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Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Performax PowerMax XT: Clinical Gains Now During Your Workout

Performax Labs PowerMax XT

Performax Labs has been on our radar for several years now, and we’ve really been impressed with the brand by its most recent releases including the revised formula for their pre workout HyperMax XT, and powerhouse nootropic formula NootropiMax[…]

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ULTIMATE ORANGE Pre Workout is Back from the Dead!

Ultimate Orange

Old-timers get in here! Your favorite old pre workout supplement is about to be resurrected by none other than Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals!

If you trained aggressively back in the late 90s, you may remember Ultimate Orange, one of the original […]

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Power Crunch Bars: Affordable, Tasty, and No Fake Fiber!

Power Crunch Bars

We recently wrote about Isomaltooligosaccharides, the “fiber” that’s used in so many protein bars lately that isn’t really what we normally consider a fiber.

So a few readers asked, what’s a popular protein bar that doesn’t have any of […]

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Controlled Labs PROmore – Bigger Tubs Are Finally Here!

Controlled Labs PROmore

There’s a handful of brands that when they make an announcement or new product release, it makes our ears perk up. Controlled Labs is one those few.

Recently, we covered the brand’s new gaming supplement titled Gamer Up, which […]

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Blue Star Post-Factor: A TRUE Post Workout Formula

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Post-Factor

Last we heard from Blue Star Nutraceuticals, we were digging their revamped mental-productivity supplement Elevate. The standout Canadian supplement company is back again with an all new post workout supplement, that’s set to revolutionize the post workout segment […]

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NutraKey Supplements: Committed to Making a Better YOU

NutraKey Logo

Health and Vitality are two words that are thrown around the supplement industry quite frequently. Most companies like to bandy the words on all of their supplement ads or worse, on their actual products.

It’s somehow become easy for supplement […]

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360CUT 360Pro Whey: A Minimum 70% Isolate-Based Whey

360Cut 360Pro Whey

When we last encountered 360CUT, the brand was fresh off releasing it’s caffeinated amino acid supplement titled 360Amino Energize. Since that time, the popular brand hasn’t put out a ton of news, lurking in the shadows and up […]

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The 2016 FDA NDI Draft Guidance Document: How To Destroy The ENTIRE Dietary Supplement Industry in 102 Pages

FDA NDI Draft Guidance 2016

Disclaimer: This article was co-authored by Bruce Kneller and Mike.

On August 12th 2016, the FDA published a new Draft Guidance Document for NDIs (New Dietary Ingredients), in the Federal Register. Since this document is 102 pages long, there is […]

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Gaspari Precision Protein: New Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Tech

Gaspari Precision Protein

It’s no secret that Gaspari Nutrition has been on an absolute tear since Jared Wheat (owner of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals) bought a portion of the company back in April 2016. Since then, it’s been hit after hit for Gaspari as they’ve […]

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Ghost Whey: 100% Transparent Formula with INSANE Flavors

Ghost Protein

When it comes to pushing the envelope of formulas, branding, and flavoring, nobody does it better than GHOST. The hot brand made a massive splash with their first few supplements, but things were taken to the next level […]

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