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RedCon1 Ration Review: Phenomenally Unique Chocolate Flavor!

Redcon1 Ration Review

Look who’s back and ready for a RedCon1 Ration Review. This new cost-effective whey protein powder. One of the best chocolate whey proteins around!

Few brands have been as successful, or as popular, the past year and a half than RedCon1. The military-themed brand has built a following ravenously loyal and dedicated to the highest state of readiness.

RedCon1 has released a plethora of products since their initial launch, but one that was missing, and highly demanded from the fans, was a regular whey protein powder! Yes, the brand has Isotope (a pure whey protein isolate) and MRE (whole foods, dairy-free meal replacement powder with carbs), but not a straightforward whey powder… until now, that is.

So the PricePlow gang got back together and reviewed the chocolate flavor of this new whey protein blend, RedCon1 Ration:

Ration Review: Crazy Good Chocolate

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What a fantastic and unique chocolate flavor! It’s almost like there’s a bit of marshmallow flavor in there or something! So if you’re looking for a new chocolate, read our RedCon1 Ration blog post and as Mike mentions at the end of the video, wait for a good RedCon1 coupon, and the best way to do that is to sign up for alerts on our RedCon1 news page or in the price comparisons below!

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