Merica Labz SUPER SIZED: Whole Foods Mass Gainer That’s STUFFED


Nothing says ‘Merica like Super Sized, so that’s exactly what the newly-renovated Merica Labz decided to name their monstrously dosed whole food weight gainer. They live by their mantra — “Never Big Enough” — in a big way in this release, showing the industry how you do weight gainers just in time for bulking season.

A whole foods weight gainer with inclusions!

Merica Labz Super Sized PricePlow

NEVER BIG ENOUGH. Get ready for a mass gainer that’s made from whole food sources: Merica Labz Super Sized!

Merica Labz Super Sized checks all the boxes we like in a weight gainer:

  • Tons of calories
  • Loads of carbs – from whole food sources
  • Plenty of protein
  • Enough but not too much fat
  • Inclusions and insane flavor
  • Digestive enzymes

And they do it using oat flour, whole milk powder, sugar, and inclusions — as opposed to ingredients like maltodextrin. The perfect caloric annihilation after you’ve just ripped through the gym with the new Red, White, & Boom pre workout.

We recently covered Merica Labz Patriot’s Whey, which blew the doors down on taste. But what if you want to pack on more pounds? Then it’s time for you to meet Super Sized’s Triple Stuffed flavor and let the kids have Patriot’s Whey’s Double Stuffed flavor. Because this tub means business.

We dig into the whole awesome macro-flavor-protein-domination bomb below, but first, check out PricePlow’s Merica Labz news alerts:

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Merica Labz Super Sized Nutrition Facts

Based upon the first three flavors:

Merica Labz Super Sized Triple Stuffed Nutrition Facts

The Nutrition Facts vary by flavor (all labels are at the bottom of this post), but Triple Stuffed brings by far the most!

  • Calories: 780 – 850

  • Protein: 43 – 46g

  • Carbohydrates: 118 – 122g

    • Fiber: 9 – 15g

    • Sugar: 31 – 35g

  • Fat: 16 – 21g

The macros are quite diverse, with the Triple Stuffed flavor bringing the most calories and total fat, likely from all of that extra cream filling added!

For the lowest-fat, highest-protein blend, Fluffy Chubby Nutz is the contender from the original three flavors. Fruity Rebels would be considered the lowest-carb, lowest-calorie flavor… but at 118 carbs, we’re not exactly calling that low-carb!

Merica Labz Super Sized Ingredients

So what’s driving these insane macros? It’s a blend of protein, carbs, digestive enzymes, and of course, the incredible inclusions that have been added to each flavor. The inclusions change based upon flavor, but the base remains the same.

The key to this formula’s success? The fact that we’re getting our carbs from oat flour, whole milk powder, and some sugar instead of maltodextrin!

Let’s dig in:

  • Oat Flour

    There’s no more legendary combination of bulking foods than oats and whey! As an incredible alternative to using cheap ingredients like maltodextrin, Merica Labz chose a more nutrient-dense, slower-digesting carb source in Super Sized. This will help deliver more of a sustained hit of energy and insulin boost, as opposed to a nasty spike-and-crash that we’d rather avoid.

    Merica Labz Super Sized

    Look at those cookies! You will taste this level of cream here!

    But even better, oats provide numerous health benefits because they’re not just carbohydrates – they also have fiber, vitamins, minerals, and several bioactive plant compounds like metabolism-protecting β-glucans.[1,2] Many know that oat consumption can alter blood cholesterol levels, due to β-glucan consistently lowering LDL levels.[1,2] While we don’t fear LDL cholesterol, we don’t want to see it elevated in high-carb situations where triglycerides may rise — oats seem to provide a natural, protective force that’s superior to straight “empty” carbohydrates.

    Even better, oats contain rich amounts of avenanthramides, a polyphenol that has unique anti-inflammatory (and anti-itch) properties that can also boost nitric oxide levels![3,4] Most of Merica Labz connoisseurs know that this is great for improved blood flow and pumps, but if you really want to boost NO, take a look at the Red, White, & Boom pre workout supplement, which brings plenty of energy in a different form from carbs.

    We’ve seen this before…

    Note: Oat flour is also found in Core MRP, another supplement developed by Doug Miller, which was also the basis for the creation of Core Nutritionals, as explained by Doug Miller on Episode #050 of the PricePlow Podcast. Core MRP serves as a more balanced meal replacement, however, whereas Super Sized is a full-on weight gainer!

    Finally, also note that the carbohydrates will also add some protein, something we’ll never say no to. But most of the protein comes from the whey protein discussed below.

  • Cold-Processed, Ultra-Filtered Non-GMO Whey Protein Concentrate

    The primary protein source of weight gainers worldwide, whey protein concentrate is a dairy-based protein that comes from whey, but has undertaken some filtration to standardize and purify it for higher protein yields. Whey protein has been shown in countless studies to improve strength and body composition improvements in both men and women, especially when used with an appropriate diet[5-8] — make sure you properly fit Super Sized into your macros!

    Doug Miller Podcast

    Doug Miller and his team at CORE Nutritionals always find a way to figure it out. Listen to him talk about recent events in Episode #050 of the PricePlow Podcast

    Aside from the fact that it makes better milkshakes, we love whey protein concentrate in a weight gainer because it’s less processed than whey protein isolate, and keeps more of the bioactive compounds inside such as immun e-boosting immunoglobulins and various lactoglobulins.[9] In addition, don’t miss the health benefits of the lactoferrin,[10] something we’d rather not filter out!

