Herve’s Prodigy Log Day 1 – TRX Workout

Today was my first day trying the Prodigy workout supplement. I used the fruit punch flavor for my pre workout. The workout was just like an ordinary TRX day for me.

The TRX Workout

I warmed up using the power plates and got my muscles hot and ready. I did an attire upper body workout too. I worked out my bigger muscles first starting with my back and chest, then did shoulder, biceps, and triceps. The workout didn’t feel any different but the intensity was definitely higher than usual. Normally I do 30 minutes on the plate and 30 minutes of cardio, but with the extra pump from the pre workout supplement I was able to get up to 39 minutes on the TRX which is a tough thing to do.

The Extra Push

It was definitely a kick ass workout. I felt great during the workout and felt great afterwords. Not to mention the supplement tasted pretty good too. I’m usually not a big fan of taking supplements before my workouts because I thought it was a mind over matter type of thing, but this one actually gave me an extra push. Who knows it could have been all in my head, but it definitely felt like it played a significant role in my performance today. I have the water melon flavor too that I’ll be trying during my next workout. I’ll see how it goes because Sunday is my leg day and I look forward to another kick ass day in the gym.

PNI Prodigy Log

Herve is currently logging the Prodigy Pre Workout Supplement – Click the image to see Prices

To see the rest of Herve’s Prodigy Log, you can go to his Author Page. To train TRX with Herve in Miami Beach, FL, see his PT Bio here and check his website out at GetFitWithHerve.com

You can see all prices on PNI Prodigy at www.priceplow.com/pni/prodigy.

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