ANS Dilate Powder: Reformulated for the Reckoning

ANS Dilate Powder

Have you experienced the combination of glycerol, NO boosters, and amentoflavone? If not, get ready!!

Great news to everyone who’s a fan of ANS and their award-winning pre workout supplement, RITUAL.

DILATE by ANS Performance has been reformulated from a pill to a stimulant-free, pre-workout powder for incredible pumps.

So we’re proud to introduce to you the newly reformulated ANS Dilate Powder.

Can it live up to the claims?

ANS Performance states that,

“DILATE will increase definition, muscle size, vascularity, strength and endurance to heights previously unattainable”


“undoubtedly the most advanced nitric oxide plasma and muscle volumizing supplement ever…”

Their claims are strong, and as a bodybuilder who doesn’t want to be hasty, it’s important to find out exactly what’s causing said pumps and vascularity, which we’ll do below.

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So, in addition to being “undoubtedly the most advanced nitric oxide plasma”, DILATE is a stimulant-free, carb-free, and creatine-free pre-workout supplement.

This joins it in with the ever-more-crowded stimulant-free pre workout supplements category, which is growing by the month.

Can you still be a beast in the gym without having a stimulant rush, like when it’s late at night or you’re trying to cycle off of your pre-workout stimulants? We think so. But note that it can be stacked with ANS Ritual or your favorite pre workout supplement.

So what’s in this DILATE that causes such an amazing NO boost? And is it really NO that’s making for the great user reviews?

Here is a quick run-down of some of the master ingredients in DILATE.

ANS Dilate Ingredients

ANS Dilate Powder Ingredients

The ANS Dilate Powder Ingredient Label. Discussed below!

As you will see, this is a very glycerol-heavy supplement, combined with a unique supporting cast that nobody else is using in a stim-free pre right now:

  • Glycerol Powder (HydroMax) – 2,000mg

    A “water sponge for your muscles”, as we often say on this site. This is actually not a nitric oxide booster, but it will give you that incredible swole feeling. When mixed with some NO boosters (like those below), you can expect some fun things to happen.

    Anyway, glycerol causes hydration[1], thus less retention around the body causing those intense muscle pumps.

    Note that this is a fat molecule: glycerol powder also causes a metabolic spike for energy for the hefty bodybuilder and, boosting metabolism to burn body fat for energy.

  • L-Citrulline – 1,500 mg

    Now this is the nitric oxide booster.

    Citrulline is an amino acid which, once inside the body, can be converted to arginine. Supplementing with Citrulline proves actually to be more effective in increasing arginine levels than supplementing with arginine itself.[2] Arginine of course is an amino acid which plays as a forerunner for the famous nitric oxide, which helps regulate blood pressure in the vascular system.

    The question here is in the dosage. If this were the only ingredient, we’d state that this wouldn’t be enough for most people. After all, the study cited above used 6g![2] But combined with the above and below ingredients, it should get the nitric oxide moving.

  • Agmatine Sulfate – 500mg

    Enhances the nervous system and cognitive processes, as well as assisting in synthesizing the nitric oxide.

    Agmatine works in several ways, but one of which is that it actually inhibits nitric oxide synthase, which tries to break down your NO.[3,4] When agmatine inhibits it, you keep more of your NO and get longer lasting pumps.

    Unfortunately, some of agmatine’s secondary effects “fight” with arginine, so the combination of L-Citrulline + Agmatine may not be completely cumulative.[3,4] That is speculative, however, and is only a secondary reaction further downstream for agmatine, so it’s not a big deal – both ingredients will still be felt quite well.

  • Amentoflavone – The Secret Weapon (50mg)

    ANS Performance Dilate Powder

    Grape splash indeed! Does that not look delicious?

    It might seem like a small dosage, but this is what’s really turning heads compared to many of the other stim-free pump supplements.

    Amentoflavone is rather new on the scene, but is growing in popularity by massive amounts. ANS included AmentoPump brand Selaginella tamariscina extract in ANS Dilate Powder, and users are loving the strength gains.

    First, it enhances muscle contractions by increasing calcium to muscle cells.[5] This is one of the reasons why it’s giving such great strength gains (get your joints ready!)

    But beyond that, amentoflavone is also a known PDE5 inhibitor[6] (this is how Viagra operates), and that brings you the vasodilation and pumps that were promised. You can get a lot out of a small 50mg dosage!

    Amentoflavone also is proven to aide in mood, and alertness. If this is your first time hearing about it, it won’t be your last. Amentoflavone is a great new addition to supplements in 2014, and is definitely worth the price of admission alone.

  • Vitamin C and Pomegranate

    DILATE has some other natural ingredients such as pomegranate extract for delaying fatigue and vitamin C to for energy, fighting oxidization, and further increasing bloodflow.[7]

So the ingredients look like a great formula, but it’s important to realize that there’s more going on than just “nitric oxide” – and that’s fine as long as you get a strong, pumped up workout and eat your face off afterwards to maintain those gains!

ANS Dilate Powder Reviews

The reviews for this product are spectacular, surprisingly enough for a reformulated product. I have seen many 5 of 5 stars, and even a 10 star review, where the poster commented “I cannot wait to see what you come out with next”.

So if you need to get off the stims, work out at night, or just want to thrash more weight, DILATE is an excellent choice for a stimulant-free supplement for a hard pump.

This stuff is raw, hardcore, yet clean and free of caffeine and beta alanine (no tingles with this one). According to ANS performance, “DILATE will increase definition, muscle size, vascularity, strength and endurance to heights previously unattainable”.

This product is the one scoop wonder for a pre-workout stimulant-free supplement, and the one kill wonder for plateaus.

To sum it all up, DILATE from ANS Performance is definitely worth a try, especially if you like glycerol and/or want to try some amentoflavone.

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