AlphaOne Labs BZERQ Review

Mike and Robert are back with another review! We've got AlphaOne Labs BZERQ DMHA-fueled pre workout on tap, and it's a winner!

Mike and Robert are back with another review! We’ve got AlphaOne Labs BZERQ DMHA-fueled pre workout on tap, and it’s a winner!

After a long hiatus, we’re back with another review here on the PricePlow blog, and today we’re serving up our thoughts on Australian newcomer AlphaOne Labs DMHA-fueled pre workout BZERQ.

First off, we’d like to thank Daniel, owner of AlphaOne, for sending the tubs across the ocean to us – international shipping isn’t cheap! Prior to reviewing BZERQ we made it clear to Daniel and Co. that freebie products don’t guarantee a positive review by any means.Our job here is to provide honest and unbiased feedback on all the products we test, to ultimately help you decide which products are worth your hard-earned bucks.

Before we get the the review, here’s where you can find BZERQ since it’s not listed in any of our stores yet:

Our YouTube BZERQ Review and Discussion

We had the honor of meeting Daniel here in Texas, and played with some BZERQ here:

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You can also watch Mike’s interview with Daniel here, and more on that later.

Robert’s BZERQ Review

  • Profile

    AlphaOne Labs BZERQ Ingredients

    If it’s energy and focus you want, BZERQ fits the bill with its potent blend of stims and nootropics to drive your workouts.

    We won’t sugar coat things here, BZERQ is first and foremost a high energy, mood elevating pre workout, thanks in large part to the combination of 300mg caffeine and DMHA (2-amino-6-methylheptane). You will see some moderate pump increases from the 1g of Agmatine and 1g L-Citrulline, but don’t kid yourself, BZERQ is all about providing one intense, highly-focused workout session.

    If there is one area where I have to dock some points from BZERQ is the underdosing of Creatine. As we’ve said countless times here on the blog, we’re not fans of pixie dusted creatine, no matter what form of creatine may be using. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Daniel during his trip to the States and discussed the possibility of removing Creatine HCl altogether and upping the dose of L-Citrulline to further improve pumps and endurance.

  • Mixability

    I experimented with three different water levels to test the mixability of BZERQ: 4oz, 8oz, and 12oz. Suffice it to say, BZERQ mixes seamlessly into the water after a few seconds of shaking. The powder completed dissolved into water and there were no clumps, gooey gobs at the bottom or residue left on the side of the shaker after drinking the water.

  • Taste

    4, 8, or 12oz of water, it doesn't matter. BZERQ mixes up effortlessly and has no clumps or mess!

    4, 8, or 12oz of water, it doesn’t matter. BZERQ mixes up effortlessly and has no clumps or mess!

    When BZERQ was first sent our way, it was only available in one flavor: Juicy Watermelon. However, since then, AlphaOne Labs has added two other flavors to the line up: Cotton Candy and Blue Raspberry.

    The best way to describe the flavor is that it’s light and refreshing. One thing I’ve noticed in particular when trying a few of these overseas products from both New Zealand and Australia, is that they aren’t nearly as sweet and overpowering as the domestic products. If you’re thinking this is going to taste like you’re typical watermelon flavored supp from Scivation, iForce, or BPI, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

    However, I personally enjoyed the flavor of the Aussie watermelon as it’s not cloyingly sweet like every other supplement. As a matter of fact, flavors of pre workouts I tend to avoid like the plague are Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon, as they are always too sweet for my tastes and generally don’t taste all that great to begin with.

    BZERQ’s light flavoring makes it enjoyable to drink pre workout, or sip during your workout as Mike has been known to do on more than one occasion for prolonged energy and focus.

  • Energy

    Here’s where BZERQ makes its money, their NeuroSTIM Matrix. Headlined by a whopping 300mg of caffeine plus a solid dose of DMHA, BZERQ definitely brings a solid rush of energy to your workout. Compared to some of the more powerful kicks I’ve experimented with over the years, this one is definitely up there. The surge of energy isn’t a “slam you in the face” type of experience as say Mesomorph or DVST8 White Cut is. BZERQ has a more subtle onset of energy that slowly ramps up over the course of 20-30 minutes and gets you amped for your workout. Once it’s at full steam, you’re ready to immediately get to work, and don’t really ever feel like stopping the workout!

    What makes BZERQ’s energy even more impressive is that it sustains for the duration of my typical workout length (50-60 minutes) and carries on for several hours afterwards. It’s also worth mentioning that BZERQ’s energy rush is really applicable to all kinds of workouts, whether it be higher rep bodybuilding style workouts, or more plyometric / explosive-power training, BZERQ fits the bill across all fronts.

  • Pumps

    BZERQ survived the transcontinental trip to America and arrived safe, sound, and fully loaded.

    BZERQ survived the transcontinental trip to America and arrived safe, sound, and fully loaded.

    We touched on this briefly at the top in the formula section, but BZERQ is not primarily a pump-driven formula. It’s all about energy, focus, and performance.

