Xtend Original Picks Up Where Scivation Xtend Left Off

Xtend Original

“Scivation Xtend” no more. The OG BCAA supplement is now Xtend Original

There’s a lot going on over at Nutrabolt lately. The company that acquired Scivation has taken its flagship BCAA supplement, “Scivation Xtend”, and renamed it to Xtend Original.

Not only that, but…

The end of @Scivation?!

The company has moved its entire Instagram page to @Xtend.

It was just a few days ago when we wrote the blog post titled Scivation is Teasing Some WEIRD Stuff on Social Media…… and inside, we embed a post that tags @Scivation. But if you click @Scivation now, you’ll now be taken to a dead page — because they’re officially changed to @Xtend!

This marks the end of an era, since Scivation was the brand that brought BCAA supplements to the greater sports nutrition market and actually made them taste good.

Scivation Discontinued

The end of an era!

Re-Introducing Xtend

So it looks like Xtend is no longer a “product”, but more of a brand (or perhaps product family), and the Scivation name may no longer get used.

So given the different variations of Xtend that have launched over the years… we need to change some names. If Xtend is now the “brand” name, then what do we call the product that was once known as “Scivation Xtend”?!

Taking a play out of the Cellucor C4 playbook, NutraBolt is going with the “OG” method:

Xtend Original: The new name of Scivation Xtend

Xtend Original is what fans of Xtend will now be looking for, with labeling shown on this page.

And there are no formula changes! @Xtend has been promoting this in all of their social media: Meet the #NewFaceOfRecovery – New Look, Same Trusted Formula.

Xtend Original Launch

Everything should stay the same, just a new name. The big news is what other products are to come from the new Xtend “brand”?!

So now that we know Xtend has become its own “brand” / “family”… you know what we need to expect next… more products.

Stay tuned to the next post!

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