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PNI Prodigy Log Day 15 – Herve’s Back Day

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Another day of working out, done! Today was a back day for me in the gym. I must admit I came to the gym very tired. I went out last night which wasn’t the greatest idea, but I wanted to enjoy myself and get out for once. I’ve been working hard and felt as though I deserved it.

I had an egg sandwich, a banana, and lots of much needed water for breakfast. Once I got to the gym I went and grabbed some coffee. I don’t usually drink coffee or like it much but i definitely needed it this morning. I warmed up on the recumbent bike for ten minutes then took my pre workout fruit punch Prodigy.

I started off with some lat pull downs, then did bent over rows, seated rows, back extension, some pull ups, and some cable machine exercises. I sweat a lot during today’s workout. The pump was great as usual, the intensity was there, but I found myself taking longer breaks in between sets today.

Obviously because I focused on one part of the body, that was probably needed, and also because I was tired. But I wonder if it also had anything to do with having both the coffee and pre workout.

I was talking to some of the guys in the gym about the product, they said they never heard of it and asked if they can get the product in stores. Maybe I’m not the only one noticing I’m working out like a beasts in the gym when I use Prodigy!

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