Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate: A Refreshing Twist On Plant Protein


Myprotein continues to bring innovative products to the US!

As you can tell from the name, Myprotein is known for having one of the largest selections of protein powders in the industry. Not only do they have several phenomenal flavors and countless selections of the highest quality protein powders available, Myprotein is known for having unbeatable prices. They seem to have every protein powder that exists, from vegan to whey, and everything in between!

After dominating the UK market, Myprotein launched in the US to make their mark overseas. Their goal was to continue releasing new and innovative products, grow the brand, and expand their reach to more consumers. Now that they’re here, expect some big things from Myprotein, starting with a unique spin on protein powders.

Myprotein Adds Clear Vegan Isolate to Offer More Options!

Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate Coconut

Myprotein does it again! But this time with a vegan protein powder!

After hearing the feedback on their Clear Whey Isolate (discussed in greater detail towards the end of this post), they knew people who preferred more of a plant-based diet would also enjoy a protein powder that was different than anything else on the market. But they knew it would not be an easy task, because the flavor and consistency would be a real challenge with a vegan protein powder.

After months of trial and error, somehow Myprotein was able to pull it off, and we’re not quite sure how they did it, because we’ve never seen anything like this one before. PricePlow is excited to announce Clear Vegan Isolate is now available for everyone who would rather use a plant-based protein opposed to dairy!

A serious competitor to Myprotein’s own Clear Whey Isolate

Most of the time a vegan protein can never stack up against a whey protein based on flavor and consistency. But, you won’t have to worry about that at all with Clear Vegan Isolate, because it’s nearly identical to Clear Whey!

In this post, we’re going to explain just how Clear Vegan Isolate stacks up against other plant-based proteins, give you our thoughts on the flavors, and reveal all the benefits it has to offer!

We know Myprotein has a lot more on the way – as a huge company, it’s difficult to keep track of everything they have coming, so make sure to sign up for PricePlow’s Myprotein news and deal alerts to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Clear Vegan Isolate Macronutrients

Myprotein is known for having incredibly lean and clean macronutrient profiles on all of their proteins. So you know Clear Vegan Isolate is going to help smash your cravings, while keeping your diet on track.

Keep in mind that this is a plant-based protein, so expect to see a bit higher of a carb count than any dairy based protein powder. But a couple grams of carbs is really nothing major in the context of a complete diet – especially if “protein is leveraged” and the protein is greater than the combination of carbs and fat!

Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate Nutrition Facts

Myprotein always has solid nutrition facts on all of their proteins, and Clear Vegan Isolate is no different!

Here’s what one serving (14.3g) of Clear Vegan Isolate contains:

  • Calories: 50

  • Protein: 10g

  • Carbs: 2g

    • Sugars: 0g

  • Fat: 0g

As you can clearly see, those macronutrients are quite impressive for a plant-based powder — it’s heavily-skewed on protein in the “protein by weight” ratio – more so than most vegan protein powders. That’s exactly what you want out of any protein powder, because that’s what you’re ultimately buying. You can always add your preferred carbs (or fats) inexpensively.

In addition, protein is a little more challenging on a vegan/vegetarian diet. Unless you’re careful about combining protein sources and tracking your intake, it’s easy to fall short on getting enough high quality protein. Not to mention, protein powders are very convenient for on-the-go, post workout, desserts, and in between meals!

Now, let’s see what is giving you all the protein and flavor Clear Vegan has to offer!

Clear Vegan Isolate Ingredients

The main star of the show here is hydrolyzed pea protein!

Myprotein Clear Vegan Ingredients

Hydrolyzed pea protein isolate is one of the best plant-based protein sources they could have used!

Pea protein is one of the highest quality sources of plant protein available, with research even showing it can be comparable to whey protein![1] A study done in 2015 took 161 males and divided them evenly into three groups: one group received whey protein, one served as the placebo, and the last group got pea protein.

Each group went through a resistance training program for 12 weeks and were instructed to take either 25g of protein from whey or pea, depending on their group assignment. The placebo group were just given a drink comprised of maltodextrin.[1]

Pea Protein Goes Head to Head with Whey Protein: The Results!

At the end of the 12 week period, the researchers found the pea protein group had an increase of 20.2% in their biceps brachii thickness compared to only an 8.6% increase for the placebo group.[1] When compared to the whey protein group there was no significant difference found.

Pea Protein

Pea Protein and Whey Protein were both significantly better than placebo (not surprising), but not significantly different from each other.[1]

Why is not finding anything significant important in this case? Well, it means that the pea protein performed just as well as the whey! We already know that whey works – some people simply want to be dairy-free or completely plant-based.That same study also includes a table comparing the amino acid profiles of whey vs pea. And despite whey having a higher leucine content, pea still yielded the same results.Long story short — when supplementing a scoop a day like this, there’s no need to worry about missing out on any gains by using pea protein opposed to its dairy alternative!

