Ghost Won’t Slow Down for 2019: What’s in Store for the Supplement Brand?

Ghost Legend Amino

Building upon 2018 momentum, Ghost has a lot in store for 2019!

Ghost is a company that thrives off clinical formulas, amazing flavoring, and now… doing official company collaborations.

2018 was an epic year: Starting with the release of the official Sour Warheads Ghost Pump, Ghost followed up with partnerships for Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish to deliciously flavor their amino acids. Looks like there’s no slowing down in 2019:

What’s Ghost going to close out the decade?

As the page turns to 2019, the company announced a future collaboration with Welch’s Grape Juice to be used in Ghost Legend and Ghost Amino. But wait there’s more!

Leaks from their “Building the Brand” Series on YouTube

As you can see from the video below, the legends have leaked some information about future products and flavors in Season 3 Episode 8 of their YouTube series. In one scene, Legend Leader Ryan is shown writing the future products and flavors on the board.

One such ‘leak’ is a cookie collaboration to flavor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ghost Whey, which has been in the works for 3 years similar to how long as the previous Project X for the aforementioned Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids Ghost BCAA.

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Perfection is a must, so these projects take time

The company strives for flavoring perfection in anything and everything they do, and as we’ve written in the past, they have to when another brand’s good name is on the line. Ghost will sample literally dozens of test batches before finally releasing the final product, and aren’t afraid to fly straight to the manufacturer either.

Other innovations coming:

Ghost Announcements

Ghost has lots in store for 2019! And maybe a few things not written about here…

The company has also stated they are working on a greens formula, a fat loss product called Ghost Burn exclusive to the Australian and New Zealand market, a standalone L-Carnitine, and even a gaming nootropic supplement.

Other variations of Ghost Whey we have seen the company hint at are Cinnamon Cereal Milk Ghost Whey. Last year the brand was found tinkering with Irish coffee whey, might be finalized and released in 2019… you never know.

There might even be something big not listed in this blog post!!

So as the weeks go by, keep your eyes peeled to PricePlow’s Ghost news and alerts for the up to date deals, coupons, and savings from the brand. Ghost has a lot of tricks up their sleeve, and we won’t be surprised what Dan, Ryan, and the rest of the crew come up with to finish off the 2010s.

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