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It was a fun Friday, doing arms with CJ and our first tasting of the new pre workout supplement, PES Enhanced.

The short story is that we were both hit differently by this product, but we both agreed that it was very thermogenic and is strong in stims at 1.5 scoops. The focus factors hit me hard (I got wired into the zone), and the nitrates (for pumps) hit CJ a bit late.

Mike and CJ’s PES ENHANCED Review Video

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No doubt, we came in with good moods and screwed around a good bit before getting after it.

Once Enhanced started kicking in, the heat was strong (likely from the potent combination of hot Texas gym + caffeine + higenamine), and then the CDP-choline (also known as citicoline) really thumped me.

Taste – 9.5/10

Fun during the PES Enhanced Review

We had a bit of fun during the Enhanced review!

Excellently different take on fruit punch. I’ve loved every sample.

We took it without knowing what it was, and I thought it was strawberry kiwi. CJ said it was more tropical. Either way, extremely good for a stim-heavy product. No bitterness from the extracts. Not your standard fruit punch.

Energy – 8.5/10

For CJ, it was smooth and gave him no crash – notice how chipper he is at the end of the video. I liked the energy, but it was nothing insane — it was simply overshadowed by the thermogenisis and focus:

Focus – 9.5/10

WOW. This was fun. I am the kind of guy who likes lots of reps and endurance-style workouts. Doing arms on this was simply not enough. I would have loved to do a Jim Stoppani-style HIT workout with more movement.

The choline bitartrate / CDP choline combination knocked me off my ass. This is a product where you could even take before work and get into the zone (admit it, you’ve done this with some concentrated pre workouts). In fact, I did just that with one of my samples this week and got some productive work done.

We have no idea on the dosages, but at 1.5 scoops, there’s enough CDP Choline to get you fired up. Come with a serious workout plan and plow through it.

Pumps – 7.5/10

PES Enhanced Review - The Late Pumps!

From CJ’s Facebook Page – The Pumps Struck LATE!

This is where things got a bit weird for us. I love the agmatine and leucine nitrate, but they just didn’t time up properly for me. Agmatine hits hard and fast, and nitrates take much longer to get going… but there seemed to be a gap. I lost my thunder toward the third quarter of the workout, and CJ didn’t get a full pump until long after.

I have a feeling that this is why so many pre workouts have a form of citrulline in it. It’s needed as that “middle ground” to please the masses.

Overall Value Rating – 8.5/10, at 1.5-2 scoops

PES Enhanced

Great taste, thermogenesis, and nootropic stims

It’s to the point where we’ve been trying so many new pre workouts lately, it starts to feel like snobby wine tasting and pairing.

It’s a bit hard to explain with PES Enhanced, because I love this ingredient profile, but they just didn’t “come together” perfectly for me to get that 9+ rating.

Even if the “whole” wasn’t greater than the “sum of the parts”, the “parts” in this ingredient profile are still freaking awesome, so this product is still fantastic.

Anyway, if you’re slumping in the focus department, or are looking for a strong stim to replace your Jack3d (which is sadly finally having the DMAA removed), then this is totally for you.

I’d love to use this for a more high-intensity workout, but on arm day, it’s not being used to its full potential.

Who is this CJ Guy?

CJ is a leading personal trainer and fitness model in Austin, TX. This was filmed 10 weeks before his contest, where he’ll be leaving viewers and competitors alike in extreme amounts of awe.

Join CJ on Facebook – his feed does not disappoint!

Recorded at Big Tex Gym in North Austin, TX

CJ and the crew are always up to no good at Big Tex Gym, the best gym in Austin, TX! If you’re in central Texas, come grab a workout!

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