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Today was just another day in the gym for me, but led to a nice twist for a client of mine.

I taught my cardio kick boxing class all day on Wednesday at the power plate studio. I worked out in between classes and took my Prodigy supplement. I had the same effect as the other days I took the supplement. A lot of energy, a great pump, and a high intensity workout.

Testing Prodigy on a Client

Today was more about my clients though. I let one of my clients get a sample of the supplement. I definitely saw a difference in the way she trained.

She usually comes in and does 30 minutes on the power plate on cardio kickboxing days, but today she gave it an extra push. Not sure if it was the supplement, but she made it an entire hour. Well 50 minutes of working out and 10 minutes massage on the plate.

Not only am I seeing this product have an effect on me and my workouts, but my clients as well. I told them all about it and how it has impacted my workouts.

Tomorrow during our lower body workouts I plan on bringing in the watermelon flavor to sample with the clients that come in to workout. Good stuff! I’m really digging this supplement.

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