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Matt Jansen — successful bodybuilder, world renowned fitness coach, co-founder of Revive MD — and his partner in crime, Dr. Domenic Iavocone — co-founder of Revive MD and a well-respected doctor in the field of hormone therapy and health/fitness — have teamed up yet again to embark on another business venture!

Raw Nutrition Products

RAW Nutrition’s lineup is stacked with all the essentials you need to fuel and recover from intense workouts!

They’ve already shown the supplement industry that they’ve got what it takes to build a powerful brand by doing things right from day one. For example, Revive MD is known for using quality manufacturers, selecting the best ingredients, having full transparency, stacked supplement facts panels, and creating products geared towards optimizing health. Revive MD fills in the gap that the sports supplement industry has left for years and their growth exemplifies how much their products were needed.

Although Revive MD is a sports supplement brand, they don’t carry your “standard” performance-based products, such as pre workouts, protein powders, fat burners, or amino acids. Matt and Domenic were on a clear mission to make Revive MD stand out by solely focusing on health and hormone optimization.

However, when Matt and Domenic looked more into the sports supplement industry, they were unsatisfied with several products on the market. Thus, Matt and Domenic decided to step up to the plate and create a brand that they trusted and could recommend to clients. Although health is extremely important, Matt and Domenic value performance as well, which is where the idea of starting a separate brand was born.

Introducing RAW Nutrition: Back To The Basics

Mid way through 2020, Matt and Domenic announced that they were starting another supplement company called RAW Nutrition. Instead of making health/wellness products their number one priority, RAW Nutrition is all about maximizing sports performance! RAW Nutrition’s lineup includes protein powders, pre workouts, fat burners, and amino acids — all the traditional supplements that our readers are used to seeing.

What makes RAW Nutrition stand out from their competitors? Here’s what Matt has to say:

“We really wanted to make a brand that focused on the individual raw ingredients and not cut corners when it came to the amounts of the most beneficial ingredients from a performance perspective. Our slogan is from the ground up, which simply means taking the most researched ingredients at the doses that are shown to induce the most amount of positive benefit for that ingredient within its individual category and turning them into the best overall products.”

-Matt Jansen, Co-Founder RAW Nutrition

In summary RAW Nutrition is built on the same principles as Revive MD, quality, transparency, efficacy, and safety. They’re using some of the best manufacturers around to create truly superior products, which cannot be understated. Manufacturing is key to producing a high quality supplement, regardless of what the label says.

To prepare for the arrival of Raw Nutrition, we have a full preview of everything they’re releasing this month. Be sure to sign up for RAW Nutrition news and deal alerts on PricePlow and check the links below so you don’t miss out on the big launch.

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RAW Nutrition: Product Overview

Matt Jansen RAW Nutrition

Matt Jansen knows what it takes to build an incredible physique and supplement brand.

RAW Nutrition is not holding anything back for their arrival, they’re releasing a total of seven products right away! This includes RAW Protein, RAW Vegan Protein, RAW Intra, RAW EAA, RAW Burn, RAW Hydropump and RAW Pump.

The lineup is stacked with all of the essentials, which is exactly what Matt and Domenic envisioned for the brand. As you can see, it doesn’t have any products that overlap with Revive MD, which allows you to use supplements from both brands to truly optimize your health and performance.

Every RAW Nutrition supplement is third party tested to prove label claims, purity, and safety, and has a fully transparent label — so you know exactly what’s going into your body. Matt and Domenic built their formulas from ingredients backed by research and used clinically studied dosages, which is exactly what we expect from them! Raw Nutrition’s mission is to provide you with the absolute best individual raw ingredients to support your overall health and fitness goals.

Since RAW Nutrition is releasing several products right off the bat, we decided to give you a brief overview on each one, so you can decide what’s best for you!

  • RAW Protein

    This first product we’re going to discuss is RAW Protein — a 100% micro filtered grass-fed whey protein isolate, meaning it’s 90% protein by weight and comes from cows strictly fed with grass opposed to grain! Whey protein isolate (WPI) is the purest form of protein powder available and has very low levels of carbs, fats, lactose, and sugars.

    RAW Protein

    RAW Protein features 100% grass-fed whey protein isolate for 100% gains.

    WPI is one of the best protein sources for fueling muscle growth and aiding recovery due to its rich concentration of essential amino acids – specifically leucine – and fast digestion/absorption rate. Each serving of RAW Protein contains 25g of protein, 1g of carbohydrates, and 0.5g of fat, making it perfect for post workout!

    If that’s not good enough, RAW Protein will satisfy your cravings with gourmet flavors, such as Peanut Butter, Vanilla Milkshake, and Gourmet Chocolate. But what makes this protein powder really stand out… It’s one of the few on the market that’s naturally flavored and sweetened with Sweetly Stevia.

    The supplement industry is filled with artificial sweeteners, and although we’re not against them, it may be a good idea to limit your intake, thus RAW Protein is a great option for that! Furthermore, by using Sweetly Stevia, RAW Protein is still able to deliver that delicious flavor you’re after — it’s the best of both worlds!

