SNS Alpha-Yohimbine: The Fat Burning Energy Booster

SNS Alpha Yohimbine

SNS Alpha Yohimbine is the gold standard of the various yohimbine extracts for long-lasting energy and improved fat burning.

Yohimbine is one of the most beloved (and likewise despised) stimulants on the market. Fans of the ingredient note improved energy, better mood, and enhanced fat burning. Naysayers of the ingredient cite adverse effects such as nervousness, irritability, anxiety, sweating, and headaches.

How can one ingredient garner such vastly different reactions?

It all comes down to the quality of yohimbine extract. Premium quality extracts don’t typically come with the same nasty side effects as cheaper quality, “dirtier” forms. And now you can try some alone to feel for yourself.

SNS, long known as an industry leader in superior quality products, has released the ultimate energy boosting, jitter-free yohimbine supplement with their own Alpha Yohimbine caps. They’re incredibly versatile and make the perfect addition to any pre workout or fat burner.

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We’ve seen yohimbe and yohimbine HCl capsules, but rarely do we see alpha yohimbine come alone like we do here:

Alpha Yohimbine Ingredients

SNS Alpha Yohimbine Ingredients

Each cap of SNS Alpha-Y contains 1.5mg of the powerful stimulant for easy dosing!

As you guessed, there’s not really much of a “list” of ingredients here — it’s just alpha yohimbine pure and simple.

  • Alpha Yohimbine (1.5mg)

    SNS Alpha Yohimbine contains Rauwolscine, a powerful plant alkaloid that functions as a strong CNS stimulant. It’s a diastereomer of yohimbine which is a fancy term for saying it’s an “alternative” form of yohimbine.

    Rauwolscine is classified as an alpha-2 antagonist, which means it inhibits stimulation of the alpha-2 receptors.[1] This helps the body release greater amounts of norepinephrine and prevent the creation of new fat tissue in the body.[2] Think of Alpha-Y not so much as a direct fat loss agent, but more of an indirect fat loss ingredient that stops the body from synthesizing additional fat.

    Every person has their own “trouble areas” of stubborn fat. These areas are typically high in alpha-2 receptors. Case in point, men typically find their alpha-2 receptors in the abdominal area, while women usually have theirs in the glutes and thighs.

    Mood Elevator!

    Alpha Yohimbine isn’t just for increased energy and improved fat loss; it can also help improve your overall mood! Research has shown that rauwolscine is an agonist of 5-HT1a/b receptors and can induce serotonin-like effects.[3,4]

    Libido booster

    Though there’s no readily available research to verify this, many users of alpha yohimbine do report significantly increased libido. This is in stark contrast to other stimulants that typically zap one’s sex drive.

With just 1.5mg of active ingredients, and many capsules holding over 300x the amount of space, what else is there? We can’t just have an empty capsule, after all.

SNS Alpha Yohimbine Sample Banner

Get your Free Sample Packs of SNS Alpha-Yohimbine today on this page and experience the energy for yourself!

The answer is in the Other Ingredients portion of the label, where it states “Gelatin (capsule), Silica, Magnesium Stearate”, so you’re not getting any rice flour or anything like that.

Alpha Yohimbine Benefits

To put a bow on this and give you the “TL;DR” on Alpha Yohimbine’s benefits:

  • Improve Weight Loss
  • Prevent new fat formation
  • Increase energy
  • Elevate mood
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase libido

Rauwolscine vs. Yohimbine

Many users of regular yohimbine may question the need to try Rauwolscine. In a nutshell, rauwolscine is a more refined, alternative form of yohimbine. It offers all the same great benefits of yohimbine (increased energy, fat burning, mood), but doesn’t come with the same negative side effects commonly associated with regular yohimbine extracts.


Each cap of SNS Alpha Yohimbine contains 1.5mg to allow easy dosing customization for each user’s particular needs and wants.

SNS Yohimbine

SNS also makes 2.5mg caps of Yohimbine HCl…the choice is yours, pick which suits your needs and tastes!

One thing to note here is that more is not always better, particularly with Rauwolscine. 1.5mg is a fairly strong, effective dose for most people. In fact, pre workouts and fat burners that use this ingredient typically only include 0.75mg to 1mg at most!

In other words, start with one cap and see how you feel, then you can up the dose accordingly, but the label states that you should NOT exceed more than 2 capsules in a 24 hour period.


Supplements don’t need to be fancy or complicated to be effective… they just need to be well made. SNS Alpha Yohimbine is just that — a superior quality Yohimbine supplement that delivers all the benefits of regular Y with none of the drawbacks.

The important thing to remember is to start low on the dose and increase based on your reaction!

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