BPI Pump-HD Review: A Unique Kind of Pump

BPI Pump-HD Review

Robert & Mike review BPI’s new caffeine-free pump pre workout. Does it deliver?

We’re back with another review this week here on the PricePlow blog, and today we’re serving up our thoughts on BPI’s new pump pre workout Pump-HD. After seeing the label, we had to get our hands on it, since this formula is unlike any of the other best pre workouts out there.

First off, we’d like to thank BPI and TheFugitive from the boards for sending a tub our way to try out.

They know we provide honest and unbiased feedback on all the products we test and were looking forward to seeing how we responded to the product.

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Robert’s Pump-HD Review

  • Profile

    Pump-HD boasts one of the most unique profiles we've seen for a pump pre workout.

    Pump-HD boasts one of the most unique profiles we’ve seen for a pump pre workout.

    If you haven’t checked out the profile on Pump-HD you need to. It’s not your standard blend of 6g citrulline malate + 1g agmatine + 2g HydroMax + etc….like most of the conventional pump pre workouts are.  BPI is about being new, innovative, and unafraid to explore unchartered regions when it comes to products.

    That being said, there are a host of unique ingredients here that you won’t normally expect to see in a pump-centric pre like citrulline silicate, iron, folic acid, and andrographis. So, I had no idea what to really expect in terms of effects, especially when the product says to only use 1 scoop.

    It is refreshing to see companies willing to go out on a limb and test new ingredients and see how they fare. Too many times the supplement industry merely copies one another with no imagination or innovation.

  • Mixability

    Mixability couldn’t have been better. Add one scoop of Pump-HD to 8 oz of water and after a few seconds of shaking, everything dissolved completely. There were no clumps, gobs of good, or residue left at the bottom of the shaker after drinking.

    Sometimes when dealing with glycerol in pre workouts you can have little bits clinging to the sides of the cup even after several batches of heavy shaking and additional water (see MaxOut), but no problems here as the pictures show it mixed up perfectly.

  • Taste

    Pump-HD Watermelon Cooler is a finer powder with a distinct pink hue to it.

    Pump-HD Watermelon Cooler is a finer powder with a distinct pink hue to it.

    BPI is known for having outstanding flavoring on all of the supplements. If you don’t believe us, go grab a bottle of Passion Fruit Best BCAA and thank us later!

    I received the Watermelon Cooler flavor of Pump-HD and was somewhat tepid. I’ve tried tons of watermelon flavored pre’s, intra’s and posts and watermelon is one of those flavors that no one seems to do well. It’s either too light and doesn’t taste of anything, or is so sweet you have to chug it.

    I’ll say this. BPI’s Watermelon Cooler may be one of the best tasting supplements I’ve ever had. Period. End of Story.

    This is what all watermelon flavored products should strive to attain. It is strongly flavored at 8 oz and still holds up well when mixed with 16 oz of water. The flavor is sweet and refreshing. The closest possible description of the exact flavor would be similar to a watermelon Jolly Rancher (everyone’s favorite flavor!).

    The flavoring on Watermelon Cooler makes you wish you could actually sit around all day sipping on bottomless glasses of it by the pool.

  • Energy

    Pump-HD is a caffeine-free pre workout, although not stimulant free as it does contain theobromine and Citrus Aurantium extract, among others. Obviously, the energy rush isn’t going to be hard hitting or instantaneous as when downing a pre workout with 300mg of caffeine in it.

    However, when using it solo, Pump-HD did provide a modest boost in energy and slowly builds over the course of 25-30 minutes after taking it. The type of energy boost is very different from the quintessential caffeine rush. It’s an incredibly smooth, long-lasting energy that sustains you throughout the workout. You’ll never be jacked up out of your mind when using Pump-HD on its on, but you will definitely have plenty of energy to crush your workout and for a while after as well. Pump-HD has a prolonged, sustained energy that carried me through my longer, higher volume workouts with no noticeable fatigue setting in.

    Stacking Pump-HD with a stimmed pre obviously increased the energy surge and focus considerably, but that’s not what Pump-HD’s purpose is. It’s about the pumps, which brings us to…

  • Pumps

    Pump-HD Mixed up effortlessly after a few seconds of shaking. There's some mild foaming, but goes away relatively quickly with no residue on the sides or bottom.

    Pump-HD Mixed up effortlessly after a few seconds of shaking. There’s some mild foaming, but goes away relatively quickly with no residue on the sides or bottom.

    This is where Pump-HD earns it money. There’s no point in calling a product a pump pre workout, if it doesn’t deliver.

    With most non-stim pump products it usually takes a good exercise or two to really start working (i.e. 6-7 sets). However, with Pump-HD the pumps start to become noticeable right around the 3rd set of your work out.

    When it comes to pumps, there’s two types I find: the first where there is a strong mind-muscle connection leading to a more “focused” or intense pump and the second is where you muscles swell and blow up to balloons bigger than what they normally are.

    Pump-HD falls a little closer to the first type. The pumps became quite dense during the workout, leaving my muscles feeling harder and vascularity becoming very pronounced. The muscles didn’t balloon up to where it interfered with my ability to get a full, solid contraction on the intended working muscles.

