NOOPUMP by MAN Sports: Focused Pumps without Stims!


Miss the focus from your pre workout, but don’t want the stims? This is the one for you.

MAN Sports has announced the first of their three new products[2] slated for 2014:

NOOPUMP, a pre workout supplement without stimulants that brings the pumps… but keeps the focus.

The stimulant-free pre workout supplement category has been getting crowded lately, but MAN Sports has definitely found a large market gap here.

Update: It’s finally here! MAN emailed their “1%-ers” email list with an exclusive offer. We discuss the NOOPump ingredients below.


Typically, the reason users don’t want to use a pre workout supplement is because they don’t want stimulants (or due to the cost).

Either they’re cycling off stimulants for a bit, work out at night, or are just horribly stimulant-sensitive and don’t like them.

But very few weightlifters will ever complain about getting a great pump (at least when doing upper body), nor will they complain about getting focused.

Most stim-free pre workouts bring some serious pumps, but very very few add any cognitive focus.

That’s where the NOO comes in

The NOO part of NOOPUMP comes from the word “Nootropic“, which is a class of cognitive brain enhancers that are used to elevaet focus levels. There’s a whole big underground world of them, and everyone has different preferences – but many ingredients are incredibly safe, useful, and are quite honestly the most underrated products out there.

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What are the NOOPUMP ingredients?

NOOPUMP Ingredients

The NOOPUMP Ingredient Label / Nutrition facts, taken from MAN Sports webpage

On October 23 of 2014, MAN sent an email to their “One Percenter” email list, promoting two incredible landing pages.[3,4] Their pages explain the product quite well, with a great mix of science along with the hype.

While we work on our ingredient listing below, you can see MAN’s landing page here and their product page here.

The label is shown to the right, and below, we dig deeper into each ingredient’s research:

  • Multi-Pathway NO Stimulus

    This is your nitric oxide (NO) and pump boosting section. MAN chose an impressive four ingredients, all at legit dosages, which provide four different pathways to getting you pumped up.

    This nearly makes it impossible for this stuff not to hit you hard. If one ingredient happens to not work as well for you, there are three others to back it up.

    Plus, the next section contains what we call “nitric oxide booster boosters”, that will amplify the effects of these ingredients. Needless to say, the pumps will be strong with this one. Let’s look at each one:

    • Agmatine Sulfate (750mg per scoop)

      Agmatine is a molecule that comes from the amino acid L-arginine (see the image to the right), but actually works much differently.

      Whereas L-arginine directly boosts NO production, agmatine prevents the breakdown of nitric oxide.[5] This ultimately gives you far more intense and longer-lasting pumps.

      The science behind this is that it inhibits nNOS, or nitric oxide synthase, an enzyme that breaks down NO.[5] So you take agmatine, which tells nNOS to beat it, and your nitric oxide levels indirectly increase over time because of that.

      Agmatine’s actions go further, though, and they’re a bit complex. This ingredient causes an amazing chain reaction where nothing but good things happen. You get extra benefits further downstream, such as the two below:

      Secondary action: NMDA Receptor

      Agmatine goes further in maintaining your NO levels by inhibiting the NMDA receptor. Although this receptor is typically related to brain activity, it also increases nNOS (remember, nNOS breaks down our nitric oxide – we prefer to have a bit less of it in action while working out).

      So when agmatine is taken, it inhibits NMDA, whose nNOS boosts are thus inhibited, which decreases nNOS.[6,7] Ultimately, that means less nitric oxide synthase breaking down your NO levels, and more pumps for you.

      This dual-action is why so many people love to supplement agmatine pre workout, but it gets even more impressive than that:

      The cognitive / mental edge

      Research has shown that there are high levels of agmatine in the brain’s hippocampus.[8] These studies show that agmatine naturally fires up when you’re learning something and committing it to memory.[9,10]

      We couldn’t find any research on humans in terms of cognitive enhancement, but there’s a couple interesting things with it here:

      • Learning improvements? Maybe

        The best research when it comes to extra agmatine and the learning process involves injecting it in rats. The good news is that it did help rats to remember to avoid certain tasks (this was an avoidance test).[11]

        The bad news is that we’re not rats, we’re not injecting it, and we’re not trying to get you to avoid anything (except maybe junk food). Either way, there’s clearly a connection between learning, memory, and agmatine.

        But the most impressive part is the study below:

      • Setting the right mood – the will to fight.

        Here’s where it gets interesting. In other rat studies on mood, agmatine has been shown in certain stress tests to be as effective as some anti-depressants![12]

        In short, it boosts a rat’s “will to live” and fight for itself, if you will. They give a rat agmatine, then hang it from its tail and wait to see if it gives up on its situation. With more agmatine… the rat does not quit nearly as easily!

        And the dosages are actually at half of what’s in one scoop of NOOPUMP! (220-435mg for a 150lb human, when doing the conversion).

        Impressive stuff, but we’d obviously like to see how it performs in a quality human trial.

      A no-brainer for a nootropic pump supplement

      The point is, for a focus-based, stimulant-free pre workout, starting with agmatine is a no-brainer, and MAN hits this one on the head with a legit dosage that will work well even at less than one scoop, but incredibly strong at 2 scoops.

      We’ll discuss dosage below, but we’re leaning towards 1.5 scoops for the best blend of pumps, focus, and value.

