Herve’s 4th Log: Cardio Kickboxing – No Prodigy, Less Energy

Yesterday was a great day in the gym. I taught cardio kickboxing classes all day and had a chance to workout myself. Yesterday was the day I went without the Prodigy supplement to see if I noticed a difference.

A Day without Prodigy

Nothing about my day was different. I woke up and had my usual hard boiled eggs and a protein shake for breakfast. Had a light snack several hours after and a protein bar before I worked out. I worked out around 2:30 in the afternoon. I was a bit tired so I took an energy drink to get started

I had an intense 1 hour workout as usual. 30 minutes of it was done on the power plate with a combination of kicking and punching and the other 30 minutes was done on the floor with more kicking and punching. The intensity I must admit didn’t feel as high as the days I used the Prodigy supplement, but I definitely broke a sweat and went hard.

I just feel like I didn’t have the same energy hitting the bags and doing my workout.

I don’t think it was a bad workout at all it was definitely very effective, but there is definitely a difference with Prodigy. That clears up my mind over matter and just thinking it was a fluke and it being all in my head.

That stuff definitely does work.

PNI Prodigy Log

Energy Drinks are NOT the Same as Quality Pre Workouts!!

Now that I notice a difference I’ll probably use it more often for my workout days, but I still want to go some days without just to not have to depend on it for a great workout and high intensity.

I started to recommend the supplement to other people in the gym and told them about the great pump you get for your workout.

I’m still not a fan of pre workout supplements but the fact that this one is working I’m actually starting to like it. I can see it making a difference in my strength over time and possibly transforming my body if I wanted a change.

Great product!!!

Herve’s entire Prodigy Pre Workout Run is on his Author Page.

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