  • RAW Vegan Protein

    Next up, we’re going plant-based with RAW Vegan Protein! Over the years, vegan protein powders have tremendously grown in popularity, however the majority of them still taste earthy and gritty. In addition, some plant-based protein powders have suboptimal formulas because they don’t combine the right sources of protein with appropriate amounts of the nine essential amino acids. Animal based proteins, such as whey protein powder, don’t have this issue since they naturally contain adequate amounts of essential amino acids and are classified as a “complete protein”.

    RAW Vegan Protein

    RAW Vegan Protein combines multiple plant sources to create a complete protein for optimal results.

    Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the body cannot endogenously produce them, thus EAAs must be supplied through the diet and/or supplementation. Several plant proteins are classified as incomplete, but in order to get around that, you can pair two or three plant proteins together to get the optimal amino acid profile. Therefore, if you see just one protein source listed on a vegan or plant based protein powder, we would strongly recommend not buying — especially if your goal is to refuel, recover, and repair muscle tissue.

    RAW Vegan Protein is a great example of high quality vegan protein powder since they use a blend of pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, fava bean protein, and mung bean protein to create a complete protein source. Each serving of RAW Vegan Protein contains 20g of protein, 2g of fats, and 2g of carbs. Similar to RAW Protein, RAW Vegan Protein also uses Sweetly Stevia as the primary sweetener and is naturally flavored!

    Furthermore, RAW Nutrition added a non-dairy creamer to give the protein a more smooth, creamy texture, and enhance the flavor! Raw Vegan Protein also comes in several dessert-like flavors, including Peanut Butter, Gourmet Chocolate, and Vanilla Milkshake!

  • RAW Burn

    With protein covered, it’s time to feel the burn with RAW Nutrition’s potent fat burner — RAW Burn! Before explaining what this product has to offer, let’s first get one thing straight… fat burners are not magic — they don’t work unless you do. Having an appropriate diet and exercise regimen is the most important thing for losing fat. However, as long as those two things are set up properly, you’re getting enough sleep per night and managing stress as much as possible, then a well-formulated fat burner can drastically help speed up your results — that’s where RAW Burn comes into play!

    RAW Burn

    RAW Burn has a very unique formula that will help you reach your composition goals faster!

    RAW Burn was designed to create an environment conducive to fat burning through increasing thermogenesis. Instead of just throwing in extremely high doses of caffeine, like the majority of fat burners on the market rely on, RAW Nutrition knows that’s not a sustainable approach.

    Sure, caffeine is a decent fat burning ingredient — it can help suppress appetite, give you energy, and stimulate some lipolysis. But too much caffeine can have bad side effects and you quickly build up a tolerance to it anyway, meaning you’ll need to consume more to get the same results. Thus, it can turn into a downward spiral rapidly.

    This is why RAW Nutrition decided to go against the industry norm by only including 150mg of caffeine per serving in RAW Burn, which is derived from green tea and that has its own fat burning benefits! RAW Burn also contains ingredients shown to boost thermogenesis, energy, and focus, such as acetyl-l-carnitine, L-tyrosine, yohimbine HCL, and gamma butyrobetaine (GBB).

    One of the most unique ingredients in RAW Burn is cirsium oligophyllum extract, a plant extract that expresses lipolysis promoting activity in subcutaneous adipose tissue.[1] That’s an ingredient we’ve never really seen in any other fat burner and with everything else RAW Burn has in store — it’s a fat burning powerhouse! RAW Burn is a powder and it comes in unique flavors that pair well with the other products in RAW Nutriton’s lineup, such as Sweet Citrus.

  • RAW Pump

    RAW Pump is a stimulant free pre workout that’s packed with several ingredients backed by research to boost your performance and help you get an epic pump! RAW Pump’s formula includes powerful ingredients such as L-citrulline, agmatine, lion’s mane extract, alpha-gpc, taurine, and a PricePlow favorite — Nitrosigine from Nutrition21.

    Both L-citrulline and Nitrosigine are two powerful nitric oxide level boosters, which causes the blood vessels to vasodilate and allow more blood flow to circulate throughout the body. Lion’s Mane Extract and Alpha-GPC will help improve your mental focus, without the use of any stimulants, which means RAW Pump can be used even for those late night training sessions!

    RAW Pump

    A non-stimulant pre workout that’s ready to take your workouts to the next level.

    RAW Pump is primed to increase your focus, mind-to-muscle connection, enhance cellular hydration, and promote blood flow oxygen, and nutrient delivery to the working muscles. Furthermore, RAW Nutrition put a hefty serving of Himalayan pink salt to help you get the most out of your training session. Sodium is a key electrolyte that promotes overall hydration and supports muscle contractions. RAW PUMP comes in several tasty and refreshing flavors, including Pineapple and Watermelon!

    Needless to say, this is a very impressive formula and while other supplement companies overdose on caffeine and underdose on every other ingredient, RAW Nutrition is taking the exact opposite approach. And if you do want a little caffeine pre workout, you can always stack RAW Burn with RAW Pump for an epic combination!

  • RAW HydroPump

    If RAW Pump isn’t enough for you, then RAW Nutrition also offers a product that can be stacked with it for even greater pumps and it goes by the name of RAW HydroPump.

