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Whey Protein Hydrolysate

EVL 100% Isolate Brings Lactose-Sensitive Back to EVLution

EVL 100% Isolate

GI issue squad who enjoys the flavor systems from EVL Nutrition, rejoice! EVLution Nutrition, one of the most prolific companies of 2018, finally has a 100% Whey Isolate to bless you with protein without increasing your time under gastric […]

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Kaged Muscle CreaClear Makes Creatine Monohydrate Cool Again

Kaged Muscle CreaClear

When Kris Gethin started Kaged Muscle, he had the opportunity to take years of nutrition and training experience and apply it to a product line that worked best for him. With tons of lab testing (on both himself and[…]

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PEScience Select Protein Bar Brings THICC Taste and Texture

PEScience Select Protein Bar

PEScience has been a long-time favorite of PricePlow. It’s hard not to love a company that relies on actual data for their formulations. It’s also much harder to hate a company that puts out some of the most delicious-tasting protein […]

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Why EAAs are the New BCAAs: Essential Amino Acids Stage a Coup


“BCAAs vs. EAAs?”

For quite a while, that was the big argument. Over the decades, branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements have been some of the most popular (and profitable) products on the market. Catapulted into the spotlight by some early […]

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Best BCAA Supplement Buyers Guide with 2018’s Top 10

The Best BCAA for Weight Lifters

So many BCAA supplements… only so many you can try! PricePlow’s got you covered in this guide.

When hunting for the best BCAA supplement (or best intra-workout / amino acid supplement), there was never a single good resource out there… […]

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RedCon1 Ration Review: Phenomenally Unique Chocolate Flavor!

Redcon1 Ration Review

Few brands have been as successful, or as popular, the past year and a half than RedCon1. The military-themed brand has built a following ravenously loyal and dedicated to the highest state of readiness.

RedCon1 has released a plethora […]

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FREEZinda! Turn Any Whey Protein into Protein ICE CREAM!


We love our protein shakes, but sometimes drinking them gets boooooring!

So how about some protein ice cream?!?!

Enter FREEZINda, a dessert replacement for all individuals who drink whey protein shakes but want to step it up and […]

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Adaptogen Science Tasty Whey Deluxe: Delicious Protein Blend

Adaptogen Science Tasty Whey Deluxe

Protein powder is something just about every athlete, lifter, and recreational “fit chick” knows and uses. For many, it’s the very first supplement they use. Typically, the first protein purchased is a straightforward whey protein. It’s the most widely available […]

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Redcon1 Ration: The Swiss Army Knife of Whey Proteins

RedCon1 Ration

Recently, we covered RedCon1’s banner year after their first full year in business, but as we’ve come to see with the brand, they’re aren’t the kind to take it easy after some success. Hot off the heels of our last […]

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Adaptogen Science Tasty ISO: Truly Clean Whey Isolate

Adaptogen Science Tasty ISO

Adaptogen Science first jumped on our radar following a chance meeting with the brand and its founder Viktor Doria at the 2017 Olympia. Viktor also happens to be a world champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, which brings a unique angle […]

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