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Primeval Labs Hurakan: The Hot-Headed Fat Burner

Primeval Labs Hurakan

Hurakan is the K’iche’ Mayan god of wind, storm and fire, and it also happens to be the new multi-headed fat burning beast from Primeval Labs. Primeval has been on a non-stop roll lately with recent hits including EAA […]

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Lumonol Nootropic: A Popular Memory Supplement But…


Here at PricePlow, it’s our job to inform you of the best products and deals on the market, but it’s also our duty to alert you to products that are poorly formulated, even if they might begink heavily advertised across […]

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Sparta Nutrition HydraShred: High-Energy Fat Loss

Sparta Nutrition HydraShred

Weight loss aids are the most crowded segment of the supplement market. Every brand has a fat burner on the market, the segment is rife with TV doctor scams, and most companies even have two or more fat burners nowadays![…]

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Gaspari Hyper Amino: Low-Cost Energy Aminos that Kick!

Gaspari Hyper Amino

Reviewing the landscape of the supplement industry these past 18 months, we’ve seen two emerging and expanding trends: protein bars and energy aminos. We covered the former yesterday, and as it just so happens, a brand new energy enhanced […]

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Muscle Elements PreCre XS: Energy Upgraded!

Muscle Elements PreCre XS

Several weeks ago Muscle Elements announced they’d be bringing a newer, more powerful pre workout to the market. This new product is not intended to replace the original PreCre, but serve as another option for the high-stim fiends out there.[…]

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360CUT 360Amino Energize: Aminos with Natural Energy

360Cut 360Amino Energize

Just when all of the “energy aminos” out there were starting to look the same… comes the all-natural option:

How many times have you been in the middle of a workout and then felt like you’ve run into a brick […]

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HydroxySlim: Ephedra Fat Burner that’s DMAA-Free


At this point, we’ve covered a few of the different ephedra-based fat burners from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Each member of this product line goes after a different target market.

For example, if you want the “standard” ephedra fat burner, you […]

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Rich Piana’s MENTALITY – Cognitive Booster Leaves *Nothing* Out

Rich Piana Mentality

Rich Piana his supplement company, 5% Nutrition, are anything but conventional. From their creatine blend that utilizes an astounding 10 types of creatine, Crea-Ten, to their aptly named pre workout, Kill It, Rich and company go the […]

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Ubervita W700: The Amazon Scam of the Century

Ubervita W700

The Ubervita W700 fat burner caught our attention long ago because it’s been tearing up the sales charts on Amazon — last time we checked, it’s #3 overall in the “fat burner” category, #5 for “appetite suppressants” and the #9 […]

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Oxy Xtreme: Good Mood Fat Burner by Brand New Energy

Oxy Xtreme

The original OxyELITE Pro was one of the most effective fat burners on the market in its heyday. Now though, new contenders have flooded an already crowded market forcing the makers of the original thermogenic to step up their game.[…]

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