Ghost Pump Pineapple: Sweet-Tasting Stim-Free Pre Workout Pumps!

Ghost came into 2019 setting the bar pretty high for themselves. The influential brand, which has been dominating since it burst onto the scene in 2016, made some ambitious claims – many new flavors, some new products, and tons of entertaining content were supposedly on the way.

Ghost Pump Pineapple

Not into the sour stuff? Then get your pump the sweet way, with this real-tasting Pineapple Ghost PUMP!

Suffice to say, Ghost has absolutely cleared that original bar. They’ve launched new partnerships with brands like Chips Ahoy! and Welch’s to create incredibly novel flavors, and have re-introduced awesome new products like Ghost Burn and Ghost Amino. However, Ghost made originally made its name on great-tasting pre-workout formulas, so it’s only fitting 2019 sees some new iterations in that department, too.

Ghost Pump needs some new flavor love, too!

We’ve already seen Ghost Legend Grapefruit (now-discontinued) hit the scene, as teased on their YouTube series Building the Brand (S4:E23), but what about those using a stimulant-free pre-workout? Watch that same video a bit longer, and you’ll get a hint – Ghost Pump Pineapple is the newest variation of the brand’s pump-inducing, stim-free formula, and this one is loaded with all the sweetness the name implies!

Read on for more information about this tropical pump experience, but before that, make sure you’re set up to get the latest deals and news for Ghost Pump, and all the other products the brand has to offer!

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Stim-free sweetness

Ghost Pump V2

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Pump formulas typically surpass their caffeinated cousins in both the flavor and the nitric oxide boosting department due to their absence of stimulants. Products that contain things like caffeine can be notoriously hard to flavor, and because Ghost Pump is completely stimulant-free, we expect some serious flavor here.

Ghost Pump originally hit shelves in some amazing flavors, touting the logo of Sour WARHEADS, promising to deliver that overpowering flavor most of us know and love. This new variation takes a different approach, however, as Ghost Pump Pineapple packs a powerful, natural pineapple taste into every scoop. Don’t get us wrong – this stuff is sweet, but more so in a way that honors the fruit it’s named after. With each sip, this product recreates the experience of drinking all-natural pineapple juice, which for some people can be quite refreshing.

Don’t let this flavor induce daydreams of sitting poolside in the summer, however – when you knock back some Ghost Pump Pineapple, you better be ready for an intense workout!

Ghost Pump Ingredients

This formula is packed with everything you need to enhance your training session without the help of caffeine. It’s perfect for those chasing the pump, but can also be useful for anyone hoping to get an intense workout without stimulants, such as those who train at night!

Ghost Pump Ingredients

Is this the most nitrate we’ve ever seen in one serving?

Ghost Pump contains some of the industry’s top pump-inducing ingredients, and brings about vasodilation via multiple angles. Nitric oxide production comes from citrulline and nitrates, while glycerol induces water-based pumps. The label also includes other ingredients that help support the effects of these vasodilators, making for one synergistic formula! Check out our breakdown of Ghost Pump if you want more of an in-depth analysis, but here’s what each serving of Ghost Pump delivers:

  • L-Citrulline – 4000mg
  • Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T) – 2500mg
  • Taurine – 2000mg
  • GlycerPump – 1500mg
  • Norvaline – 300mg
  • Pine Bark Extract – 200mg
  • Astragin – 50mg

Inducing pumps from various directions, and providing ingredients that help prolong these effects, Ghost Pump is an extremely powerful stimulant-free pre-workout!

The Ghost Pump Flavors

Considering sour instead? Ghost’s got you covered! Here are the other options Ghost offers for Ghost Pump:

Ghost Pump Review

Ghost Pump is an epic stim-free pre workout!! Look at that label above!

    Conclusion – Pineapple-powered pumps!

    You may or may not remember the days when pre-workouts had to be quickly gulped down due to poor flavoring. Believe it or not, those gloomy times actually did exist, but things have changed in recent years. Companies began developing better-tasting formulas, effectively masking the poor tastes inherent to some ingredients, such as caffeine. When Ghost joined the picture, however, we were immediately assured that we’d entered a new era – most supplements now taste amazing, and Ghost may just be at the forefront of that movement!

    Ghost is known for how well they flavor supplements, and it’s clearly something they hold paramount in their formulation. They only release products that consumers would want to drink day-in and day-out, delivering an enjoyable experience with every use. If pump pre-workouts are your thing, and you’ve got a sweet tooth, look no further than Ghost Pump Pineapple!

    True to its name, this powder packs all of the flavor you’d expect in a Ghost product. It tastes like actual pineapple juice, unlike some other artificially-driven formulas out there. This stuff tastes so good, we wish we could sip on it all day! That’d be a fool’s errand, however, because as great as Ghost Pump Pineapple tastes, it’s all the more effective!

    Ghost Pump – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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