    Why bother going through the trouble of removing the carbs and fats from whey protein (like we do with whey protein isolate) if we’re just going to add them back in anyway? With mass gainers, we generally keep them in.

    However, the caveat to these whey concentrate benefits is that we do have more lactose inside — but that’s why Merica Labz added two different digestive enzyme blends, which we cover lower.

    In addition to whey concentrate’s awesome taste and diverse profile, there’s also a great amino acid spectrum.[11] Whey protein works so well because it has all of the essential amino acids (and then some), but is especially high in leucine, which is a BCAA (branched chain amino acid) that signals mTOR to help drive muscle protein synthesis (ie build muscle!).[12-14]

    Long story short, with most weight gainers, you’re coming in knowing you have whey concentrate, which has tons of benefits, but does have lactose inside. If you’re slightly intolerant, we believe the digestive enzymes will greatly assist your digestion. But if you’re more lactose intolerant, then you may need to pass on this and stick to a pure whey isolate.

  • Whole milk powder

    Patriot's Whey

    Patriot’s Whey is back and better than ever before, with a massive six-flavor release… but more are coming!

    That’s right, Merica Labz also added whole milk powder to the profile, which is relatively unique to mass gainers. This should greatly improve both the taste, texture, and mixability of the powder, adding even more bioactive milk components discussed above.

    Alongside its fat and protein, whole milk powder generally brings more carbs than whey protein, but that’s perfectly fine in a mass gainer.

    Remember, this is a whole foods weight gainer – there’s no better way to gain weight fast than to drink tons and tons of whole milk, and Merica Labz is in line with what aggressive gym goers have been doing for decades.

    Worth the extra bit of money compared to your normal maltodextrin-based gainer? Absolutely. But we still do want some fast-acting insulin spike:

  • Organic Cane Sugar

    To counteract the slow-digesting oat flour that will slowly drive insulin, Merica Labz decided to add standard sucrose – as in whole organic cane sugar – to sweeten things even more. This provides a bit of a faster post-workout insulin spike[15] to drive that protein home.

    This likely means we need less sucralose, too. After all, when you are trying to gain weight, you might as well go with the real deal: sugar! Just keep it all in your macros.

  • Inclusions!

    Merica Labz Super Sized Never Big Enough


    Needless to say, when you’ve got room for plenty of calories, you can add basically whatever you want. And that’s exactly what Merica Labz did. If you like inclusions in your shakes, then you’re going to love Super Sized. Check each flavor to see what each one brings – one of them will definitely get your taste buds talking.

  • Digestive Enzymes

    As mentioned in the whey protein concentrate section above, Merica Labz is using not just one digestive enzyme blend, but two! Inside, we get both Prohydroxy P, which is made from Lipase, Lactase, and Amylase, but also DigeSEB, which includes amylase, lactase, proteases, lipase, and cellulase. All bases are covered — here’s what these do:

    • Protease – helps with protein breakdown
    • Lactase – helps with lactose (milk sugar) breakdown
    • Amylase – helps with carbohydrate / starch breakdown
    • Lipase – helps with lipid / fat breakdown
    • Cellulase – helps with plant fiber / matter breakdown

    Doug Miller loves digestive enzymes!

    We always comment that many of Doug Miller’s proteins contain digestive enzyme blends, which are fantastic additions to products, especially like Super Sized. We recently covered them in Core Nutritionals GUT if you want a gut health supplement to help you keep things stable while you pack the calories in.

    Also remember that protease has been shown to improve recovery and limit exercise damage faster, perfect for you Merica Labz gym-assassins who need to get back in ASAP.[16,17]

Flavors Available

The Triple Stuffed flavor, being the most calorically dense, is a play on the Patriot’s Whey flavor of Double Stuffed. Both rocked our worlds – you can legitimately taste the cookie cream in these.

Merica Labz Red White & Boom 2021

It’s updated, and bringing more energy and pumps than ever! Meet the latest and greatest version of the Red, White, & BOOM Pre Workout!

    Super Sized: Finally, a non-suck mass gainer!

    Merica Labz lives by its mantra, NEVER BIG ENOUGH, and in a big way in Super Sized. We’re talking about a weight gainer that’s made from whole foods but still finds a way to slam in over 750 calories and beyond. This stuff is no joke, and that’s what we’ve come to realize with Merica Labz — the brand may have started as an “over-the-top” Patriotic play on the supplement industry, but it actually became something serious.

    We discuss much of Merica’s “restoration” in our updated article on Merica Energy, and have been similarly blown away by the new Red, White, & Boom pre workout formula (heads up — 420 milligrams of caffeine in a full serving).

    Patriot’s Whey went big on flavor, while Super Sized goes big on… well… everything.

    Just in time for Bulking season

    If you’ve started a new bulking program this winter, wondering how you’re going to get that many calories in your diet every single day, then wonder no more. Three scoops of Super Sized and you’ve got some of your bases covered.

    What’ll these guys think of next? Stay tuned to our Merica Labz news alerts to find out:

    Merica Labz Super Sized – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    Merica Labz Super Sized Label - Fruity Rebels

    The full Fruity Rebels label

    Merica Labz Super Sized Label - Fluffy Chubby Nutz

    The full Fluffy Chubby Nutz label

    Merica Labz Super Sized Label - Triple Stuffed

    The full Triple Stuffed label

    About the Author: Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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