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The Every Damn Day Fitness Volume Training Program by Alan Roberts

Fitness is RENTED.

This is exactly what Alan Roberts, founder of Every Damn Day Fitness will tell you – boldly, directly, and right to your face.

This is why you need to train regularly and train hard – and Alan’s just the man to push you into it.

We’re proud to announce the Every Damn Day Fitness Volume Training Program, a killer three-phase weight lifting program:

Every Damn Day Fitness Workout Plan

Get ready for some serious volume! The Every Damn Day Fitness Volume Training Program is here, and we’ll be running most of Phase 1 right alongside you!

Click Here to check out the EDDF Volume Training Program

Before getting into our explanation, it’s best to hear it right from the creator’s mouth:

Listen to Alan talk about the Every Damn Day Fitness Program

Here’s how PricePlow is getting involved:

CJ and Alex will be running Phase One on Our Channel

On the PricePlow YouTube channel, CJ and Alex will be running through most of the first phase — so you can see for yourself how intense it is.

CJ and Alex PricePlow

CJ and Alex aren’t new to tough training programs, so we’ll give you the brutal truth on this one!

The videos will be hosted on our EDDF Training Playlist, so subscribe to our channel and follow with the guys for some hellish volume training and get back into gear with them!

Time for some honesty

As full disclosure, the link to the EDDF plan is an affiliate link, so we will be paid a commission if you end up buying the entire plan. But the proof is in the pudding – if this plan rocks, you will see it on the channel. No gimmicks.

Watch the Review Videos and Run the Beginning with Us!

A bit about the program

  • Each phase is eight weeks long
  • EDDF provides spreadsheets for each week to track your volume progress
  • There are exercise descriptions for all exercises
  • No heavy weights are necessary
  • Get ready for body recomposition, effective fat loss results, and increases in cardiovascular efficiency
  • The phases:

    • Phase 1 is Athletic Volume.

      This is for people with lives that can’t spend hours and hours a day in the gym but want to get into awesome shape. Get ready! Again, CJ and Alex will be running through most of this phase for you on our channel.

    • Phase 2 is Superhuman Workload.

      Now that your athleticism is up, it’s time to take intensity to the next level – time for some GAINS!

    • Phase 3 is Immeasurable Capacity.

      This is where the rubber meets the road. Get ready to go beyond any limits you had ever thought for yourself! If you need a challenge, then this is it.

Now let’s get to it. Good luck and be sure to follow along on our YouTube channel!

Click Here to check out the EDDF Volume Training Program

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