    Leg day was especially interesting using Pump-HD. As mentioned the pumps don’t overinflate your quads and glutes to where it’s painful or uncomfortable to get full range of motion. There is a significant hardening of the muscles and gives them a much denser, more defined look.

    Not knowing what to expect when initially looking at the label of Pump-HD may leave you wondering if it delivers. Trust us, it works incredibly well as a pump aid and is a true one-scooper.

  • Focus

    As I stated above, Pump-HD doesn’t hit you hard in terms of energy or give you tunnel-vision focus, but what it does offer is a rather unique sensation during the workouts. The most notable aspect of Pump-HD is the mind-muscle connection going on.

    Compared to other non-stim pump pre’s I’ve tried, there isn’t a whole lot of added focus noticed during the workout. With Pump-HD, you feel more locked in, but never have the quintessential “tunnel” effect with high stim or nootropic based pre’s.

    However, you will feel more centered during your workout and the added bonus of feeling a better connection to the working muscles definitely separate Pump-HD from the crowd.

    When stacked with a stimmed pre workout, focus increases significantly, but I’d attribute this more to the stimmed pre workout than any type of synergism between the two products.

  • Overall

    Pump-HD delivers sustained energy and endurance through your workouts with a rather unique type of pump.

    Pump-HD delivers sustained energy and endurance through your workouts with a rather unique type of pump.

    Heading into the workouts with Pump-HD, I didn’t have a clue what to expect. I just knew the formula intrigued me and was incredibly different from anything I’d encountered before.

    In the end though, BPI delivers a very good product that delivers the type of pump I’m looking for. It doesn’t blow you up to ridiculous or uncomfortable limits, but creates a dense, well-defined fullness to the muscles. The greatest thing I noted was the improved endurance during workouts. You’re able to last longer without succumbing to fatigue, which helps out immensely for the higher volume workouts I do  that typically involve supersets and giant sets.

    The balance between the enhanced mental connection and stronger pumps makes Pump-HD standout from the rest of its competitors, and a winner in my book. If you’re just interested in a product that turns your arms into balloons, this isn’t it. If you want well-rounded shape and fullness, to go along with a denser, more focused look, Pump-HD is your answer.

    I’d like to thank BPI and TheFugitive again for the opportunity to try out Pump-HD and look forward to seeing what future innovations the company has in the works.

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Mike’s Thoughts

First, let me reiterate Robert’s talk on taste: watermelon was the best-tasting supplement I’ve ever tried. It’s very sweet and the flavor is crazy good. We talk about “this tastes like a Jolly Rancher” all the time, but this one was even better.

I’d even mix this with some bad tasting stuff I have here, and it’d overwhelm even nasty amino acids and nootropics when I tried. I was constantly impressed.

The effects: an athletic stim-free pre

The Watermelon Cooler flavor is OUTSTANDING! We can only imagine how well the other flavors are in Pump-HD.

The Watermelon Cooler flavor is OUTSTANDING! We can only imagine how well the other flavors are in Pump-HD.

Sometimes, other pump supplements don’t go well with my shoulder issues. For instance, 1g or more of agmatine gives me great, tight pumps, but that’s actually a bad thing if I haven’t spent 30 minutes stretching and warming up. I end up losing flexibility and eventually things start hurting with those supps.

This new Pump-HD is way different. Instead of a “tight” pump like we’re used to, I actually felt “looser”, if I could say so — both in mind and muscle.

It wasn’t the pumps that got me – it was the overall increase in athletic abilities I had when using it. It’s really hard to explain, but I thoroughly enjoyed this because I could simply do more for longer with the product, something stim-free products often lack.

For me, this wasn’t a pre workout to go and hammer arms all day and feel swole, even though Robert and Stack3d may disagree. This is the stim-free pre workout I’d use for endurance sets, a late-night game of softball where I don’t want caffeine, or when working supersets or circuits. There is an energy component, no doubt. I’d end these workouts shooting hoops, which I don’t always do. Running even felt nicer on it.

Ultimately, I was working higher total loads, but not necessarily heavier weights. I personally think it should have been given a different name, but that’s just me. If anything, this product could be labeled under BPI’s “1MR” product line, because it literally did give the “one more rep” vibe more than any caffeine-free pre has ever done.

The point being..

What I’m trying to say is that this is the best stimulant-free experience I’ve had for athletic stuff — but not necessarily gym bro stuff. That’s why it’s going to be tough to find a place to put it in our Best Pre Workout guide — we actually don’t even have a section for where I’d want to put it!

It’s worth trying

My suggestion is that you should wait for this to go on BOGO again (or just some great price drop deal), and give it a shot. Everyone is finding something different they love about it, even if putting a finger on why is sometimes tough.


Credit to BPI for doing something completely different once again. And that flavor system… oh my.

Well worth grabbing at some point, even if you have to wait for a BOGO offer or hot deal.

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  • TheFugitive

    Robert and Mike,

    Thanks for the awesome feedback. I’m glad you guys touched on the energy and performance benefits of Pump-HD. It’s truly one of the most well rounded (caffeine free) preworkout’s on the market today. Thanks again Price Plow.