Hydrolyzed pea protein

And with the pea protein being hydrolyzed, meaning it’s partially digested to yield faster digestion and absorption, makes it perfect for post workout to kickstart the recovery process! In addition, we believe that it’s this hydrolyzed protein that allows it to settle more clearly than other opaque pea proteins.

More Benefits of Pea Protein!

Now that we’ve established that pea protein will help you make gains just as fast as whey, there’s some more perks to share! Studies show that pea protein increases satiety,[2] reduces triglycerides and cholesterol,[3] and has positive effects on blood pressure![4] In addition to all of that it’s cholesterol-free, which many people look for.

Needless to say, pea protein is a great choice compared to other plant proteins – Myprotein didn’t mess around with using low quality protein sources, they deliver the best for the consumer everytime!

Other Ingredients: Naturally Sweetened with Monk Fruit and Stevia!

Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate Pear Ginger

This is truly an unbelievable refreshing twist on vegan protein powders!

The majority of vegan proteins on the market are artificially sweetened with only stevia (and a few with sucralose), but not Clear Vegan Isolate! The sweet, light, and fruity flavors are fueled by a combination of both monk fruit and stevia leaf extract. In our experience, these two ingredients go hand in hand to deliver a nice sweetness, without having any bitter aftertaste that’s commonly noticed with stevia only.

Myprotein also uses natural flavors and coloring, which is always great to see. Synthetic colors may be “vegan”, but they’re definitely not “plant-based”!

The last thing to note here is that there’s two essential vitamins included, B6 and B12. Myprotein wanted to add these because people who follow plant-based diets often fall short on getting enough B12 and B6, as they’re mainly found in various animal products.

Available Flavors

This is not your average creamy milkshake type of protein powder. It was designed to be thin, refreshing, and light! But don’t underestimate the flavors, because they still pack a powerful punch!

Here’s a complete list of all Clear Vegan Isolate available flavors:

    We really enjoyed what they were able to do with Clear Whey, but Clear Vegan was seriously even more impressive! Try out any of the unique flavors listed above and see why this will be a game changer for vegan proteins!

    The backstory: Myprotein clearly likes it… clear

    Myprotein Clear Whey Isolate

    Looking for a bit more protein and “fruitiness” to leverage in your macros? Then check out Myprotein’s Clear Whey Isolate!

    In late 2019, Myprotein released Clear Whey Isolate which was unlike any other protein powder we’ve tried. Instead of tasting like a creamy milkshake, it had more of a refreshing juice consistency. Not to mention the flavors were fruity, unique, and downright delicious. It seemed more like an amino acid or pre workout rather than a protein shake. And on top of all that, the macronutrients were absolutely insane with 20g of protein and only 80 calories.

    Myprotein crushed that product and you can tell from the reviews, people were loving it! PricePlow was extremely impressed with what they were able to do with a whey protein isolate, but Myprotein didn’t want to stop there – they wanted an even bigger challenge by trying to do the same thing with a vegan protein!

    How Does Clear Vegan Stack Up Against Clear Whey?

    Compared to Clear Whey Isolate, the serving size is a bit different for Clear Vegan, but when you account for the difference, it has very similar macronutrients. Clear Whey contains 20g of protein per 25g (one scoop), whereas Clear Vegan has 10g of protein per 14.3g serving (two scoops), so don’t let that throw you off!

    Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate Powder

    Compared to other pea proteins, the hydrolyzed pea protein in Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate’s powder is a bit finer!

    If we adjust the serving size of Clear Vegan to get the same amount of protein Clear Whey offers then you’ll be getting 100 calories, 20g of protein, zero fat, and 4g of carbs. Whereas with Clear Whey you get 80 calories, 20g of protein, zero fat, and less than 1g of carbs.

    As you can see, 20 calories isn’t much of a difference! Like we mentioned all plant proteins typically have a higher carb count, so this is not a surprise. But the flavor and consistency it delivers is what really puts Clear Vegan at the top of our list!

    Myprotein Changes the Vegan Protein Game!

    There’s really only so much you can do with a protein powder, but that does not stop industry leaders like Myprotien from trying everything they possibly can to create more innovative products! When Myprotein came out with Clear Whey Isolate, they knew the plant-based crowd was going to be a bit jealous! A truly hydrolyzed pea protein that brings some interesting effects along with its added benefits!

    Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate

    You haven’t seen a vegan protein powder like this one!!

    It must have been extremely difficult to achieve that refreshing juice-like consistency and fruity flavor with a vegan protein, but somehow they did it. No matter what diet you prefer to follow, we can all enjoy the unique twist they were able to do on protein powders with Clear Vegan and Clear Whey Isolate.

    Myprotein is going to continue to expand the line, bring more innovative products to the market, while also keeping prices as low as possible. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the US next, but whatever it is, PricePlow knows it will be high quality and formulated to deliver results. We will keep you up to date with everything Myprotein has coming out, so make sure to subscribe down below!

    Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate Label

    The full Myprotein Clear Vegan Isolate Label

    About the Author: Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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