Meet Anastasis: Bio-hacking for the Savvy Supplementer

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Anastasis is a new brand dedicated to helping all individuals awaken and rise up to a new level of mental excellence with its line of nootropic biohacking supplements.

Over the past few months, we’ve regularly been featuring nootropics on the blog in one form or another from new products to in-depth ingredient articles and even some cost-analysis thrown in for fun (this is a price comparison site after all). But today, we take a break from the heavy hitting, super dense science to discuss a new brand dedicated to making your biohacking trials much easier.

Anastasis is a brand on a mission to awaken your mind and unleash the hidden potential trapped inside you.

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What is Anastasis?

Anastasis is the Greek word from which resurrection (to rise up) is derived. Knowing that, it makes much more sense what the team at Anastasis is all about — helping each person to rise up and awaken their mind, body, and spirit to a whole new level of awesomeness!

We got a chance to chat with the guys behind the brand to see what led them to create Anastasis and what its true purpose is:

”Anastasis was formed to provide cutting edge formulas not available yet in any industry. Most focus/nootropics are lacking in several areas. Our long term goal is to provide a positive experience to those looking to increase mental capacity and give an alternative to drugs the pharmaceutical companies are pushing, such as adderall and Xanax.”

— Anastasis HQ

Bold words from the starting block. We need to emphasize that supplements are never meant to treat or diagnose any actual medical conditions, and that you should always consult your physician before starting any. However, we also believe that mild, non-medical symptoms should be attacked with food, exercise, and supplementation first before going into heavier alternatives, and that you should see doctors that recommend diet-based approaches like this.

Anyway, Anastasis HQ also mentioned they’re currently developing a brand introductory video which should launch within the next week or two that will cover the entire philosophy behind the brand, its formulas, and company mission statement. They also mentioned that the first product that brand will launch, Konnect, will debut October 16th — so mark your calendars and get ready for some nootropic formulas that you’ve never seen before!

Who is Anastasis for?

Anastasis Mason

Anastasis is here to increase the human potential, by enhancing brain power, which encourage us all to rise up.

Anastasis are for students 18+ to the businessman (and woman) in their 40s looking to enhance productivity, study skills, and generally take ownership of life. Really, if you have any interest whatsoever in nootropics, biohacking, or just figuring out a way to make your life even better than it currently is, Anastasis is for you.

Anastasis Supplements

While Anastasis hasn’t officially launched any of their supplements yet, we do have confirmation of their first two products, as well as some details on them. The brand also mentioned that their supplements will include a variety of trademarked raw materials that customers will be able to check source, quality, and purity online.

  • Konnect

    Konnect is the headlining supplement of Anastasis that will bat leadoff when the brand officially launches October 16th. Konnect is all about increasing dopamine and acetylcholine and stimulating norepinephrine production. It’s designed to enhance focus, instill a sense of euphoria, and all together connect your mind with your body.

    We’ve seen the formula for this, and while we can’t disclose the exact ingredients (yet), to say it’s awesome would be an understatement. This thing is going to rock your world if you’re a fan of nootropics and productivity supplements. Robert got a chance to test a couple samples of this a few weeks ago and was really impressed by its smooth, controlled energy and tight focus.

    For you nootropics nerds out there, this one will be a must try!

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  • LAX

    LAX is nerve tonic created specifically for people who deal with anxiety. It can also be used as a sleep aid when double scooped, per Anastasis HQ.

    ”Its purpose is to give an alternative to pharmaceutical products for those looking to operate form a drugged society. Mood, euphoria, lower cortisol and relaxation are the key areas we focused on for LAX.”

    — Anastasis HQ

    As for specifics, all we can confirm now is that there is a clinical dose of KSM (in the double scoop), as well as a handful of other euphoria and relaxation-inducing herbs.

    The guys at Anastasis mentioned that they actually enjoy drinking LAX as a hot tea. Simply heat up some water, and enjoy a serving of LAX after a stressful day at the office to help unwind and set the mood right for a relaxing and refreshing sleep.

    Note that LAX stands for “relax”, not the stressful airport, so the tea idea makes great sense!

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Anastasis Brain Unlock

Anastasis has the key to unlocking your mind’s full potential.

Where to Find Anastasis

Anastasis will be available through PricePlow, as well as Amazon and direct-to-consumer. You’ll also be able to find it in a few exclusive brick and mortar retailers too.

We’ll be monitoring Amazon for their new product releases and deals / price drops, so sign up for alerts above and below!

Where to Follow Anastasis


While we all eagerly await the debut of the Anastasis video and product launch, we’ll just have to bide our time and hope the brand throws us a few crumbs along the way to quell our curiosity. If you’d like to stay as up to date as possible on all Anastasis developments and announcements, make sure to sign up for our newsletter, as well as the official Anastasis brand newsletter by signing up on their website

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