and improved energy efficiency.[8,9]

    Our take: This ingredient is beyond awesome. Very few products use it, and definitely not in this dose, but one of which was Dedicated Nutrition’s first version of Unstoppable, which was never available in the US but certainly lived up to its name. It had more serious pumps than any concentrate we ever tried. So we cannot wait to get this ingredient available to users.

  • L-Taurine (1g)

    Taurine is a non-essential amino acid and favorite of Lobliner who also includes it in MTS’ Vasky. It’s one of the most abundant amino acids in the body with large stores in the brain, muscles, and heart of the body.

    Taurine functions as a cell volumizer in skeletal muscles by pulling in water and nutrients into its muscle cells.[10] This should help to increase endurance and aid in some “water-based” pumps.

    You’ll also notice a little improvement in focus since such large amounts of taurine reside in the brain and some reduction in muscle soreness while exercising.[11,12]

    Overall good ingredient – Lobliner seems to love it more than most.

  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine (1g)

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) is the more bioavailable (and expensive) form of the focus-enhancing amino acid L-Tyrosine. It increases the production of noradrenaline and dopamine in the body, two big time neurotransmitters. This will help improve your overall mood and focus, in addition to reducing signs of anxiety and stress.[13,14]

    One thing we have to comment on is the dosage. This is a HUGE amount compared to nearly all other pre workouts that either include only a little bit of NALT (i.e. 250mg) or a decent amount (i.e. 500mg) of regular Tyrosine. This really should help you feel in the zone during your workouts almost to where you won’t want to get out of the gym.

  • Dicaffeine Malate (400mg)

    Dicaffeine Malate is the first of three stimulants providing the high energy kick in Ruckus. It’s a combination of caffeine anhydrous and malic acid that produces the same results as caffeine but doesn’t hit quite as harsh.[15]

    Additionally, the inclusion of malic acid helps to buffer some of the GI upset some will experience when traditionally taking large doses of caffeine in a short amount of time.

    Ruckus delivers 300mg of total caffeine in each scoop, but we have to wonder if this will really hit soon enough for you to “feel” it kick in. Typically, there is a combination of anhydrous and Infinergy when using this ingredient, see CL’s White Rapids or NutraBio’s PRE Extreme.

    We’ll have to wait and see what the feedback is from the community at large once this hits the market to gauge its energy kick. Our concern is that it is a bit too much of a “slow roller”, so time will tell.

  • elevATP® (150mg)

    MTS Ruckus

    Rob Engelman holds his beta testing packet of MTS Ruckus. “The energy from Ruckus comes on quickly and cleanly with no jitters whatsoever. “This is a pre workout that I recommend and I’d advise you to get yours quickly when it first arrives!!”

    elevATP® is a patented, proprietary combination of a water extract of “ancient peat” (fossilized plants) and apple extract created by FutureCeuticals. It increases ATP production in the body, helping to increase energy without the inclusion of stimulants.

    One study on elevATP® found that 150mg dose of increased “intracellular ATP in  blood cells”[16] which just so happens to be the exact dosage included in Ruckus. While we haven’t tried any products with this ingredient as of yet, we are huge fans of the 200-400mg of Peak ATP in other products. Hopefully this compound functions similarly.

  • N-Methyltyramine HCl (50mg)

    N-Methyltyramine (NMT) acts as a mild beta-2 agonist in the body. Beta agonists stimulate the “flight or fight” response that provides a mild boost in adrenaline and also utilizes fatty acids for energy. Studies show that NMT is approximately 1/140th as potent as adrenaline, which will help to increase the initial energy hit in Ruckus.[17]

  • Hordenine HCl (50mg)

    Our third stimulant, and final ingredient is the Citrus Aurantium constituent, Hordenine. Much like NMT, Hordenine is a beta-2 adrenergic agonist, which boosts the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline.[18] This will raise both heart rate and breathing rate during your workout.

    Hordenine also functions as a noradrenaline reuptake modulator[19,20], ensuring noradrenaline hangs around your system longer. The end result in increased, and longer lasting, focus, energy, and alertness.

One thing we don’t want…

One thing’s for sure: we’re glad it doesn’t contain the potentially cancerous arecoline / betel nut extract, an ingredient in Kai Greene’s new pre workout (Savage Roar) that Tiger Fitness is going to be selling.

What about MTS Clash?

The brand already does have a relatively potent pre with MTS Clash, and we’re almost positive it will be sticking around, since they’ve been adding flavors and it shows no sign of slowdown.

If you want to support MTS and the Machine, you can grab a tub below or click on the Clash link above – PricePlow has the best prices you’ll find anywhere thanks to our supplement coupons:

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Flavors Available

When Ruckus launches later next week, it will come in five different flavors:

  • Green Apple
  • Fruit Punch
  • Grape
  • Lemon Lime
  • Blue Raz


The man who brought you the legendary MTS Whey has upgraded his pre workout game in a big way!

MTS Ruckus boasts an impressive profile of ingredients that should deliver everything you need for long lasting energy in your workout. There’s no question that we’re salivating over getting the betaine nitrate pumps back. That alone is going to make this worth a try for anyone who hasn’t had this.

But we do have to wonder whether or not the use of 100% dicaffeine malate will provide enough hard hitting energy to get you going though.

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