Giant Pump Stim-Free Pre Workout: Tape Measure Included!

Giant PUMP from Giant Sports - 100% open and honest formula

Giant Sports brings a 100% open and honest (and intense) formula in Giant PUMP!

Giant Sports has big news for fans of stimulant-free pump supplements like HEMAVOL, NoxiVOL, and High Volume:

Giant Pump is finally in production!

Updated July 31, 2014 – The label has been released – see them to the right and below!

Giant Sports aims for this product to be the best of the nitric oxide pump supplement class, thanks to the following attributes:

  • Lower-cost
  • Bigger-dosed
  • Completely open and non-proprietary formula

And they have delivered.

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A TAPE MEASURE is Included!!

Brace yourselves...

Oh this is going to be too much fun

In what may be our favorite marketing move of the year so far, Giant Sports is including a free tape measure in every tub!

Quote their founder,

As you can see by the label and photos of the cans, each can comes with a tape measure in a sealed bag inside the can.


We are so confident of the massive pumps that Giant Pump instill with just one scoop that we want people to do “before and after” measurements of themselves (likely we will have a contest as to who can generate the “biggest” pump increase in the before/after). — Giant Sports

This, of course, leads us to believe only one thing can happen. A massive slew of “measurement” jokes. But if it works, it works!

Our beta Giant Pump Review

Earlier on, CJ, Mike, and Dylan recorded a review of a beta release of Giant Pump, and had some fantastic results:

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Note that they were in packets, and we now like to do our reviews on official production tubs, but we are hearing that this will be very close to the real thing.

I also used a few of the sample packets that were left over, and the workouts were clearly stronger, longer, and made me about 3x hungrier afterward. My muscles needed some serious protein… and I can’t wait to get that feeling back.

Note on the Flavors

In the video, we got the Australian / New Zealand flavors, which I thought were fun and refreshing. However, it sounds like we Americans are going to start with the standard blue raspberry, fruit punch, and lemonade flavors.

The Giant Pump Ingredients

The ingredients / nutrition label are shown to the right.

Giant Pump Ingredients

The ingredient label is 100% non-proprietary… and fully loaded with nitric oxide boosters and supporting ingredients!

This to be higher on the “nitric oxide booster” side of things, yielding tight blood-moving pumps, whereas products like HEMAVOL are a bit “wetter” since they use more glycerol monostearate. Needless to say, glycerol is also a supporting ingredient in this – Giant Pump basically packs it all!

This is basically the stim-free pump supplement to end all pump supplements. A kitchen sink of the following ingredients in each scoop (32 scoops per container):

  • 1500mg Glutamine Nitrate


  • 1000mg Agmatine Sulfate

    (AGMAMAX™ Instantized Micronized)

  • 500mg Sodium Glycerophosphate

  • 150mg Norvaline

  • 90mg Vitamin C

    (as ascorbic acid – 100% USRDA)

  • 50mg Stilbenox™

    (Vitis vinifera aqueous extract standardized for Oligiprocyanidans)

  • 5mg Evodia Rutaecarpa

    (aqueous extract standardized for Rutaecarpine)

Other Ingredients

Calcium silicate, malic acid, sucralose, acesulfame potassium (Ace K), Natural & Artificial Flavors, FD&C Red Lake #40, FD&C Yellow Lake #6

Giant Sports Giant Pump Nutrition Label

The Full Nutrition Label. Click it to zoom in or right-click and click “Save Link As…” to save the big one

It is a fully open

Metabolic BioShock - Another Non-Proprietary Formula from Giant Sports

Metabolic BioShock – Another Non-Proprietary Formula from Giant Sports

We love the non-proprietary blends that Giant Sports has been releasing. They put out fully loaded products with legit doses of the expensive stuff (often high up in the formula), unlike what’s happening elsewhere in the industry.

The products then come out to be such a good deal that I can guarantee you Giant Sports is only making a fraction of the money its competitors are.

…which makes us love them

This is what put their pre workout supplement, Metabolic Bioshock, all the way to the top of my Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements list. It comes down to what exactly you’re going for, but I personally consider it the “weight loss pre workout”.

Will Giant Pump beat out HEMAVOL?

On that top 10 list, you’ll notice one stimulant-free pre-workout: iFORCE HEMAVOL. Is it time to unseat the current champion of pumps?

Time will tell… and it also depends on the next section:

So what’s the best pump supplement?

It’ll come down to personal preference, since you may or may not like the “drier” pump that this one gave us.

I personally side on the benefits of more nitric oxide production (which has some fun… other benefits) rather than the wet pumps, but they’re both fun as hell when you’re getting after it and have a bit of extra money in the budget.

There are also a ton of nitric oxide pill formulas, but at this point we’re nearly always going to pick a tasty powder. Powders are nearly always cheaper and more fun per serving.

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