PreGains HodgeTwins Pre-Workout – Twin sized GAINZ!

Everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) YouTube fitness buffs, the HodgeTwins, have finally released their own pre-workout, aptly named PreGains. If you don’t know who the HodgeTwins are, chances are you’ve never searched on YouTube for any sort of workout video.

HodgeTwins PreGains

The HodgeTwins released their highly anticipated pre-workout, PreGains! Is it hype or does it deliver? Let’s find out!

While not as big as the JYM Army, the HodgeTwins do have a rather large and loyal following of subscribers that follow their antics on the web. And what’s a famous entity do in the exercise world when then have a big enough following?

Release your own line of supplements!

Rumors surfaced last year that the twins would be coming out with their own line of products, and we finally have some information on their pre-workout. They promise this to be a 1-scooper in order to get a effective dose…

What’s in it? Is it worthwhile, or just over the top like all of their videos?!

Read on to see what kind of gains PreGains can bring!

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PreGains Ingredients

PreGains brings a completely open label with no proprietary blends to the masses. There’s no gimmicky ingredients put into this formula, just a healthy blend of proven ergogenics designed to take your workouts to the next level.

PreGains Ingredients

Whether you like them or not, the HodgeTwins delivered one hell of a pre-workout!

Whether you love or hate the Twins, we’re here to tell you that when it comes to PreGains, these brothers knocked it out of the damned park. We break it down one by one below.

You’ll see several familiar faces on the ingredients list, but let’s start with a couple that you may not be as familiar with:

  • Schisandra Fruit Extract (100mg)

    Have you ever seen a Schisandra Fruit in the produce section of the grocery store? No? Neither have we.

    This isn’t some make believe ingredient dreamed up by the Twins. It’s the fruit of the Schisandra chinensis tree, also known as the Chinese Magnolia Vine. It was traditionally used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of several respiratory ailments.

    In the fitness world, Schisandra Fruit Extract has been studied for its ability to be an adaptogen.[1] Adaptogens help your body to combat stress and anxiety when dealing with less than favorable circumstances (i.e. trying to squat 350 lbs!).

    Another potential benefit of Schisandra Fruit Extract is its ability to act as a vasodilator and increase blood flow.[2] This leads to more nitric oxide availability in the body which leads to bigger, better, and badder pumps! Something the TWINS definitely want!

    As a note, this ingredient was first popularized by the original USPLabs Jack3d formula — but it never really took off in pre workouts since then. When extracted properly, it could have some good benefits, as shown above.

  • Rhodiola Root Extract (100mg)

    The HodgeTwins must have spent many, many years traversing the lands of the Far East, as we have another ingredient long used in Chinese Medicine. Rhodiola rosea is the plant this extract is derived from and also goes under several other names: Arctic Root, Golden Root, or Orpin Root.

    Much like it’s aforementioned counterpart, Rhodiola root extract is widely praised for its abilities as an adaptogen and cognition booster.[3] Aside from those benefits, it also has the ability to reduce fatigue brought on by prolonged stressful situations (i.e. really, long workouts).[4]

  • CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine (3g)

    Now back to the top of the label…

    PreGains brings the staple endurance maximizer and strength booster to the party with Beta-alanine. In case you need a refresher, beta-alanine binds to histidine and becomes carnosine in the body.[5] Carnosine acts as a “buffer” to the buildup of lactic acid (H+ ions) in the muscle. This buffering effect allows the muscles to avoid fatigue and failure longer allowing you to train longer and harder.

    Additionally, BA has been shown to:

    Beta alanine boosts how long athletes last, which then turns into more overall workload... which, if you eat right, means more gains!

    Beta alanine boosts how long athletes last, which then turns into more overall workload… which, if you eat right, means more gains!

    • Boost muscle growth[5]

    • Increase endurance[6]

    • Increase strength[7]

    • Higher power output[6]

    • Delay onset of fatigue[8]

    PreGains contains 3g, which is close to the clinically recommended 3.2g (so we won’t nitpick over 0.2g). Be forewarned, that with a dose of BA this high, you may experience the “tingles” but the Twins promised us a true 1-scooper pre-workout and by God they’re going to give it to us!

    So, you’ll just have to put on your big boy pants and deal with the tingles should you be susceptible to them!

    The funny part here is how much the Hodge Twins have railed against Beta Alanine in the past, but have since changed their minds – and in a big way, too – this is a great dose!

