QUANTUMiND: An Energy Nootropic for a Quantum State of Mind

Last year was a major breakout year for nootropics, as brands brought many products that have re-defined the industry of cognitive-enhancing supplementation. Cutting edge ingredients once found only on obscure websites are now hitting the mainstream thanks to the growing use and research into nootropics. The brand Filtered Formulas is taking it further in a new direction, though: on top of making you focused, they want to fuel your ambition too – by putting you in a “quantum state of mind”.

What’s The Goal?


Prepare to enter a quantum state of mind and experience true mental clarity

QuantuMind, stylized as QUANTUMiND, is a nootropic designed with “entreprenathletes” in mind. These are the individuals you see on YouTube and Hacker News — not the television — who are taking over the world using brains, creativity, and personality. The next generation of industry greats skate a very thin line, with the highest achievers thinking more, hesitating less, and acting with more ferocity than their competition.

Filtered Formulas, the brand behind this feel-good nootropic, has set out to give its “mind-athletes” such an edge. After all, even a slight daily edge adds up to a massive advantage over time, especially in this newfound competitive free market.

To produce this daily edge, QUANTUMiND comes at the cognitive enhancing angle from two different angles: an acute angle and a long-term angle. The acute angle helps you at the moment and includes the classic ingredients of nootropics like caffeine, ashwagandha, and l-theanine. QUANTUMiND also plays the long game by trying to improve and preserve your cognitive well-being. Ingredients like Ginseng, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Acetyl L-Carnitine will have your brain working at top speed for time to come, and may even keep your blood sugar in check.

And if you haven’t noticed, all of these ingredients make you feel damned good.

Without further adieu, let’s give these ingredients a proper analysis, but first, check out the Filtered Formulas website and PricePlow’s price comparisons and coupons if it hits our retailers:

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QUANTUMiND Ingredients

Note: The following doses are for the entire day. This product can be used all at once (six capsules), or preferably, split up twice per day. The entire day’s worth gets you 300mg caffeine.

What you’re going to notice here is that there’s a ton of our favorite ingredients, all in one solid product, but many of them are slightly dosed below “clinical” doses, so it’s tough to make any claims on the supplement.

However, we’re absolutely certain it’s going to be one of the most unique, feel-good (and potentially virulity-promoting) supplements we’ve tried:

  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) – 1000mcg

    QUANTUMiND Ingredients

    The QUANTUMiND Ingredients, down to the standardization percentages! Antioxidants, adaptogens, anxiolytics, mood-boosters, energy, and more!

    Let’s start easy with the classic energy supplement addon that’s nearly everywhere anymore. It’s difficult to be deficient in Vitamin B-12 these days, especially if you’re a fan of canned energy drinks – but if you’re using QuantuMind to replace energy drinks, now you won’t be missing out.

    On the cognitive angle, there is a correlation, albeit a weak one, between vitamin B12 deficiency and depression.[1] For those that ARE deficient, QuantuMind has your back with a bonkers dose — you’ll get 16,667% of your RDA.

    We appreciate that Filtered Formulas chose methylcobalamin instead of the cheaper cyanocobalamin. This is a litmus test we use (often in multivitamins) to check for companies who care.

  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine (500mg)

    Perhaps better known as ALCAR, Acetyl L-Carnitine is the typical form of carnitine used in nootropic supplements. ALCAR is more efficient at crossing the blood brain barrier than other forms of carnitine.[2] Carnitine provides many cognitive benefits like improved focus, improved memory, and neuroprotection.[3-5]

    The dose here is just at the cusp of what we feel. You’ll probably get something from it, but we would have preferred dosing at 1 gram… yet that’s not happening because this is a capsule productd and there’s a ton of other stuff to get to!

  • L-Tyrosine (450mg)

    QUANTUMiND Review

    Experience True Mental Clarity with this one-stop energy and focus shop

    L-Tyrosine is a catecholamine building block,[6] and it’s not uncommon to see the ALCAR / L-Tyrosine combo to start off a supplement.

    Catecholamines include the coolest neurotransmitters like dopamine and epinephrine brothers (norepinephrine and epinephrine). L-Tyrosine also likely makes caffeine work even better – and we have some of that coming too! Tyrosine increases catecholamine production while caffeine increases their release patterns. Together? You’ll be ready to take on your day, full of cognitive activity.

    We always claim that 500mg is where we start feeling things here… and this just misses that mark. It’s still a good dose, but this does happen a few times in this action-packed nootropic. Hordenine in the next section is dosed high to make up for it though:

  • PEA (350mg) and Hordenine (75mg)

    PEA is a feel-good stimulant that is becoming popular in the industry of pre-workouts and nootropics. A single dose will have you feeling great.[7] However, it doesn’t last long as monoamine oxidase (MAO) rapidly destroys PEA in the body.

    PEA 2D Structure Receptor with PEA Backbone Highlighted

    PEA 2D Structure Receptor with PEA Backbone Highlighted. It gets cleaved easily, which is why we need hordenine to slow that process down!

