ETHIX: Where Efficacy, Transparency, Honesty & Innovation Cross – New Brand from NutraBio!

NutraBio ETHIX

Powered by the team at NutraBio, ETHIX is a completely new brand that really stands for something!

After a monstrous first half of 2019, where NutraBio launched a new supplement or flavor every Friday for six months (see our NutraBio News Feed to see), Mark Glazier and his team are preparing to let loose the other project they’ve been working on: a new brand, with a whole new look!

Introducing ETHIX

Imagine the brains and morality behind NutraBio, coupled with a young and edgy new look that’s unafraid to use more hot and innovative ingredients. That’s what we’re imagining from the brand’s latest creation, ETHIX. ETHIX is actually a clever acronym:

Where Efficacy, Transparency, Honesty, and Innovation Cross

Before getting into the details, you can sign up for our Ethix news alerts below, but note one thing: this is a retail store only brand, so we’ll have some news about their products, but you’ll have to go to the store to pick them up!

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Mark Glazier

What’s coming from ETHIX?

Mark Glazier told me that twelve products are initially slated, but the first three will be the following:

  • Pre Workout Supplement

    This will primarily be an energy-based pre workout supplement, where the stimulant-free pump supplement will come separate. This allows users to tweak their combinations, so that they can add more pump for things such as arm days, but perhaps less pumps for leg days or when doing cardio or calisthenics-style workouts.

    This is a deviation from the “all-in-one every day builder” NutraBio PRE that they’re so well-known for.

  • Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Supplement

    As discussed above, the stims and pumps are split, and this will be the pump side of things. Word is, there will be a new ingredient in here that’s never been used in a pump supplement before!

  • Thermogenic Fat Burning Powder

    Another area NutraBio hasn’t ventured into are the fat burning drinks. These supplements have come on strong as excellent “replacements” for energy drinks and coffee, and often double as pre workouts. This allows dieters who still want to lift heavy to add in the above pump supplement, giving a best-of-both worlds for them.

We expect to see much of the same cornerstone foundations from NutraBio, such as shared third-party lab testing and fully-disclosed labels, which you can learn about in our NutraBio Story article.

In terms of what’s not coming, Mark Glazier told us there won’t be any protein with this line — NutraBio’s got that well-covered with 100% Whey Protein Isolate, Classic Whey, Muscle Matrix, and more.

When can we expect ETHIX?

Team NutraBio 2019

Team NutraBio is ready for the ETHIX launch

The launch will be sometime in the fall of 2019 – we’re thinking around the Olympia, but don’t hold us to that, as the Olympia is earlier in September this year and this one may go into October or so.

NutraBio is ready

Prior to this year, we wouldn’t have known if NutraBio could handle such an ambitious project. But now that they’ve proven a new weekly release for an entire half year, they’re more than prepared for the ETHIX.

A retail-only brand!

You can sign up for PricePlow’s ETHIX news alerts below on this page, but note that this is a retail-only brand, meant to pay it back to the retailers who have carried the industry so far. This means that PricePlow’s price alerts, coupons, and deal alerts won’t apply… so you’ll have to see it in real life for yourself!

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Mark Glazier

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