  • Agmapure™ Agmatine Sulfate (1.5g)

    Agmatine sulfate is a derivative of the amino acid L-arginine, and Agmapure is the patented high purity form developed by Genabolix, LLC.

    Agmatine has become the bodybuilding world’s golden boy for enhancing THE PUMP! Gone are the days of turning to l-norvaline or l-arginine (which weren’t really that effective anyway as NO boosters). While l-arginine increase blood levels of nitric oxide in the body, Agmatine actually prevents its breakdown[9], which in turn leads to longer-lasting and more intense pumps!

    But there’s more to this than meets the eye, Agmatine also possesses cognitive benefits as well enhancing memory formation.[10]

    So, not only will your pumps be unreal with the huge dose of 1.5g of Agmatine Sulfate coursing through your veins, you’ll also have tunnel-vision like focus while you’re repping out your sets of curls!

    Did we mention this is a huge dose? It’s 2-3x what many other pre workouts provide!


    Love that Agmatine Dose!

  • N-Acetyl-Tyrosine (500mg)

    The main focus booster in PreGains!

    N-Acetyl-Tyrosine is a more heat stable form of the amino, L-Tyrosine. On it’s own, tyrosine isn’t very soluble in water, but through acetylation, both the solubility and availability of tyrosine is increased in the body.

    Tyrosine increases the production of two key neurotransmitters in the body, dopamine and noradrenaline. Its inclusion in PreGains is most likely due to its ability to enhance mood and focus, while decreasing stress levels.[11,12]

    Note that N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is the more expensive, more bioavailable form of tyrosine. The Twins went with the good stuff here, and with a better dose than most. You should feel it, but not be overwhelmed by it.

  • Caffeine (260mg)

    Whether we want to admit it or not, the definition of a “1-scooper” by gym rats is how much “punch” a pre-workout delivers. Well, PreGains doesn’t pull any punches here, as they’ve included a rather sizeable 260mg dose of everyone’s favorite drug, caffeine!

    Aside from its obvious benefits as a stimulant, caffeine also enhances focus, mood, strength, and endurance. It also works synergistically with Tyrosine, enhancing the energy kick you’ll feel from PreGains. So you won’t be needing to use 1.5-2 scoops to satisfy your high energy needs.

  • AdvantraZ® (20mg)

    Advantra Z

    Advantra Z is the most popular bitter orange extract, and brings several stimulant constituents to the party

    You may be more familiar with this patented Citrus Aurantium bitter orange extract (30% Synephrine) as a component of stimulant based thermogenics and fat burners. While it has been proven highly effective in weight loss applications, you may also like to know it had performance enhancing capabilities as well!

    AdvantraZ® raises energy levels, reduces fatigue, and decreases rate of perceived exertion![13,14,15]  Additionally, it also stimulates lipolysis which helps your body oxidize fat allowing it to be used as a rich energy source!

    Now, some people might be scared off by the comparisons of AdvantraZ® to ephedra. Put your fears at ease, as over 30 clinical studies have been performed demonstrating the safety and efficacy of this extract. It’s similar, but milder, which is perfect for our purposes here, especially at this not-too-much-not-too-little dose.

No creatine?!

If you’re a HodgeTwins fan, you’ll know that they prefer to get their creatine in post-workout. So true to their word, it’s not included.

They have a separate product named CreaGains that covers this for their userbase. Like we always say, “Do it right or don’t do it at all”, so this is perfectly fine. Just get it in some other time – bulk creatine mono is cheap and often on our supplement deals page.

Available Flavors

Currently, PreGains is only available through their website and comes in one flavor: Blueberry Lemonade and retails for $32.99.

Wrap Up

Hodge Twins

The Hodge Twins Logo – More Supps are Probably on the way!

While the HodgeTwins may come across a bit abrasive or over the top in the videos, PreGains (from the label) looks like the real deal. It uses proven ingredients in effective doses all on display in a completely open label!

If you need 400mg caffeine to get going, this might cost you a bit more, but for us (and for the average consumer), this is a true one-scooper, and is possibly the best “YouTube pre workout” we’ve seen yet!!

This will definitely be a big seller to the HodgeTwins fan base and may just trickle into the mainstream as another great alternative to keep in your ever-expanding pre-workout arsenal.

Hodge Twins, consider us impressed. You stepped your shit up and in a big way here. Good luck to you guys – where was this product two years ago? We could have used it back then for real!

Where to buy PreGains?

At the time of press, it’s only available through the Hodge Twins’ website. But if any retailers pick it up, PricePlow will alert you if you sign up below!

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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