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Genetidyne: Now There’s CANDY Inside of Your Protein?

Genetidyne Review Heath in Chocolate

Is this brand the godfather of protein-infused with goodies?

Genetidyne claims to be the original infuser of goodies into whey protein!

A company we weren’t formally aware of, Genetidyne spiked our interest when we heard these guys put candy in […]

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Quest Cookie Review: Surprisingly Good Protein Cookies

Quest Cookie Review

Quest Nutrition is back on the scene with their entry into the rapidly expanding protein cookie market. CJ and Robert review two of the four flavors.

Quest Nutrition was at one time the undeniable king of the protein bar game. […]

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NTel Nutra AREZ Review: We Became Gym Gods (Because Everyone Wanted Some)

NTel Nutra Mega Arez Review

Check out PricePlow’s review of NTel Nutra new “mega” AREZ that helps you become a god of the gym.

NTel Pharma has been one of the “must see” companies on our radar for over a year now, primarily due to […]

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The Protein Cookie Co. Review — The BEST Protein Cookie!

The Protein Cookie Company Review

Mike, CJ, & Robert review the best tasting protein cookie on the market from Texas-based The Protein Cookie Co.

The Protein Cookie Co. is a Texas-based functional foods company headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Over the past few months, it […]

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Cocaine Energy Drink Review: A Spicy Energy Drink?!

Cocaine Energy Drink Review

This one was simply too good to pass on.

The PricePlow gang convened to try their hand at a tasting of Cocaine Energy Drink.

Have you ever tried cocaine? Witness PricePlow’s reaction to a live testing of Cocaine.

You […]

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Ambrosia Supplements Ritual AM Review: Morning Keto Brain Fuel

Ambrosia Ritual AM Review

CJ and Robert do a flavor review of Mike Rashid and Marc Lobliner Ritual AM morning biohacking fuel from Ambrosia Supplements

Attention Keto dieters!

Mike Rashid & Marc Lobliner have a cheaper solution for your bulletproof coffee needs with […]

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RedCon1 Ration Review: Phenomenally Unique Chocolate Flavor!

Redcon1 Ration Review

Look who’s back and ready for a RedCon1 Ration Review. This new cost-effective whey protein powder. One of the best chocolate whey proteins around!

Few brands have been as successful, or as popular, the past year and a half than […]

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Primeval Labs Ape Shit Ingredients: Explained by PricePlow

Primeval Labs Ape Shit Ingredients

Primeval Labs suprised many when they released the Ape Shit Pre Workout, a supplement teeming with energy, focus, and some really epic pumps!

CJ breaks down the energy, focus, and pump filled pre workout Ape Shit by Primeval Labs.[…]

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Muscle Elements Post Pro Review: America Pop Flavor!

Muscle Elements Post Pro America Pop Review

Robert and CJ review the America Pop flavor of Muscle Elements monstrous post workout recovery and muscle-building supplement Post Pro

We finally got it in!

We’ve been hearing for a long time that Muscle Elements was going to release a […]

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Psycho Pharma Edge of Insanity Review — Stimmed to Insanity!

Psycho Pharma Edge of Insanity Review

Robert and CJ review the high stim, hard-hitting pre workout Edge of Insanity from Psycho Pharma. Thumbs down all around.

Psycho Pharma has built a reputation as one of the truly extreme supplement companies on the market. Nowhere is this […]

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