    • Glycine Betaine (1500mg per scoop)

      This is a hot ingredient lately. For the purpose of supplementation, glycine betaine is the same as betaine is the same as trimethylglycine (or TMG). So you might see it listed as any of these on the label.

      Glycine betaine is here as a strength and power booster. It was always theorized to be one, but it wasn’t until last year, when legitimate research was published on trained athletes experienced in weightlifting.

      The trained athlete study, by Jason Cholewa

      Jason M. Cholewa, who is an active poster on, is also an assistant professor of Exercise Science at Coastal Carolina University. His study “proved” the efficacy of betaine for bodybuilders:[13]

      Over the course of six weeks, they gave users either 2.5g of betaine per day (split in two doses), or placebo. It was double-blinded so Cholewa and his team didn’t know who was getting it and who wasn’t.

      The results were spectacular for an amino acid:

      • +5.3lbs lean mass
      • -3% body fat
      • -6.4lb fat mass
      • Power improvements

      The muscle mass measurements were done on arm size (nice), and the improvements in power were done on bench press (nice again).[13]

      Any pumps from betaine?

      It’s also very likely it increases pumps, but this is anecdotally felt by users who are taking TMG standalone supplements.

      However, the research behind betaine and its action on nitric oxide is mixed, as one study yielded a 185% increase[14], but another study (using 2.5g) did not.[15]

      There’s a good chance that pumps felt here are from a different mechanism than NO, which is completely fine by us because we already have the agmatine keeping NO high.

      And with or without pumps, glycine betaine will give you measurable gains, even if you’re not a beginner. Worth the price of admission alone.

    • Glycerol Monostearate (1000mg per scoop)

      Yet another way to get a good but different pump.

      Glycerol acts like a muscular sponge for water, and if you’re hydrated enough (by drinking a good amount of water with NOOPUMP), glycerol will bring you a great “swole” sensation.

      This is not a nitric oxide booster – those bring more bloodflow – This works completely and brings water.

      There’s actually less research on this, one study we found was done on a product that contained too many other confounding ingredients. But another study might help prove what we’re talking about in terms of water:

      Longer time until dehydration

      But another study determined that ingesting glycerol pre workout delayed dehydration[16]:

      Glycerol-containing beverages create an osmotic gradient in the circulation favouring fluid retention, thereby facilitating hyperhydration and protecting against dehydration.[16]

      Other studies mention similar things – they talk about hydration and endurance, but not about pump. But trust us and every other bodybuilder who’s used it – the pump is there.

      Now here’s one thing: technically, this molecule is a fat molecule. But because of its effects on water in the muscle, it’s the best gram of fat you’ll take all day!

    • L-Norvaline (125mg per scoop)

      Similar to one of agmatine’s NO methods, L-Norvaline is an arginase inhibitor and it prevents NO breakdown.[17]

      It’s great to have here, because it does it through a different pathway — the inhibition of endothelial arginase-II. Meanwhile, it’s also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects that are completely independent of its nitric oxide action.[18]

      This is why it’s great to mix here – pump the muscles, but not the joints.

  • Vasodilator Activator (53mg per scoop)

    Consider this section the “nitric oxide booster amplifier” section. These two ingredients make the above four ingredients work even better.

    • Epimedium (Std. 98% Icariin)

      It’s horny goat weed extract! Everyone’s favorite!

      So what’s a known aphrodisiac / erectile dysfunction aid / potential testosterone booster doing in NOOPUMP? Besides doing its typical awesomeness?

      Well, there’s a reason why it’s such a great erectile dysfunction agent: it’s a PDE5 inhibitor[19], and works similarly (but far less strong) than Viagra![20]

      Bloodflow galore.

      Technically, you could use NOOPUMP before making some bedroom bam-bam, but the bloodflow and nitric oxide amplification works on your muscles if you take it before the gym.

      This is yet another way to get more pumps to your muscles, since none of the other four ingredients are PDE5 inhibitors like this. We’re surprised it’s not in more pump supplements, since it it’s never been shown to be toxic in humans or rats.

    • Rutaecarpine

      This ingredient comes from evodia rutaecarpa, a Chinese berry that are traditionally used as a thermogenic to keep you warm. Certain fat burners have it… and it seems to have anti-obesity effects, which is great.

      But why is it in a stim-free pre workout going after pumps and focus?

      The honest truth is that we’re not 100% sure, but there’s one study showing that it has effects on endothelial cells, which cover the thin layer on your blood vessels.[21]

      There is a possibility of anti-inflammatory response here, which could help to promote smoother bloodflow for the ingredients mentioned above. So it’s not here because it’s a nitric oxide booster, but it could amplify the effects of the nitric oxide boosters.

      Further, if it provides any thermogenic effects, that could feel good to a user who’s coming off of stimulants and wanting to get going.

  • LTP Mental Domination (652.5mg per scoop)

    • ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine)

    • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

    • Lean Green™ Green Tea SE (90% catchins, 60% EGCG)

    • Cocoa Plant (extract)

    • Sceletium Tortuosum (extract, stem and leaft)

    • Coleus Forskohlii (Std. 95% Forkolin)

(this post is in progress – sign up for notification updates, stay tuned and check MAN’s pages linked above and in the references for more info!)

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The first flavor? Pineapple express!

Sept 25, 2014: MAN just announced the new flavor will be pineapple express, with a clever video that’s since been deleted.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.


It’s coming… don’t lose your focus just because you’re losing the stims!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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