    Thankfully, Hordenine is an MAO inhibitor.[8] By inhibiting MAO, Hordenine lets PEA stay in the body for a longer time. This is one of those amazing synergistic effects of the supplement world, perhaps rivaling even caffeine and L-theanine.

    The PEA dose is up on the average end (we like 250mg or more, and definitely get that) and the hordenine dose here is on the high end (we almost always see 50mg), so we’re now positive this is going to be a supplement that’s felt.

    Do note that WADA bans hordenine in competition. So drug-tested competitive athletes should look for cognitive enhancement elsewhere. Good news: entrepreneurs and “spreadsheet athletes” aren’t drug-tested!

  • Caffeine (300mg) and L-Theanine (150mg)

    Caffeine is a miracle ingredient. You know it. We love it. We won’t waste your time going into how it’ll wake your ass up and keep you going for hours on end.

    The thing to note here is that we have 50mg caffeine per capsule, and this will be the main driver of how you take your capsules.

    QUANTUMiND Brain

    Achieve the quantum state of mind or live in a fog like the rest

    Meanwhile, L-Theanine is perhaps the best pairing to caffeine of all time. Think of it like a fine wine to go along with your fancy caffeine dinner. L-Theanine helps destroy anything from caffeine’s list of “cons”, smoothing out the anxiety some get from it, keeping the effects calm and making users less jittery and more focused.[9]

    The 2:1 caffeine:theanine ratio here is exactly as we like it. Cognitive-enhancing feels are provided, but we don’t get too “chillax” from this dose (we’re too busy for that in this kind of supplement).

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (275mg)

    Now this is a unique play in a nootropic – and it makes sense if you’ve been following the latest neurological research.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a fatty acid typically found in meat products and animal fats. While found in nature, more serious supplementation of ALA reduces appetite, increases daily energy expenditure, and even reduces fasting blood sugar.[10-12]

    The blood sugar rollercoaster isn’t good for “brain gains”

    While not a nootropic per se, it’s a damn good general health supplement, and we’re starting to draw a huge connection between lower blood sugar levels and increased focus, well-being, and even longevity. For instance, a recently-published long-term study showed that Brits with overall greater blood sugar were at far higher risk of neurological decline.[13] It’s becoming quite clear that part of your focus game is avoiding the whole blood sugar spike-and-crash rollercoaster, and this ingredient may help with that.

    Note on the dosage

    Alpha Lipoic Acid Obesity

    Rats given albeit high doses of ALA tend to lose weight and eat less. So why is it in a nootropic? Because we’re finding that the blood sugar roller coaster is bad for mental performance!

    One thing we must note is that one of the human studies cited above used 300mg ALA per day… just a hair more than we have here. Not a huge deal and doubt we’ll notice, but we do need to mention that we’re ever-so-slightly below that “clinical dose”.

    Interestingly, this is still dosed higher than what we see in some “glucose disposal agent” supplements meant to lower blood sugar… and that’s not even our primary goal here! And one study showed antioxidant activity at as low as 100mg with a few other ingredients.[14]

    Point being, we’re off to a great start and expect overall health benefits, even if we’re just a hair short of one successful study.

  • Green Tea Extract (98% Polyphenols, 50% EGCG, 80% Catechins) – 150 mg

    To further assist the ALA, Green Tea Extract has been added. There is some research that it helps increase calorie and fat metabolism, but its top function is rounding QUANTUMiND out with its antioxidant potential, which rounds the nootropic into a greater general health supplement as well – especially if this is used to replace one’s morning tea.

  • Alpha GPC 50% (250mg yielding 125mg Alpha GPC)

    Alpha GPC is one of the best forms of choline, but also one of the most expensive. While often used as an ergogenic (performance enhancing) ingredient, Alpha GPC also imparts incredible cognitive benefits… yet at certain doses slightly higher than this one! It does so by increasing the amount of acetylcholine (ACH) that is available to the brain.[15] Since acetylcholine triggers the learning processes of mammals, supplementing choline is a good move.

    We appreciate the honest labeling here showing that you have a resultant 125mg Alpha GPC. With as little space as they had left due to all of the other ingredients, it’s best to go with the highest-quality form here – but choline junkies will want a bit more elsewhere in their day or in their pre workout, even if it’s some cheaper choline bitartrate or simply eating more eggs.

  • Ashwagandha (200mg)

    QuantumMind Clarity


    It’s no secret we have a serious crush on this ingredient. Ashwagandha is one of the most well-studied fatigue-reducing supplements in the world. While the extract at play isn’t disclosed, Ashwagandha can readily reduce your daily stress and help you feel good.[16,17].

    For entrepreneurs and athletes who still need to work day jobs, stress is part of their day-to-day life, and this is one that we prefer not to go without.

    The dosage here is pretty close to where we like it. 300mg seems to be where the “bang for buck” is at, but 150mg is where we anecdotally start “feeling it” with other product, so in a day’s dose we’re somewhere in between.

  • Phosphatidylserine (175mg SunPS at 50% yielding 87.5mg PS)

    Phosphatidylserine, or PS, is an amino acid-based compound found in the brain. It is also fat-soluble. It’s shtick is that it may improve memory in certain populations along with being a decent cortisol reducing agent.[18,19]

    Phosphatidylserine Benefits

    PS does more than just enhance cognitive function. Here’s a simple chart showing that golfers hit balls better with higher doses of PS.