    The formula does contain a solid dose of Agmatine (1g) which does provide a decent boost in pumps, supported by the single gram of L-Citrulline. That’s not to say you won’t experience any increase in pumps, just don’t expect to have “other-worldly” pumps like you would with a pump-centric formula like Hemavo2 Max or Conqu3r Unleashed.

    In the end though, I’m not a pump-fiend by nature, so the lack of a comprehensive pump profile doesn’t bother me as much since I’m preferential to energy / focused based pre workouts. Plus, there comes a point when pumps get too strong that it makes it difficult to fully contract the muscle and get quality reps in, something else that doesn’t interest me, haha.

  • Focus

    Another standout aspect of BZERQ is the focus. The NeuroSTIM Matrix, aside from the caffeine and DMHA we already mentioned, also packs several nootropics in the form of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, CDP Choline, and Picamilon.

    I’d have to rate focus as the second strongest attribute of BZERQ, as it’s overshadowed slightly by the incredible energy BZERQ brings.However, it is a very close second, and the mind-muscle connection of BZERQ is top notch. You just feel the connection to working muscles in a way that I haven’t encountered too frequently with pre workouts.

    One note about the focus-blend is that it’s going to be receiving a bit of an overhaul for the impending U.S. release as picamilon has been banned by the FDA. We discussed possible replacements for picamilon with Daniel during his visit, but we won’t spoil the secret and let AlphaOne Labs announce the new formula ahead of the domestic release.

  • Overall

    BZERQ is a fine powder that never clumped in the tub and had a light, refreshing taste.

    BZERQ is a fine powder that never clumped in the tub and had a light, refreshing taste.

    To sum things up, BZERQ delivers first and foremost as a top notch energy enhancing pre workout that also provides a significant elevation of mood and focus. 20 to 30 minutes after ingestion, you’ll feel a little more chipper and motivated to hit the gym and unload seven kinds of mayhem on the weights.

    Having tested several different DMHA-based pre workouts, I can say with certainty that BZERQ rates right up there with the best of the 2-amino-6 products I’ve tried. It provides long lasting energy that doesn’t leave you feeling drained several hours after your workout. Additionally, the mood enhancement is fantastic and keep you feeling on top of the world for the vast majority of the day. In the end, BZERQ is definitely worth trying out (once it’s released here)!

    A big thank you to Daniel and AlphaOne Labs again for the opportunity to try out one of the newest and most potent energy pre workouts on the market. FYI, we recently taste-tested his soon to be released amino acid supplement, AMINOBOLIQ, and the flavoring is phenomenal! Stay tuned for that review in the coming months as it’s due to be released sometime between December 2016 – January 2017!

Mike’s Thoughts

We also got to sample AlphaOne Labs soon to be released EAA/BCAA product IntraBoliq. Suffice it to say, the taste is AMAZING!

We also got to sample AlphaOne Labs soon to be released EAA/BCAA product IntraBoliq. Suffice it to say, the taste is AMAZING!

I’ll keep this much shorter. This is a great focus and stim pre workout, flat out. Australians should be proud.

You’ll still need to add your ergogenics elsewhere (more creatine, betaine, etc) and it’s not a pump-you-to-the-gills pre workout by any means, but the stim and focus is fantastic, smooth, and controlled. I personally never went full beserk with BZERQ… and I might know why:

The picamilon is going away for the American version

One thing I notice is that things just go smoother with picamilon inside. It’s an ingredient made from GABA and niacin (two FDA-compliant ingredients), yet the FDA has banned picamilon (illegally, in my opinion).

So when Alpha One Labs brings BZERQ to America, they’re going to replace it with a small dose of yohimbine… which is almost the exact opposite and will crank it up a notch. Many of you will want that, and we added yohimbine to our review in the video embedded on this page, it worked out well.

But I have to say that after using BZERQ, I realize that picamilon was always an underrated ingredient — something those who used it for social anxiety and high-stim workouts already knew.

So the Australian version is a rock star, but the American version will be a touch different, and more intense. If you need an energy-and-focus-based pre workout, this is a good one to deal with. Just note that the creatine is underdosed and might as well be replaced with a dash more pump or something.

On Daniel at Alpha One

AlphaOne Labs Dan

We got to meet the brains and braun behind AlphaOne Labs, Dan Crimi. It was a great time talking shop and working out during his recent visit!

On top of reviewing the supplement, I want to review the man behind the supplement, Daniel. He’s a young and aggressive entrepreneur, and I truly believe that if he stays in this game for the next decade or two, you’re going to see some serious stuff from him. Daniel’s ahead of his time, a bit raw and rough around the edges, but he’s someone to watch out for in both Australasia and the states. He tries and tests everything can and can talk supplements all day. We really enjoyed having him here in Texas for a day.

More and more consumers want to know the entrepreneur behind the business they support. Yet many of these businesses are run by guys in their 40s or later. If you want to connect with a young and hip brand that is going to be bringing it in the future, check out Alpha One Labs. Just tell him to be louder in future videos!

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