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SNS Lean Edge

SNS Lean Edge is a prime option for those seeking a stimulant free, fully dosed fat burner.

Stimulant free fat burners represent a very unique, but challenging segment of the supplement market. Many of us love stimulants for their ability to boost mood and energy while suppressing appetite, especially earlier in the day. So encountering a stimulant-free fat burner that’s embraced by the entire public is a rare occurrence.

SNS, long regarded as one of the top quality companies around, has created a stim-free weight loss aid that has garnered quite the following in some circles and stores online.

Lean Edge is a 100% stim free, transparent blend of naturally occurring compounds that can support fat loss, modulate cravings, and improve mood.

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Lean Edge Ingredients

Lean Edge uses some of the most frequently encountered stimulant free fat burning ingredient around, but puts them all in one product with the highly-tested standards we’ve come to trust from SNS. The difference between Lean Edge and the rest of the stim-free fat burners around is that SNS believes they’ve used more effective doses than the competitors you’d find at your general local store.

Note: Doses listed below are based on 1 serving (i.e. 3 capsules)

  • CLA (500mg)

    SNS Lean Edge Ingredients

    Lean Edge separates itself from the rest of the stim-free burners out there by fully disclosing each of its ingredients and using efficacious doses.

    Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a collection of naturally occurring omega-6 fatty acids found in dairy and meat. Extensive research has been conducted on CLA as a stimulant free way to enhance fat loss and support lean muscle mass.[1,2,3]

    CLA may enhance fat burning by boosting the body’s metabolic rate, as well as inhibiting the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL).[4] LPL enables fat cells to transport fat out of the bloodstream and store it as body fat. Inhibiting LPL encourages the body to “burn fat for fuel” as opposed to storing it in your love handles, glutes, or thighs.

    Additionally, CLA can spare lean muscle mass, which is something all those cutting for shows or the beach can benefit from.

    Our take? If you’re a low-fat dieter or simply don’t get these kinds of fats (such as from dairy or meat), then CLA is important to supplement. Vegans and vegetarians who don’t drink milk should definitely take note. But others of us with more regular Western diets may not need to worry as much.

  • Garcinia Cambogia (500mg)

    Debate about the effectiveness of Garcinia has been rampant ever since Dr. Oz and company went through a round of Senate hearings. However, while the studies he was using were questionable, there’s actually a fair amount of animal studies (conducted by 3rd parties) demonstrating that garcinia can block the synthesis of fatty acids. The catch is that most of the clinical trials conducted so far were funded by manufacturers.[5,6]

    While we’re not opposed to garcinia’s inclusion, we’d just like to see more human research published before fully endorsing it as a “wonder” stim-free fat loss agent.

    SNS is using a Garcinia extract that’s standardized to a minimum 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is in favor of Garcinia. HCA inhibits lipogenesis while also increasing lipolysis — ultimately reducing fat accumulation in those “pesky” trouble areas.

    The good news is that this dose is bigger than a lot of the products out there.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (500mg)

    Green Coffee Bean

    Green Coffee Bean is rich in chlorogenic acid which is full of health benefits.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) has also seen its fair share of criticism over the years; however, the ingredient does have a redeeming quality in its potent active compound chlorogenic acid.

    Lean Edge includes a GCBE extract standardized to 50% Chlorogenic acid, the highest quality GCBE which yields 250mg of the powerful compound. While GCBE has failed to significantly impact weight loss, chlorogenic acid has proven useful.

    In particular, one study noted that chlorogenic acid stimulated free fatty acid release.[7] Another study showed that subjects consuming an extract with 50% chlorogenic acid successfully reduced the progression of diminishing glucose-tolerance response (a.k.a. insulin-resistance).[8]

    In other words, supplementing with chlorogenic acid may improve a crucial marker of symptoms related to obesity and Type II diabetes.

    In terms of fat burning studies, however, one has to be careful of the initial hype Dr. Oz was making on it. That turned into a whole ordeal that ended up with that study getting retracted,[13] so it was definitely overplayed at the time, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

    SNS RK 500 Extreme

    Raspberry Ketones have remained controversial because they were way overhyped, but many dieters swear by them when setting realistic expectations. Pictured: SNS RK-500 Extreme.

