Clients Day with PNI Prodigy (Day 16)

Today’s cardio kickboxing class was a great way to start off my day. I taught my class but this time brought in the tub of Prodigy. I made sure everyone ate breakfasts prior to trying the supplement, including myself.

Extra Intensity

As a class we warmed up on the power plate then I gave each member of the class a sample of Prodigy to get a more effective work out. And guess what? It worked. Talk about an intense class. Everyone was sweating like never before. The class contains a lot of kicking and punching, but also a lot of cardio.

Today with the extra energy and intensity in the room I added an extra twist and had the ladies pushing sleds and doing latter drills. Each of them made it the entire hour and kept talking about how great the class was today. I’d like to say it was definitely a different feel than usual classes.

Need a Break? Nah!

I joined them in every workout and got in a great workout myself. I encourage them all to push themselves but to also go at their own pace. For whatever reason though today their pace was up there with mine. They all kept up with me and only got 4 water breaks. Usually because of the intensity of the plate I give 60 second water breaks every 10 minutes. Today they got breaks every 15 minutes and some didn’t even take it. Great stuff!!

Glad to see that it’s working not only for me but for my clients as well. Or is it just that they think they’re going harder due to the supplement and giving what they’ve been holding back on? I’m pretty sure it’s Prodigy. photo (7)

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