    Take QuantuMind with a fat-heavy meal to make sure this ingredient does its job well.

    Dosage comparisons to studies are difficult due to standardizations

    This is a pretty solid dose, as we’ve been seeing 100mg as the standard. However, note that this is an ingredient that’s basically never at 100% “dose strength”. You’ll see it anywhere from 10% to 50% “standardization” — and Filtered Formulas stuck with the stronger end of things, thankfully.

    The bigger question is with regards to the successful studies that used 200mg — were those using 50% strength or not? None of them specify (they were soy-based, while this is sunflower-based), so it’s tough to compare apples to apples.

  • Shilajit Extract (150mg) (20% fulvic acid)

    Shilajit is a recent darling of the natural testosterone booster section of the industry. Along with its testosterone boosting capabilities,[20] Shilajit likely will improve the bioavailability of other ingredients as well.[21] It may even improve muscle pliability and a muscle’s ability to recover from exercise.[22] If any ingredient will deliver hard for the “athlete entrepreneurs”, it’s this one.

    However, the one human-based study used 200mg of 50% fulvic acid twice per day. This is a lower-dosed, weaker extract, so we can’t make those claims in total confidence. With that said shilajit consistently feels great when we take it, and we’re seeing it in a lot more “virulity” supplements.

  • Panax Ginseng (100mg)

    Filtered Formulas QUANTUMiND

    Get Unbounded – and in the good way!

    Ginseng is an underrated adaptogen, an ingredient category that includes Ashwagandha above. Ginseng is great for lowering fatigue, inducing calmness, mood elevation, and improving reaction times.[23,24] It’s definitely been re-gaining ground in the supplement industry as extracts seem to have gotten stronger lately.

    The question here is if we’d rather have 300mg Ashwagandha (which is more of a clinical dose) and no ginseng, or 200mg Ashwagandha and 100mg ginseng here to hit more angles. Filtered Formulas went the latter route — while ashwagandha seems to be stronger for us, the ginseng may add appeal to more users and hit a couple new pathways.

  • Bioperine (10mg)

    Bioperine is one of those classic ingredients you find industry-wide. QuantuMind includes bioperine in this supplement to help your body absorb and use the other ingredients more. Simple and effective.

Filtered Formulas Explains the “Why”

We asked Filtered Formulas CEO Neal Thakkar what prompted him to create this formulation:

“QUANTUMiND was created for unique challenges that the high-impact performer faces. The formula is able to provide both the acute kick needed, but is made to be taken every day, with positive effects that last and build up. No adrenal frying, jittery stim-bomb here, but definitely a product that will give you the smoothest sense of alertness you’ve ever felt.

Filtered Formulas

Our intention was to construct something that is comprehensive, balanced, strong, unique, yet safe, for long-term use and our ingredient profile definitely does this. Antioxidants, Yup. Anxiolytics? Yes. Mood-boosting ingredients? Yes. Adaptogens? Yes. Neuroprotective? Yes. It’s the best and most practical option for the ambitious. Why play at a disadvantage?

— Neal Thakkar, Filtered Formulas CEO & Founder


As mentioned above the ingredient area, the daily dose contains six capsules, but it’s really up to you how you wish to spread it out.

The driving force will be the stimulants (caffeine / PEA / hordenine). At 50mg caffeine per capsule, most people will want to split their doses between morning and early afternoon, while others may just replace their strong energy drinks with a six-capsule slam all at once (don’t mix with other stimulants!!)

Our suggestion is to always start with three capsules, then assess how it feels and when/if you should take any more.

QUANTUMiND Nootropic

Athletes will get a kick out of this, but we believe its the entrepreneurs and business travelers who will benefit most!

Are you prepared for cognitive clarity?

QUANTUMiND looks like a great feel-good nootropic that brings a few twists we hadn’t considered, but make total sense. You know we love caffeine, PEA + Hordenine, ashwagandha, etc… but the ALA inclusion is where we were sold.

All the ingredients have their proper place, and Filtered Formulas’ use of the word “clarity” is well-suited. Everything included can definitely give you the slight edge over your competition you need to thrive, and there’s nothing here that concerns us.


Prepare to enter a quantum state of mind and experience true mental clarity

The dosing is flexible, and we’ll opt for two split doses in the morning and afternoon, but some may just want to blast the entire 300mg caffeine all at once (assuming you’re fine with six capsules).

However, we ask: why is this being marketed as a nootropic for both athletes AND entrepreneurs? To make athletic claims, we would have preferred seeing more ingredients designed for athletic performance. While an athlete will of course get a kick of the products (especially in sports requiring quick decision-making), we really think this is for the cognitive athletes out there — the ones who need to be relentless in their path to greatness – even if that means sitting at a computer or on the phone more than is ‘normal’ in order to get to the next level of success.

But hey, we’re not normal creatures, and that’s why we do what it takes to get ourselves into a quantum state of mind.

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