  • Raspberry Ketones (250mg)

    Raspberry ketones may help to accelerate fat loss and improve glucose metabolism. They are aromatic compounds naturally occurring in raspberries. Along with the previous ingredient, raspberry ketones are another popular weight loss supplement commonly seen on daytime “doctor” shows. They’re marketed as a pro-lipolytic compound, but concrete evidence proving these claims has mostly been done on animals.[9,10]

    Although the initial hype was way too strong, many dieters, including SNS, still defend them and believe in raspberry ketones for some mild effects. Honest truth is that we were so turned off by the gross hype that we never took them seriously, but maybe we should at least give them a shot.

  • Tri-Carnitine Fat Loss Attack Blend (500mg)

    Lastly, Lean Edge contains tri-blend of three incredibly bioavailable forms of carnitine which includes: Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR), Propionyl-L-Carnitine, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT).

    Types of Carnitine

    The L-Carnitine Family. We love the ALCAR that leads the carnitine blend in Lean Edge.

    Carnitine is a compound in the body that supports energy and athletic performance, as well as utilization of fat for fuel during exercise.[11,12] Of all the compounds in Lean Edge, this is by far the most heavily supported by research in humans, and one we do advocate.

On the Formula

Stim free fat burners aren’t what we typically cover on the blog as there’s some dispute to their effectiveness or usefulness, so we reached out to SNS to see what their thinking was on the formula, and why they included certain ingredients like Green Coffee Bean Extract or Raspberry Ketones:

”Using ingredients that have scientific backing is important, but it’s also important to use ingredients that have good real world feedback behind them as well. In some cases, things may look great on paper or great in certain controlled studies but that may not translate into good real world results, and vice versa. These two ingredients gained a lot of popularity when they were mentioned years back on the Dr. Oz show. Part of this popularity though was that it led to unrealistic expectations. Many people started regarding them as these miracle ingredients that they thought they could take and still eat however they wanted to and not workout and lose weight; and that just isn’t the case with much of anything. The thing that a lot of people may not remember or realize though is that even before that, Raspberry Ketones were well regarded for stimulant free fat loss purposes and were included in some of the most popular and effective stimulant and stimulant free fat burners. SNS already had RK-125 and RK-500 Xtreme out long before Raspberry Ketones were mentioned on Dr. Oz and they sold well and had good feedback on them.

As for their inclusion in Lean Edge, even if these two ingredients weren’t in there, it would still be an extremely comprehensive stimulant free fat loss product at an excellent price. Lean Edge is priced so aggressive by SNS that even if these weren’t included, the formula wouldn’t cost any less (we absorb the cost on our end of the margin) so for people that aren’t convinced, consider them freebie ingredients. But also think of it from our side, if we didn’t think they added to the product in terms of potential results, it would be more profitable for us just to leave them out.


Consume 1 serving (i.e. 3 capsules) prior to your first meal of the day for enhanced fat burning without the stimulants.


Being that Lean Edge is free of stimulants, we contacted SNS HQ to see if they had any recommendations as far as stacking Lean Edge with a stim-based product:

”Lean Edge is a great, comprehensive stimulant free fat loss product. For people that want to add stimulants to it, SNS offers a variety of options that it can be stacked with. Lean Edge makes for a great daily stack with Focus XT, which has some great fat loss benefits of its own, and can also be stacked with SNS Alpha Yohimbine Caps or even SNS Caffeine tabs. For those that want to stick with totally stimulant free but are looking for other products to stack Lean Edge with, it makes for a great stack with SNS Reduce XT &/or TTA-500.”


When you’re down to use stimulants, you’ll probably get more effects out of a stim-based fat burner. But for those who still want an extra edge in the quest to torch fat for good, or don’t to touch stims during certain times of the day (or ever), SNS Lean Edge represents a quality option that can be used as a standalone or stacked with your favorite stimmed burner.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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