    RAW Hydropump is a single ingredient product that can be added into almost any pre workout, it includes 6g of glycerol powder (as Glycersize) in each scoop! RAW HydroPump was formulated to promote cellular hydration, increase blood flow, and enhance exercise performance.

    RAW HydroPump

    RAW HydroPump features 6g of GlycerSize per serving so you can get an even greater ‘water-based” pump!

    Glycerol is known for creating what we like to call “water-based” pumps, because it’s main mechanism of action is to draw fluid into the cells — resulting in a state of hyperhydration.

    This is one of the reasons why RAW HydroPump would stack so well with RAW Pump, since the ingredients work on different pathways, but all collectively help increase your pump! Furthermore, being hyperhydrated is great for maintaining a high level of performance, as it prevents you from becoming dehydrated during training.

    Although glycerol is a very effective ingredient, when it’s added into a comprehensive pre workout formula, it typically causes clumping. Thus, instead of putting glycerol in RAW Pump, which is already impressive on its own, Matt and Domenic decided to put it in a completely different product.

    This prevents the main pre workout from getting clumpy and gritty, but allows you to add in the glycerol if desired. You can also customize the dosage, depending on how much pump you’re going after. Having GlycerSize (65% glycerol powder) as a stand alone product is a smart move that very few brands, if any, offer.


    As we discussed with the protein powders, essential amino acids are crucial for maximizing muscle protein synthesis, thus fueling recovery, repair, and muscle growth. There are a total of nine essential amino acids (EAAs) that you must obtain from your diet, which includes leucine, isoleucine, valine (the three branched amino acids), histidine, phenylalanine, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, and threonine.


    RAW EAA includes all nine essential amino acids for improved recovery and hydration.

    Not too long ago, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), were the most popular supplement in the amino acid category, until research discovered that supplementing with all nine essential amino acids was superior. Thus, EAAs now rule the market and RAW Nutrition recognizes that!

    RAW EAA delivers nearly 10g of EAAs per serving and comes in several refreshing flavors — including Watermelon and Pineapple. RAW Nutrition wanted to make sure that the flavors stacked well with their other products, such as RAW Intra-Workout and RAW Pump, allowing you to easily fit them into your workout routine.

    However, RAW EAAs can be taken as a standalone product as well! EAAs are typically consumed intra workout, since they help prevent excessive muscle protein breakdown during intense training. If you’re looking for a supplement that can speed up your recovery, then RAW EAA is a great option!

  • RAW Intra-Workout

    The last product in RAW Nutrition’s lineup for the launch is RAW Intra-Workout! As the name suggests, RAW Intra-Workout is designed to fuel you through grueling training sessions and kickstart recovery before you leave the gym!

    RAW Intra

    For those days when you need an extra boost, RAW Intra has you covered!

    RAW Intra-Workout includes 25g of carbohydrates from highly branched cluster dextrin (HCBD). In addition, it has coconut water powder, alpha lipoic acid, D-ribose, himalayan pink salt, and several other ingredients that will supercharge your performance.

    HBCD is becoming one of the most popular carbohydrate supplements in the industry and for a good reason! HBCD doesn’t cause massive spikes in insulin, which often leads to a crash shortly after, it digests very quickly, and won’t cause gastrointestinal distress — making it perfect for intra-workout. The last thing you want is to feel like there’s a brick in your stomach because the carbs are just sitting in there. HBCD is a game changer and the preferred carbohydrate for many elite athletes.

    Although ingesting carbohydrates intra-workout is not absolutely necessary, it can dramatically help promote recovery, hydration, and supply your muscles with a quick energy boost so they can continue to pump out the reps.

    Furthermore, carbohydrates and sodium are two of the key components to obtaining a skin splitting pump, with the other being hydration! If you want a high performance stack then we recommend taking RAW Pump pre workout and RAW Intra-Workout during your training session! Prepare to have your mind blown with how much your performance improves from that combination alone!

RAW Nutrition: Unrivaled Quality Delivers Unrivaled Results

After seeing what Matt and Domenic were able to do with Revive MD, there’s no doubt that RAW Nutrition will quickly become a major brand in the sports supplement industry. It’s very smart of them to keep the two brands separate and keep the focus of each brand on different areas — health/wellness vs. sports performance.

RAW Nutrition Logo

Built from the ground up.

However, we would argue that the two are very closely related, because without making health a priority, then performance will quickly decline. Fortunately, you now have two brands that cover all your bases and do things the right way. PricePlow is glad to see that RAW Nutrition was built on the same pillars as Revive MD and their labels speak for themselves. For each product you’ll find clinically studied dosages, innovative ingredients, and fully disclosed labels.

Not to mention, Matt and Domenic utilize premium manufacturers and do third party testing to ensure that what’s on the label is in the bottle. RAW Nutrition is getting ready to take on the sports supplement industry, and with the support they’ve already received, we can’t wait to see how fast they grow. If you’re looking for supplements that actually deliver results, then RAW Nutrition is for you! Make sure to subscribe down below to get exclusive access to industry news, reviews, interviews, and deals from PricePlow!

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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