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PreHAK Review: Slow out of the Gate, but Strong Finish

PreHAK Review 001

The PricePlow team gives their review of the extremely well dosed pre workout PreHAK from HAK Nutrition.

Awhile back, we introduced you to HAK Nutrition and their duo of effectively dosed products: PreHAK and PostHAK. Since those blog posts, […]

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Giant Sports 100% Whey Protein Review (YouTube)

Giant Sports 100% Whey Protein Review

The boys are back with a review of four flavors of Giant Sports’ 100% Whey Protein. If you’re looking for some crazy new flavors, this is a fun one – the question is which flavor do you try?


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Sidewalk Kraka Review: Pre Workout by CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts

Sidewalk Kraka Review

The guys are back with another YouTube review of CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts Supplement line, and this one — the Sidewalk Kraka pre workout — has one epic energy profile!

See how things fared on their YouTube review below, […]

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Review: CT Fletcher’s I Command You to Grow Protein Powder

CT Fletcher I Command You To Grow Review

The boys reviewed the three flavors of CT Fletcher’s I Command You To Grow Protein on YouTube! Click here to see the review, and if you want more information, read about this on our Iron Addicts brand page![…]

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Sparta Kraken Review: The Best 200mg Caffeine You’ll Ever Take

Kraken Review

If you haven’t noticed, our Best Pre Workout Supplement list has been updated… and this here is definitely high up that list!

The PricePlow team offer their thoughts on the hot new pre workout Kraken from Sparta Nutrition. It delivers […]

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Best Pre Workout Supplement Buyer’s Guide for 2017

Best Pre Workout Supplement

Ready to get ROCKED? Then keep reading or click the image above!

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite pre workout supplement, but everyone is different. You probably want different effects or are doing a different workout than the […]

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AlphaOne Labs BZERQ Review

Mike and Robert are back with another review! We’ve got AlphaOne Labs BZERQ DMHA-fueled pre workout on tap, and it’s a winner!

After a long hiatus, we’re back with another review here on the PricePlow blog, and today we’re serving […]

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PlasmaJet is Back! Gaspari’s Return Continues (w/ Review)

Gaspari PlasmaJet

Gaspari Nutrition’s epic return to the world of supplements continues with the release of a revamped PlasmaJet Nitric Oxide Maximizer.

We’ll come out and say it as bluntly as possible. Gaspari Nutrition has been on an epic rampage ever since […]

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ReviewMeta Launched: Filter out Fake Reviews on Amazon

ReviewMeta Logo

ReviewMeta is a new service created by the brains behind SupplementReviews to help find honest reviews and scores of products on Amazon and

Reviews are a mess.

Thanks to sites like Amazon, the amount of products available nowadays is […]

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Bio-Gro Review – This Time, With BLOOD TESTS!

Bio-Gro Review


For well over three years, iSatori’s Bio-Gro (bioactive peptides extracted from colostrum) have been the center of all kinds of internet controversy.

Do they work? Is it bioavailable? Is it better than raw colostrum? Why not just take more […]

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