MTS Whey Protein Review: MACHINE-Made, PricePlow Approved

It’s time for a real-deal discussion on one of our favorite whey protein powders, MTS Whey. This is the brainchild of professional bodybuilder Marc Lobliner, who’s made a name for himself in this business for an extremely long time.

This is one of the few times where CJ and I didn’t totally see eye to eye. You can see it here:

Our YouTube Review on MTS Whey

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CJ ran a tub of the chocolate, and I am no stranger to the vanilla flavor (not shown here). By the time you read this, we’re hoping a 3rd flavor will be out… but for now, I can’t tell you what it is.

The taste and mix – real deal

It's nice to know your product was made by someone who knows what they're doing...

It’s nice to know your product was made by someone who knows what they’re doing…

The mixability of MTS Whey is phenomenal. It takes hardly any shaking, and is thick and adaptable enough to make a “sludge” out of it using very little water. The sludge is like pudding, and is something you typically can’t make unless you’re using a casein-based protein or one with tons and tons of fillers. MTS Whey has none of that nonsense, and still thickens extremely well.

As far as the taste goes, vanilla is the best damned vanilla flavoring ever, and chocolate is well above average.

Not many people will argue with that.

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The pros and cons of a whey concentrate based profile

On the Machine Whey label, you’ll notice that whey protein concentrate is the first ingredient, which sparks most of the discussion.

CJ was dieting down for his show, and was very sensitive to milk and lactose. There is a higher amount of lactose in whey protein concentrate than you’ll get in proteins that are filtered more, such as whey protein isolate. This product has whey isolate as the second ingredient behind the concentrate. So unfortunately, this gave him bloating and gas about an hour after taking it.

On the other hand, I do just fine unless I eat a crazy amount of it in a day.

One YouTube commenter noted that you could take a Lactaid (lactase enzyme) pill to help with digestion of whey concentrate based products, but that gets a bit annoying.

The good news about a whey concentrate is that it costs less to produce, and Marc passes that value on to you. Also, a lot of the “good” stuff, such as growth-hormone-boosting lactoglobulins, are not filtered out. Overfiltration can create a product that is more “empty” with regard to the micronutrients like that.

The Results

Our Best Protein Powder

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Personally, I do see slightly better muscle performance when I’m taking down whey concentrate over pure whey isolates. I have a feeling that overfiltration can remove some beneficial components. CJ’s results speak for themselves — combined with MTS’s Drop Factor (see our review here), CJ took first place at the middleweight Adela Garcia Invitational classic!

Jay’s MTS Whey (Caramel Sutra) Review at Medical Muscle

NSF Certified for Sport and made in a cGMP certified facility

There have been a resurgence of trust issues in the supplement industry lately, so if you’re a drug tested athlete, you need to look for the blue NSF certified logo on your product. Good news – MTS Machine Whey is NSF Certified, so it’s tested regularly to be free of contaminants.

As for everyone else, this is just one more notch in the trust belt. No system is perfect, but the cGMP accreditation and NSF certification are a step in the right direction if you care about product purity.

No added fillers?

Why do we keep talking about this product having no added fillers? Stay tuned… let’s just say that sometimes, your “protein” isn’t really protein – and the less stuff you see on the label, the better. This product is what it says it is – real dietary protein.

Overall, this is easily and definitely a PricePlow-approved supplement. If you’re looking for a pure whey, can handle the concentrate, and want to trust your protein, Marc is your man with MTS.

Click to read more about MTS Whey and compare prices online.

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