Herve’s Prodigy Pre Workout Log – Day 3 – Chest Day

This is What you Get When You Run a Free Supplement Log with PricePlow!

This is What you Get When You Run a Free Supplement Log with PricePlow!

Yesterday was a chest day for me. That made my 3 days in a row of working out before my rest day.

I warmed up on the elliptical after taking my prodigy supplement. I started off with the bench press and did a warm up set, then a set of 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 increasing the weight by 10 pounds every set. I then did the decline bench three sets of 12.

Great Pumps, Intense Workout

I felt that great pump again and had an intense workout. I normally do more than one muscle when it’s not leg day, but with the extra energy I continued with just the bigger muscle and did more chest exercises. I did the chest fly machine 4 sets of 8 lifting about 70% of my max weight. After the chest fly’s I did some push ups then went to the cable machine for more chest.

I looked swole after my workout and felt pretty good about, so I ended it there.

I skipped doing arms after my chest was on fire from my workout and went straight for my cool down with a ten minute jog on the treadmill. I stretched a bit and had a post workout protein shake then went home.

Mid-Day Crash!

For whatever reason when I got home I crashed and fell asleep immediately mid day and woke up later that night. I’m usually able to stay up after a workout, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the supplement that I crashed, or because I went hard on my workout.

I definitely do notice a difference when taking the supplement.

Tomorrow I teach cardio kickboxing classes and I’d like to try a day without prodigy to see if I notice any difference. I’m sure it’ll still be an intense workout day but I want to see how I feel during the workout and after.

See Herve’s Prodigy Supplement Log on his Author Page for the entire log. Want to train with Herve? He’s in Miami Beach, FL – See his personal trainer bio and www.GetFitWithHerve.com

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