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2024’s Beverage Standouts at Expo West and The Vitamin Shoppe

2024 Functional Beverage Trends

The 2024 Expo season has come and gone, with trips to the Arnold Sports Festival, Natural Products Expo West, and the Vitamin Shoppe’s Brand Summit, and we saw some incredible new supplement launches.

But the main trend that’s been impossible to ignore is the continued emergence of functional beverages in our market.

At each show, […]
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Karma ENERGY WATER with Cognizin Citicoline: Featuring Patented Push Cap

Karma Energy Water

Get ready to revitalize your mind and body with Karma Energy Water, the latest innovation from Karma Water that made major waves at the Natural Products Expo West convention in Anaheim, CA. Kyowa Hakko USA sampled this cutting-edge beverage drink at the event, which features their industry-leading Cognizin® Citicoline for cognitive enhancement alongside the […]
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RYSE Supps Goes Big on Cognizin® in Pre-Workout Reformulations

RYSE Supps Cognizin Citicoline

RYSE Supps, a popular name in the sports supplement industry, has teamed up with the data-driven ingredient perfectionists at Kyowa Hakko to introduce their latest pre-workout supplement reformulations. The highlight of the late 2023 upgrades is the integration of Cognizin® Citicoline, a cutting-edge nootropic ingredient known for its support in brain energy, focus, […]
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BUM Energy Peach Mango Flavor for the Cognizin Powered Drink

BUM Energy Peach Mango

Energy drinks are as hot as ever. More and more, new offerings line the shelves of retail shops around the country. On a long road trip? Stop for some gas, walk into the station, and pick yourself up a nice caffeinated treat to sip on in the car so you don’t veer off into the […]
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Infinis Ultra Preworkout: The Mother of All Pre-Workouts Has Arrived!

Infinis Ultra Preworkout

You’ve been waiting for it — today we’ve got a real doozy for you.

Infinis Ultra Preworkout – The Ultimate Kitchen Sink Formula

Newcomer Infinis is debuting their pre-workout supplement and it has, well, everything.

It’s been a long time since we saw anything this loaded with patented and trademarked designer ingredients. An 8-gram[…]
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Bare Performance Nutrition Strong Multivitamin: With Cognizin® Citicoline

Bare Performance Nutrition Strong Multivitamin

Bare Performance Nutrition was founded in 2012 by Nick Bare while he was studying nutrition at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. That wasn’t all, though: Nick was also preparing to enter the U.S. Army as an infantry officer. Since getting out of the military, he’s kept up with his training as a hybrid athlete.[…]
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Ghost, Glaxon, & Cellucor on Branded Ingredients: Kyowa Panel at SSW 2023 | Episode #118

Kyowa SSW 2023 Panel: Branded Ingredients and Collaborative Competition with Dan, Joey, and Chris of Ghost, Glaxon, and Nutrabolt

At SupplySide West 2024, one of the biggest events was a panel discussion held at the Kyowa Hakko USA booth, featuring a star-studded cast of influential industry advocates:

Dan Lourenço – Founder and CEO of Ghost Joey Savage – Chief Scientific Officer of Glaxon Chris Lockwood – VP of Scientific Affairs at Nutrabolt David Sandler[…]
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Ghost CG Focus: Christian Guzman’s Stim-Free Nootropic Returns for 2023

Ghost CG Focus Stim-Free

GHOST and Christian Guzman, athlete entrepreneur of social media fame, have a long history of collaboration. To date, they’ve worked together four times to bring us some truly awesome flavors and formulas. Most recently in 2021, the duo released V4 of their series, which included three different supplements — one of which included Ghost Focus […]
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Cognizin® Citicoline: The Brain Choline

Cognizin Citicoline: The Brain Choline

Enhancing cognitive traits like mood, focus, and reasoning is the reason many consumers take supplements. In this fast-paced, competitive world, your brain is your body’s prime real estate. Importantly, in our information economy, how well your brain functions and performs under stress can make or break your career.

That’s where choline comes in.

Choline is […]
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Research Study: Cognizin® Citicoline Improves Memory in Older Adults

Cognizin Memory Study in Healthy Older Adults

If you’re a regular reader of the PricePlow Blog, then you know that we’re huge fans of Cognizin®, a patented and trademarked form of citicoline developed by Kyowa Hakko.

We wrote a deep-dive on Cognizin in the article linked above, so you can read that if you want the full story. Today, however, we’re […]
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