Olympus Labs CONQU3R Pre Workout Review

The bosses over at Olympus Labs were kind enough to send a tub of their powerhouse pre workout, Conqu3r Demigod Edition, our way. We’ve put it through the paces now and are ready to reveal whether or not this should be on our list of the Top 10 Pre Workouts (a page long overdue for updates!)

Olympus Labs Conqu3r Demigod Edition

Today we give an in depth review of our experiences running Olympus Labs powerhouse pre workout Conqu3r Demigod Edition. Does it deliver?

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Robert’s Conquer Review

Editor’s Note: This is Robert’s Conqu3r review. Mike’s thoughts are at the bottom

  • Profile: 9/10

    Olympus Labs Conqu3r Demigod Edition Ingredients

    Conqu3r Demigod Edition has an outstanding profile that contains just about everything you’d want in a pre workout!

    As you can tell from looking at the ingredient panel, Conqu3r contains rather effective doses of just about every ergogenic aid you could ask for in a pre workout. Olympus Labs didn’t pixie-dust a bunch of ingredients inside of a tiny proprietary blend.

    Everything is out in the open and you get A LOT of bang in each 18g scoop. Conqu3r covers the full spectrum of what you’d hope to get in a pre workout, no matter what you’re interested in (pumps, energy, focus, etc).

    The one ingredient I was surprised to see not included was Beta Alanine. Most pre workouts nowadays contain it, and it’s incredibly beneficial for overall performance and stamina. Now, it’s cheap enough in bulk that you could add your own, but it’s just my personal preference.

  • Energy: 8.5/10

    Conqu3r uses a combination of 200mg of caffeine along with 40mg of higenamine for its energy component. Now, I’m typically a medium to high stim fan with pre workouts, so at times the 200mg of caffeine seemed enough, and other times (LEG day) it just wasn’t. I would have preferred something closer to 225-250mg.

    Aside from that, the energy provided during the actual workout was smooth and long lasting. I never felt a harsh kick in from the caffeine once the pre workout had gotten into my system. About 20-30 minutes after taking it, I would notice a small increase in overall energy and motivation, but nothing that got my heart pounding out of my chest.

    Another great thing was that there was definitely no crash afterwards. That above all is something I really look for when grading the energy components in pre workouts.

  • Focus: 9.5/10

    Conqu3r Demigod Edition Powder

    Conqu3r packs a hefty 18g scoop with a rather clumpy texture.

    The focus on this was very strong, not tunnel-vision inducing, but definitely a “locked in” feeling. About the same time that I’d feel the little uptick in energy from the caffeine working its magic, I’d start to get that “in the zone” feeling as I’d be finishing my warm up before the workout.

    Focus seemed to last up to 2-3 hours even after my 60 min workouts were completed. I’m naturally motivated and excited to workout, so I usually don’t notice much “motivational” factor in a pre workout, but this one definitely lends a “keep on going” feeling during the workout. Overall, the focus was very clear and put you in a great state of mind for your workout and the ensuing hours.

  • Pumps: 9.5/10

    This is one of the areas where Conqu3r really shines. It combines clinical doses of citrulline malate, agmatine, and glycerol, all resulting in a fantastic pump no matter if it was a chest and back day or shoulders and arms. Leg day wasn’t even too bad with all of the pump enhancers packed in here, which is something I’ve had issues with when using other pre workouts that have a lot of pump heavy ingredients.

    The one thing I’d like to know is what quality glycerol they are using. All that’s stated is “high-yield” glycerol. Is it Glycerol Monostearate, HydroMax, etc??

  • Staying Power: 10/10

    Here’s where pre workouts earn their money, how well do you actually perform in a workout. Mixability and taste can be brushed aside if a product can actually deliver a superior workout experience.

    Well, Conqu3r absolutely shines in this department!

    My workouts are usually 50-60 minutes long and contain at least 24 sets (may add a few extra if I’m really feeling good on certain days). Endurance and strength were incredibly solid for each of the 20 workouts I used Conqu3r on. Pumps and vascularity were great as well.

    Even towards the end of workouts, when motivation or endurance can slip and fatigue takeover, Conqu3r provides that extra little boost to help you finish each workout strong.

  • Mixability: 6/10

    Conqu3r Demigod Edition Mixed

    Whether using 8 oz or 20 oz, Conqu3r always had a rather heavy foam and chalky taste. However, the performance of this product is what matters, and Conqu3r definitely deliviers in that department

    As you can see from the pictures, Conqu3r Demigod certainly doesn’t mix up like one. There was considerable foam on top and lots of residue remaining in the cup after drinking all the liquid that I used to mix it.

    I tried varying amounts of water between 8 oz up to 20 oz and the results were more or less the same.

  • Taste: 5/10

    I had the Strawberry Kiwi flavor and that’s not quite how I would describe the flavor. It had a rather chalky taste whenever I mixed it up, no matter if I used 8 oz or 20 oz of water. In terms of actual taste, it tastes more like a Strawberries ‘n Cream flavored candy than a light or tropical flavor as I’ve experienced with other Strawberry Kiwi flavored supps.

    Side note, I can’t stand creamy flavored anything, especially Orange Creamsicles or Peaches ‘n Cream. So the fact that this ended up reminding me of those flavors definitely worked against it in the Taste department. I’d also like to know why it has that chalky texture, maybe due to the glycerol?

  • Overall Value

    This is a rather all-inclusive product, but is missing creatine, betaine, and beta alanine (which are my three staples). Now, Olympus Labs also makes Vital1ty which contains full doses of creatine monohydrate and betaine anhydrous, in addition to phosphatidylserine. So, unless you buy both products, you’ll need to add some bulk ingredients to get your daily fill of those.

    Seeing as this is one of the few “catch-all” pre workouts on the market that actually uses full doses of its ingredients, some my be scared off by the higher price point, as it retails anywhere between $35-40 for a 20 serving tub.

    However, there is a cost of convenience and quality of raw materials that you are getting with Conqu3r Demigod Edition that you won’t find many other places. So, I feel that more than anything justifies the additional cost of the product. If it drops below $30/tub you can certainly expect to see it fly off the shelves.

Mike’s thoughts

Conqu3r Residue Shaker Bottle

Lots of residue left after lots of shaking, swirling and adding extra water. So many gains that could be lost.

Robert’s review is dead on — I don’t have much more to add. I’m in Texas where it’s gotten hotter and hotter as I’ve gone through this tub. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe it’s the weather, but high stimulant pre workouts freak me out during the insane summers out here.

So in this case, the 200mg caffeine dose in CONQU3R has been absolutely perfect for me. For the focus, if I can’t have citicoline, the next best thing for me is Alpha-GPC, which is what you get here. It works fantastically and is definitely an underrated ingredient in the pre workout world.

In just a few words, the pumps are all-world.

With all that said, this is without a doubt the worst-textured pre workout supplement I’ve taken in about seven years. That high-yield glycerol has got to be the culprit – it’s like chalk. But seriously, I really don’t care, because it’s the exact formulation I’ve wanted. I have lots of pre workout, but I find myself missing this one right now.

For me, the only question is whether or not to add carbs – I’ve never needed to add a single other ingredient to CONQU3R, like I often do when tinkering with other pre workouts.

So, in the next couple of weeks, we do desperately need to completely revamp our Top 10 Pre Workouts page. You will find this one there eventually, with the caveat that it’s basically the worst-tasting one on the list, and isn’t for pansies who care about such things.

PricePlow Approved!!

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Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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